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    Quote Originally Posted by eboy View Post
    *Eboy walks in to see Grind, JosephBanks, HJ and Shaz having a group hug*

    Come here you guys...

    *joins the group hug*
    I forgot something

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_1eddiefan View Post
    This is so true. I was really looking forward to Diamond's growth in HWA.
    thanks Kj and Eddie, means a lot coming from you guys. And if you liked diamonds character, check out the premier episode of IWA xD can't wait

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    Great thread and I thank the people who gave their appreciation to those who deserve it and for those who work insanely hard for this!

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    Glad to see this thread bring in some good light to efedding. I never meant to make a thank you thread, I just wanted to get my appreciation out there for how hard everyone works and everything just came together.



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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513 View Post
    Glad to see this thread bring in some good light to efedding. I never meant to make a thank you thread, I just wanted to get my appreciation out there for how hard everyone works and everything just came together.
    I agree. But I'm still the Tag Team Champions!

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    I guess it's my turn!

    Well firstly I would like too thank everyone that was on the creative team at HWA and the people I worked with.. made me feel very welcome from the start and I enjoyed every single day I was part of that company.

    My Clique buddies, You guys always made it even more so enjoyable and not only did I get the chance too work with friends, but some of the best promo guys on here so thank you! *Clique sign*

    My WWE Fed creative, Big thank you too you guys.. G, Des and off course Eddie.. I truly believe without you guys this fed would not of grown too the heights it has now, you guys have been nothing but a pleasure too work with and I truly believe I'm very blessed to have had such awesome guys on creative.

    WWE Fed roster, with out you guys the WWE Fed would be dead.. I wan't too thank each and everyone of you for giving me a chance when it was not quite good enough, but you guys didn't quit on me.. you stuck with it and I hope we now give you a good show too read in return.

    Eddie, wanted too thank you personally man.. you were the reason I grew too the heights I did in HWA when you gave me the chance too become a champion, you have giving me nothing but support and 100% effort since you joined the creative team and I won't forget that man, I always say it.. but for me, you are the best creative mind on here.

    Thank you too everyone that mentioned me.. and thank you too the guys that have entertained me with there promo's like:
    Tommy Thunder
    and many more!

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