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    Thanks should be gave to everyone who puts time in here, and for me a few thank you's

    Tommy-My "Role Model" here, you were the reason I joined
    TBOZ- For helping me when I first started writing and being understanding with me.
    Eboy- For picking up the ball in EWNCW when Tommy and Tboz took their breaks, and for the feud we had. It got heated and you kept your head. and it was a blast
    Chunkky- For arguably one of the best feuds, and the RUMMMMMMORRRRR BLIIIIIIITTTTTZZZ

    "Ship Is It"

    "Bow down to your god, and ALL HAIL THE KING"

    EWNCW- "The Unholy King" King Strem:
    -EWNCW International champion since March 6th, 2012- May 27, 2013


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