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    wow I'm impressed

    Wow I'm impressed by how Ryback is becoming a fan favorite. Did everyone see how the crowd reacted his whole match with tensai. When he picked him up over his head for his finisher. the whole wwe universe stood up. No it was not edited in, u could actually tell it wasnt. He is truly starting to make his name in wwe. just hope they dont mess it up for him. When he first appeared, he didnt get that much of an ovation, but now everyone has feed me more signs and he gets an awesome pop from the crowd everytime. just wondering how everyone else feels about his popularity.

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    Yes, huge cheers for Ryback on Smackdown. The match was not really interesting and Ryback never sold any Tensai moves, but this was just to continue making Ryback Ready for HIAC. I thought Ryback would come and help Sheamus on MizTV vs The Miz & Ziggler, but in fact no, Sheamus cleared the ring on his owned.

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    He has come a long way from the corn fed meat head Skip Shefield..Im glad they repackage him

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    Im definatly digging ryback. From his bad ass theme music to his heavy hitting power move arsenal even down to his feed me more chant (which admittedly i initially thought it was corny until he explained it in his back stage promo). Im going to reference him to goldberg now, and while i get why he got goldberg chants (his jobber win streak) the only similarity i can see is they both come off as VERY intense. He legitimatly seems to like his character and he gets in to it, which draws me in. Cant wait to see if in a legitimate feud with a story line. Yup yup yup, whatitdo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcdirk41 View Post
    He is truly starting to make his name in wwe. just hope they dont mess it up for him.
    The WWE giveth and the WWE takes it away. Ryback didn't make Ryback: WWE made Ryback by pushing him down our throats... and it seems to be working.

    I don't like Ryback. I don't like no-selling the complete match (in general, not just him), I hate the fact he gets to go over on people who are more deserving. The day Ryback wins the WHC/WWE title is the day I start to re-evaluate if wrestling is worth tuning in to. It probably will be, because the current NXT guys, Rhodes and Daniel Bryan and the likes will make parts of the show interesting, but I won't stay in for the main event.

    That said: I'm glad to see quite a lot of people here seem to like Ryback. It beats the usual negativity.
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    Yeah I thought he wouldn't catch on with all the Goldberg chants but this past SD he really impressed me. I hope the WWE keeps this up.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Another Ryback thread argghhhh! lol

    To be honest even though I'm not a fan, I am still impressed at how he has gotten over. Usually when someone is shoved down our throats beating everyone the fans don't respond, somehow Ryback has managed to work it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    He has come a long way from the corn fed meat head Skip Shefield..Im glad they repackage him
    I will definitely agree with you on that!!

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    Ryback is one of the favourite wrestlers in recent memory.


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