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    Thoughts on TNA Impact this week (Spoilers if you haven't seen it yet) ACES & EIGHTS!

    1. The leader of Aces & Eights sounded a lot like Eric Bischoff to me (the guy with his back to the camera; not the massive fat one who normally talks)

    2. Looks like we've got Aces & Eights vs Sting + ??? at BFG. Aces & Eights stated they didn't want Sting's partner to be Hogan and so now I'm wondering who it'll be. Maybe Bully Ray and then have him turn on Sting and reveal he's a member of Aces & Eights? Maybe Garrett Bischoff since they love having him on TV. I'm not too sure who I want Sting's partner to be since pretty much everyone is busy in an angle atm.

    3. Samoa Joe as the TV Champion is good news to me I'm hoping he'll defend the belt against Magnus at BFG.

    4. The join in Hogan's hair extensions were clearly visable at the very end of Impact this week. Just putting it out there.

    5. I'm thinking it'll be Aces and Eights members to wrestle at BFG will be the Luke Gallows and Wes Briscoe against Sting and??? I really hope TNA can keep the momentum of Aces & Eights over the next few months and not have it turn out to be bloody Jeff Jarrett.

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