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    Fav under-rated WWE debut

    When you hear about debuts and WWE you always hear Jericho when you talk about your favorites. I want to hear others that arn't talked about as much that don't get the recognition it deserves. Examples: Nexus debut-shocked the wrestling world when all these rookies joined together and took down all the announcers, the ring, and WWE's top guy in the process. Big Show-For those who don't know, Big Show's first appearance in the WWE was during a steel cage match between Vince and Stone Cold. He came from under the ring throwing Austin threw the cage. Taz-MSG defeats Kurt Angle after his undefeated streak at the Royal Rumble. Crowd went nuts when they heard the that music hit.

    Any others you think are good or even great debuts that don't get as much love as it should. I don't care if it is WCW, ECW, TNA, or WWE. Share it right here!!

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