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    Rhodes, Ziggler or Miz?

    WWE is clearly lacking on faces right now and I think between these three that one of them could be a great face (if not all of them). I think at least one of these guys should turn face so who do you think it should be?

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    None of them are likely to go face at the moment, but if one did it then I would want it to be the Miz. Would elevate him most I think. The top 3 guys in the industry also happen to be faces. (Cena, Orton, and Sheamus).

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    True, but since Cena is desperately needing rest, and Orton wants to turn heel.....we got Sheamus and Rey who are the most over, no one else is on their level

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    Ziggler, easy. That guy has so much potential still untapped.

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    I would want to see the Miz turn face because I heard he said he wanted to work as a face to see how it goes

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    I don't think any of them should turn face unless Shaemus or Orton turns heel first. Right now, I think main event heels are needed more, because there are more than enough faces around, especially with gold around their waists.

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    I don't really see any. We are looking for main event faces and we have none. Lets say John Cena takes a break and Orton turns heel. The only top faces I see are Sheamus, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Rey. We cant count Jericho because he wont come back. Since Rey, Kane, and Daniel Bryan are all working in the tag team division, Sheamus is the only one left. You might say Kofi or Truth but they need a lot of build up to be considered top faces. Ryback can't just jump there, unbelievable for that. Sheamus is all you got, that is why they need to build it up. By the way, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Kane are the only faces with gold (with Kane and Bryan (I feel) being tweeners). Cesaro, Miz, Punk and Eve are all heels....don't really see the huge amount of faces

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    I had forgotten that Punk turned heel, and I did not even count Eve, so you're right about the title picture, but I still think that the WWE has enough main event faces. How many credible heels does the company have right now that can realistically win the WWE or World Championship? Big Show is the only one that comes to mind. Rhodes, Miz, and Sandow aren't going to win the big one anytime soon, hence the reason why Shaemus and Punk had extensive championship runs as faces until the WWE felt forced to turn Punk heel.

    Ziggler is the only heel with an outside chance of winning a world title, but how long after that will he even remain a heel?

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    Good point. I would say Alberto Del Rio, but it looks like they are pressing the restart button on that one. Wade Barett is very close, he is just waiting. The only thing stopping Miz from the world championship is his own championship

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    The Miz would make a pretty good transition as a face. He has a lot of charisma to get over as a face and has proven that he can do media appearances and charity work. Honestly, I really do think his heel run is starting to run it's course. I see him turning face at the end of this year or early next year.
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