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Thread: WWE Main Event

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    WWE Main Event

    Okay,first let me say that if there is already a thread for this I apologize, I looked but may have missed it. So for anyone who actually goes to or pays attention to the ads in the corners you may have noticed advertisements for this, WWE Main Event. A new show debuting a week from this Wednesday on a network called ion. Now other than some nicely placed ads on facebook and an article on, I have heard very little about this. I know only that it will be an hour long show like Superstarts and NXT.

    A few question I have are why has this not been advertised more, and is this going to be beneficial to WWE? In my own opinion I think this show could work out well for the lower talent, who may not be featured as much, but there has to be a mix. If all you do is focus on the small talent you take a chance of the show suffering as Superstars did. However I do not want to see it become a RAW/Smackdown Recap show either. My question is what do you make of this new show, will it last? Or will it suffer the same fate as those that cam before it.

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    i have the feeling that this could be something like superstars, and it would be a waste of time and space, wwe should do a third brand again, they have enough talent to do so and i believe it could give all their superstars enough tv time without jobbing, maybe having the cruserweight championship as the top title and making cw talent prominent in the show, but not exclusive

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    slow down dude..way too early to tell but i understand what your saying just the same. WWE these days is a mixed bag of trying to reach out and grab fans attention and new fans. WWE has done a fine job by putting itself out there via the internet and i don't see much use in bringing anymore new shows to cable because they have enough already, too many if you want my opinion.

    were In a weird era with the WWE lately where they are grabbing at straws to try and keep ratings up by reaching out to the fans more and having them interact more with regards to giving fans choices on matches and such...the social media age...

    I think they should perfect what they have been doing before they find themselves way in over their head....again!!!

    It took the WWE awhile to blend with social media because they had to find a way to win fans over with the ever growing need for technology and to this day it's working to some degree but to introduce yet another meaning less show might end up to be a fail for sure.

    But hey, they must be making money and staying in the plus side of things because they wouldn't hesitate bringing a new show to cable if they thought it was going to fail, which we won't know yet obviously, so all the more power to them.

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    Honestly- I see it as a failing in less than a year. I see it being probably 20 % recaps and maybe 3 matches each week with not enough mixture of talent that is not used that much.

    Now if they had NXT become this new show- sans Raw and SD recaps- that would hold interest to fans- and mix in some of those not used in WWE now

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    Honestly- I see it as a failing in less than a year. I see it being probably 20 % recaps and maybe 3 matches each week with not enough mixture of talent that is not used that much.

    Now if they had NXT become this new show- sans Raw and SD recaps- that would hold interest to fans- and mix in some of those not used in WWE now
    NXT won't be the new show because it's NXT wrestling's (former FCW) and not WWE's. They'd never put that on the same level as raw and smackdown as it's a developmental TV show, so putting "rookies" or those "in-training" on the same level as their main show would definitely never happen as long as Vince, or even Triple H, are in charge.

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    The fact is says Main Event i am imagining a whole show dedicated to main event wrestlers ie more Cena

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    I always thought they should have brought back 4x Saturday Night Main Event and taken off 4 PPV's

    Only have it as a 2 hours PPV with say 4 matches maximum (always a tag title match etc)

    that way they don't have to scramble for storylines and they could even been random challenges.

    I think it was bret hart's first rain where his history read about 30 different challengers

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    WWE Main Event Thoughts?

    I haven't seen anyone throw something up regarding tonight's WWE Main Event telecast so I thought I would.

    WWE Main Event has a very different feel from RAW or SmackDown. Now, that's not good or bad per-se, but it is definitely different. There's a LOT of talking... and while you might think that that's bad, a healthy portion of it was directly related to the event/match itself. There was a short interview with CM Punk/Paul Heyman and Sheamus before the match, and Sheamus was given the mic immediately after the match and then it went to CM Punk/Paul Heyman again in the back.

    The commentary was fairly good in terms of what was said, it was a lot like classic commentary from years gone past. On RAW and SmackDown a lot of commentary time is given to upcoming segments and things unrelated to the match, but for this one commentary if I recall was strictly about the match, and about its participants. Miz I can do without at the commentary table. He's not horrible, but he sounds like a child, and you can tell he's "green" when trying to bounce off of the other commentator.

    The most phenomenal thing about the show was the two video packages they did for CM Punk and Sheamus before their match. It reminded me of what they were doing with John Cena and The Rock for WM28. The Sheamus one wasn't nearly as good as CM Punk's, and I attribute that to not believing that Sheamus' package really represents him as a person. Punk's video package was 100% him and totally real, and I was sitting there wondering why WWE doesn't do stuff like this on their flagship show. I hate to keep going back to this but I distinctly remember when they did one for Justin Gabriel maybe a year or two ago, about him being in South Africa and stuff, and I thought that stood out.

    If you're interested in storyline continuation with RAW and SmackDown, this probably isn't worth the time, but I'm definitely tuning in next week and hoping they keep the same format with the pre-match interviews, the post-match interviews and the video packages.

    Oh, and the rest of the show was a little bit about Hell in a Cell, hyping next week's Main Event(Randy Orton vs Big Show), the breast cancer thing, and a short tag match between International Airstrike(I think that's what they're called, Gabriel and Kidd) and Ryder/Santino.

    I think it definitely could've been much worse, but there is room for improvement. Did anyone else catch the show tonight? Thoughts?

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    can we post spoilers in this? if not it would be hard to describe my feelings about this event.

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    I don't personally care but I doubt that's a question that's really directed at me anyway. =p


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