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    I can't ever see Ziggler being a face!

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    Nobody should go face, because they're inevitably disliked or called stale when they're a face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99 View Post
    I don't really see any. We are looking for main event faces and we have none. Lets say John Cena takes a break and Orton turns heel. The only top faces I see are Sheamus, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Rey. We cant count Jericho because he wont come back. Since Rey, Kane, and Daniel Bryan are all working in the tag team division, Sheamus is the only one left. You might say Kofi or Truth but they need a lot of build up to be considered top faces. Ryback can't just jump there, unbelievable for that. Sheamus is all you got, that is why they need to build it up. By the way, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Kane are the only faces with gold (with Kane and Bryan (I feel) being tweeners). Cesaro, Miz, Punk and Eve are all heels....don't really see the huge amount of faces

    Dude he will be back in time for Mania next year.
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    Ziggler, he has Wrestling skill, potential, a look,

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    Miz can pull off a great face character. I believe he's due for something new and fresh.


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