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    Post Impact wrestling my way


    I have finished my WWE thread and now I am trying Impact again I will post when I can

    Timeline 2013

    World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries
    X Division Champion Zema Ion
    T.V Champion Devon
    Tag Champions Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
    Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher

    Current Impact Wrestling Roster with the addition of Alex Shelly

    Tag Teams & Factions
    The Motor City Machine Guns
    The British Invasion
    Daniels & Kazarian

    Aces & Eights have yet to be revealed

    PPV Schedule
    Against All Odds
    Victory Road
    Destination X
    Hardcore Justice
    No Surrender
    Bound For Glory
    Turning Point
    Final Resolution
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    More Detailed Roster Heels and Faces

    AJ Styles
    Austin Aries
    Alex Shelly
    Alex Silva
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chris Sabin
    D'Angelo Dinero
    Douglas Williams
    Eric Young
    Garett Bischoff
    Hulk Hogan GM

    James Storm
    Jeff Hardy
    Jesse Sorenson
    Kurt Angle

    Bobby Roode
    Bully Ray
    Kenny King
    Kid Kash
    Mark Haskins
    Mr Anderson
    Robbie E
    Robbie T
    Samoa Joe
    Zema Ion


    Mickie James
    Miss Tessmacher
    Taeler Hendrix


    Gail Kim
    Madison Rayne

    Released Talent
    Alex Silva
    Sam Shaw

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    Sinister Rise Above plays as the Impact Wrestling video is shown

    Mike Tenay & Tazz welcome the fans to the show

    Impact general manager Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring with microphone in hand

    In the ring

    Hogan: I am out here to announce that a gold rush tournament starting tonight and the winner will get a World Heavyweight Championship match in four weeks’ time at Genesis the wrestlers involved will be as follows he directs us to look at the titron.

    The names appear

    James Storm
    Kurt Angle
    Samoa Joe
    Jeff Hardy
    The Pope D’ Angelo Dinero

    World Champion Austin Aries comes out to the ring with microphone in hand

    Back in the ring

    Aries: Hey Hulk that is a great announcement I would love to face any of the impressive wrestlers mentioned but that is at Genesis and I want an opponent tonight so who is able to face me tonight?

    Hulk: Well I have the perfect man in mind so tonight in the main event you will go one on one in a champion VS champion match with the X Division Champion Zema Ion.

    Aries: Can’t Wait

    Ion appears on the Titron

    Ion: Aries you turned your back on the X Division when you gave up this belt for a chance at the World Championship but I have to thank you because when you did it left the belt to be claimed by someone who isn’t an embarrassment to the division me ZEMA ION!.

    Aries: Well Zema I hate to break it to you but I didn’t turn my back on the X Division and if I am an embarrassment then you’re a clown and I feel sorry for the X Division being represented by a clown like you and I am going to beat you down tonight.

    Both men stare down as we go to commercial

    Commercial Break

    Tenay & Tazz talk about the main event and the next match which is a first round tournament match

    Match 1 Gold Rush First Round James Storm beat Jeff Hardy by count out

    Finish: Storm goes for the last call Superkick but Hardy ducks out of the way and Storm instead hits the ref which takes him out of the ring.

    Hardy then grabs Storm and hits him with a Twist of Fate Hardy then drags Storm to one of the corners and climbs to the top turnbuckle of the same corner. He is about to go for the Swanton Bomb when Bully Ray comes down and gets onto the ring apron and knocks him off the turnbuckle and to the ground.

    Ray walks out through the crowd

    The ref gets up and counts to 10

    Storm moves on

    Backstage T.V Champion Devon is walking around when Aces & Eights members come out of nowhere and beat him down and take his championship. They clear out as a ref checks on Devon.

    Back to the ring

    Match 2 Abyss beat two jobbers

    Finish: The Jobbers get Abyss down to one knee then rebound off the opposite ropes and go for a double clothesline but Abyss grabs them both and nails a double chokeslam.

    Abyss grabs one of the jobbers and lays him out with a Shock Treatment and then grabs the other one and hits a Black hole slam and covers him for the pin.

    After the match Abyss continues to attack the jobbers until Eric Young comes out with chair in hand.

    He gets into the ring and goes to hit Abyss but he clears out of the ring.

    Young drops the chair and checks on the jobbers he then asks for a microphone

    Young: I know everyone loves me being the clueless funny man but I have decided that I need to get serious and also to stand up against bullies such as Abyss. So Abyss I am challenging you two a match at Genesis.

