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    Face ONLY/ Heel ONLY

    As we all know, in the canon of professional wrestling, every wrestler must be at one point in his or her career a face, then a heel, back to a face, or vice versa.

    Not considering wrestlers who have only risen to stardom in the past 5-6 years, which wrestlers NEVER wrestled as a face or NEVER wrestled as a heel.

    I can only think of Ricky Steamboat as being a FACE ONLY.

    Maybe Rey? But, he wasn't he a heel in both ECW AND WCW?

    Little help from the peanut gallery. Thanks, guys!

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    Pretty sure I made a thread like this back in the stone age, but I can't be assed finding it. I will however move this to Time Machines.

    Steamboat is always the main one I think of. What about the Von Erichs? Pretty certain Kevin never swapped over, at least.

    Pedro Morales? Tito Santana? Don't recall them being heels.

    Mr Fuji? Ivan Koloff? They never went face, I'm certain.

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    Rey was a heel with the Filthy Animals. Was Goldberg ever a heel in WCW2000?
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    would one that has been a tweener and a heel but never a "true" face count..?

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    ROBSTAR, thanks for moving this to the appropriate place. I never know where to post things....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    Rey was a heel with the Filthy Animals. Was Goldberg ever a heel in WCW2000?
    I think so. But I doubt it lasted long.
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