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    Title Unifications.. Good or Bad Idea?

    soo yeah since WWE have already Unified the Tag Team Championships & are about to unify the Divas & Womens Championship, do you think it is a good idea if they unify ALL the championships?

    personally i am torn, when there was only one Womens Championship, it was RAW inclusive, that meant the Smackdown Divas were wrestling for nothing.. i hope that doesnt happen again

    what do you think, should some championships be unified.. or all?
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    I like the idea of merging the Womens titles and the new tag ones, I also think it would be good to see the Intercon and US Title merged too. As for the WWE and WHC, I think that could be a mistake unless superstars are no longer restricted to their individual shows.

    I'm fed up of having people stuck on certain brands, I think they should span them out and have superstars jump back and fore, thus making more interesting rivalrys and also giving fueds more room to breathe. The fued posibilities would be ten times what they are now.

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    I think it could be a good idea, i think it could re-invent the tag team division because as there will be less people feuding over the world and intercontinental titles, there will be more people who have nothing to do, so the wwe could do something with all these extras, and seeing as the tag team division has lost its spark this could be the perfect way to make tag team wrestling interesting again by making it a lot more competitive, and pushing the lower card superstars who are crying out for one e.g. Evan Bourne, Christian, John Morrison

    also its a good way to stop the world title roundabout; Cena, HHH,Sheamus,Orton, Cena, HHH, Sheamus etc
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    I think it is a great idea. Now not every fued has to be about a Title. Now EVERY title can be defend on each PPV as it will only be 4 titles. Now they can add a crusierweight division as one more title being added would not be a bad thing. I think the possibilities for this are endless and I cannot wait for the Wrestlemania match to Unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Title.

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    Am I the only person who hates this idea?

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    To me, this seems really stupid. WWE will have 2 major shows and only 4 titles? Obviously, the unification of the tag team and womens championships are a good idea, because both divisions are dying and unifying them makes the divisions smaller and more respectable. But unifying the us and intercontinental titles is stupid, because it means that a bunch of wrestlers (Christian, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, MVP, Mark Henry, the wholes Nexus, Chris Masters, Ezekiel Jackson, etc.) who aren't main eventers or tag teamers don't have a real title to go after, which will ultimately lead to about 30 or more wrestlers competing over one title. The world title unification is not a bad idea, because a of now, smackdown's main event is pretty bland.

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    Why now they have the opportunity to bring back a cruiserweight division which would be the most entertaining tv we have seen in a while. Kaval, Bryan, Bourne, Rey, Mercury and it would be a good division.

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    So just bring back the Cruserweight title

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    For the Tag Titles and the Women's championships, it's a must in my opinion, because having brands divides your available talent in half, which is too restricting on the possibilities for contenders for those two championships.
    For the Mid-Card and World Titles, it's not an overwhelming good or bad idea. The good part of it is that it increases the prestige of the titles, which the WWE needs to do considering the number of people they advertise as multiple time champions, not to mention for the world titles it's not that big of a deal to win the title when there's another person in the company considered to be your equal. Also worth mentioning is that unifying these titles will allow for more story lines to be put forward for PPV's other than just buildups to title matches. The bad part of it is that it doesn't allow for as many people to get some time in the spotlight.
    Overall, I'd say it's a positive decision, but WWE better do it right or it'll quickly change to a bad one.

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    Its just a way of covering up their bad booking in regards to title prestige

    How to fix :

    WWE title: Give the champion a win
    Heavyweight title: Don't put all the contenders on the other brand
    Intercontinental: Stop doing the same match every week
    US: Give it to some1 who will actually mention it
    Tag: Actually give actual tag teams air time
    Womens: Hire based on ability not looks

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