    Abyss nods from the ramp and they stare down

    Commercial Break

    Backstage the Tag Team Champions Daniels & Kazarian are walking to the ring for their match when the Aces & Eights strike again and lay them both out and take their championships.

    Aces & Eights leave as refs check on the champs

    Back to the ring

    Tenay & Tazz comment on the attacks on the champions of TNA and how the group known as Aces & Eights have now got three championships in their possession.

    Match 3 Gold Rush First Round Magnus beat Kurt Angle

    Finish: Angle has Magnus down after an Angle Slam and locks in the Ankle Lock but instead taping Magnus rolls through and sends Angle into one of the corners shoulder first.

    Magnus waits for Angle to turn around and then grabs him and puts him on his shoulders and hits a Tourmentam and covers him for the pin.

    Mangus moves on

    We head straight backstage

    And see Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray brawling and security breaking them up while Hardy screams see you at Genesis Bully.

    Back to the ring

    Match 4 Madison Rayne beat Knockout’s Champion Miss Tessmacher in a non-title match

    Finish: Tessmacher goes for a modified side effect but Rayne fights out of it and pushes her into the ropes and on the rebound grabs her and hits a spinning snap shot and covers her for the pin.

    Commercial Break

    Match 5 Champion VS Champion Austin Aries VS Zemi Ion ends in a no contest

    Finish: The men are locked up when Aces & Eights come down to the ring and get they attack both Aries and Ion. A big member grabs Aries and lays him out with a massive clothesline and does the same to Ion.

    They then grab the World & X Division Championships and leave the arena and get on their bikes and ride off with male gold in their possession.

    Refs check on both Aries and Ion

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    World Championship Austin Aries VS Winner of the Tournament but Aces & Eights hold the championship

    Bully Ray VS Jeff Hardy

    Eric Young VS The Monster Abyss

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    General Manager of Impact Wrestling Hulk Hogan has announced that he plans on calling out Aces & Eights this coming episode of Impact also another first round gold rush match will be added for next week in addition to the one that already will take place

    Here are the matches
    Gold Rush First Round The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe VS The Pope D' Angelo Dinero

    Also in the additional first round match it will see Mr. Anderson VS Bobby Roode VS RVD

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    Looks good so far bro!

    Former IWA Champion (29/11/12 - 17/6/13)
    2x MITB briefcase holder
    4x ICW Insanity Champion
    EWNCW Evolution Champion (11/12/13 - Present)
    Former EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion (6/3/12 - 12/11/12)
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    The Wrecking Crew

    IWA Vanity Champion (27/10/13 - Present)

    Usain Kingston
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    General Manager The Immortal Hulk Hogan would like to announce that he has some plans to revive the X Division even with this business with Aces and Eights going on and the first step for the plans is the signings of these former X Division wrestlers

    Sonjay Dutt
    Jay Lethal
    Jimmy Rave
    Jack Evans
    Low Ki
    Amazing Red
    Jesse Neal
    Shannon Moore

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    Sorry for the lack of shows but I just completed a weeks worth of work experience and I have been organizing stuff for my holiday next week but all is good and episodes 2 & 3 will be up soonish

    Stay Tuned

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    Sinister Rise Above plays as the Impact Wrestling video is shown

    Mike Tenay & Tazz welcome the fans to the show

    General Manger Hulk Hogan and the male champions of TNA are in the ring with microphones in hand.

    Hogan: Aces & Eights get out here you bunch of cowards I have a proposition for you. Those championships don’t belong to you but I am not going to even pretend to think that you will had them over willingly so I have a proposition for you but I am going to let the true World Heavyweight Champion say it.

    Aries: You bunch of masked losers who think they can just attack all of us and get away with stealing our belts? We may never be on the same side again but me and these guys here respect Impact Wrestling and we want our belts back so the proposition I am challenging your leader to a match tonight and if I win we get the championships back but if I lose all of your main
    members will have championship matches against all of us at Genesis how does that sound?

    One member of the Aces & Eights appears on the titron

    On the titron A&Es member: We accept but we are going to make an Impact tonight and I will see you in the ring tonight.
    Aries and the member stare down

    Commercial Break

    On the titron a promo airs saying that the new horror is coming to Impact next week

    Tazz and Mike talk about how starting week there will be a Gut Check challenge and each week we will have a wrestler tryout for a spot on the roster and Tazz brings up a point about how the “New Horror” could be the first contestant.

    Match 1 Gold Rush First Round Samoa Joe beat The Pope D’ Angelo Dinero

    Finish: Joe puts Dinero on his shoulders in a Samoan Drop position but Dinero rakes his eyes and lands behind Joe on his feet. Dinero then pushes Joe into the closest corner so that Joe is facing the turnbuckles. Then goes over to the adjacent to it and pulls his knee pads down and then runs at Joe but Joe moves and Dinero hits the turnbuckles knees first. Dinero backs out of the corner right into Joe’s grip and he locks in the Coquina Clutch for the tap out victory.

    Joe heads to the back


    Madison Rayne is bragging to anyone who will listen that she has a victory over the raining Knockout’s Champion Miss Tessmacher. She goes on to say that she deserves to be the number one contender.

    Tessmacher comes up from behind and says that if Madison wants to become the number one contender then she should meet her in the ring tonight.

    They brawl until security breaks it up

    Back to the ring

    Match 2 Jeff Hardy beat Abyss by DQ

    Finish: Jeff and Abyss are brawling when Bully Ray comes down and gets in the ring and attacks Hardy causing the DQ. They double team him until Eric Young comes down to the ring and together Young and Hardy clear the ring.

    Backstage Kurt Angle says that Magnus better watch his back tonight

    Commercial Break

    Match 3 Madison Rayne beat Knockout’s Champion Miss Tessmacher in a non-title number one contender’s matchup by count out.

    Before the match Miss Tessmacher puts her championship on the commentary table and gets in the ring.

    Finish: They are brawling and Tessmacher hits a standing dropkick on Rayne which sends her to the mat. Tessmacher is about to follow up when a distinctly female member of Aces & Eights comes running out through the crowd and grabs the championship belt and runs back out.
    Back in the ring Tessmacher is distracted and Rayne rolls her up with a handful of tights.

    Madison Rayne is the number one contender but the championship is gone.

    Both knockouts are confused in the ring

    Mike & Tazz talk about how now the Aces & 8s have all the championships in the possession


    Christopher Daniels & Kazarian are talking with Devon & Zemi Ion

    All of them agree that they will go looking for the Aces & Eights and get their championships back but after that it’s the end of this little understanding.

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Magnus says that if Kurt wants him he can come get him but if Kurt interferes with his next match next week Magnus promises that he will end Angle’s career.

    Match 4 Gold Rush first round Bobby Roode beat Mr. Anderson & RVD

    Finish: Roode is down and Anderson & RVD brawl near the ropes and RVD gets the better of it and throws Anderson out of the ring. While RVD is looking at Anderson on the ground Roode gets up and runs at RVD and nails a Northern Lariat and covers him for the pin.

    Mike and Tazz announce the semi-final matches of the tournament for next week

    Magnus VS Samoa Joe

    Bobby Roode VS James Storm

    Backstage Daniels, Kaz, Ion & Devon find some prospect members of Aces & 8s and beat them down and give them a message for their main members we are coming for our championships.

    Back to the ring

    Match 5 The Leader of Aces & 8s beat Austin Aires

    Finish: Aries knocks the leader with a standing dropkick but it sends him into the ref and both of them fall down. Aries grabs the leader and drags him to one of the corners and climbs to the top rope he is about to go for a 450 when the female masked member coms down and she has the world championship belt in hand she gets on the apron and smacks Aries in the back of the head with the belt which causes him to fall on the ropes and then onto the mat.

    She then hides next to the ring and the leader grabs the ref and covers Aries for the 3 count

    After the match

    Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Zemi Ion, Devon & Miss Tessmacher all come down to the ring.

    The four male superstars beat on the leader and Tessmacher and the masked woman have a cat fight on the ground.

    All of the main members of Aces & 8s come down and they brawl with Devon, Ion, Daniels & Kazarian

    Aries and the leader brawl

    Tessmacher & the masked woman brawl

    The Aces & 8s come out on top and run up the ramp and other prospect members give them the gold of TNA.

    They all pose.
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    World Heavyweight Championship Gold Rush Tournament Semi Final Rounds

    Samoa Joe VS Magnus

    The Cowboy James Storm VS Bobby Roode

    Also it has been announced that The Sargent at Arms and the Enforcers of the Aces and 8s will be in action against T.V Champion Devon & Tag Champions Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

    On the next Impace
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