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Thread: Stay Classy EWN

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    Stay Classy EWN

    After a bit of thinking and a good nights sleep, I've had time to dwell on my position here on EWN. As much fun as it is participating in the feds and socialising with a lot of great people here, I've decided that I want to take a long break, possibly permanent, effective as of the end of this post.

    I remember when I first came to EWN, i'd never heard of wrestling spoiler/news sites before (2011 i know!) and felt i'd give it ago sharing my opinions on the various rumours that were presented. I quickly fell into the fedding scene and EWNCW welcomed me in after I decided, rather conceitedly, that slumming it in the indies wasn't for me, how wrong I was. I wish i'd have taken the taken to start slowly and build a character from scratch, make a name for myself rather than come out of nowhere and expect everyone to believe in the hype. During that first period I never really felt that people got me, or really wanted to get me as I was just this guy who liked long promos and pretended to be clever.

    I had a good run with EWNCW creative, me and TT were a good team although my temper got the better of me on a few occasions, I think of him as Vinnie Mac filtering out all the bad ideas, and myself as Russo (without all the swerves). The fiasco that was the EWNCW vs JBW period was my least favourite time of being here, rather than working together it became all too clear that we were all about out doing each other, a shame really as we coulda been a great team. Grind was there too and he was always supportive and became a really good friend, guys like eboy and TBOZ always offered ideas and help.

    Then I found HWA, who also took me in after I offered my most creative and well received character to date. Erebus. Admit it, he's got the best name in the feds, you gotta give me that! I remember giving Eddie some grief over a booking call he made early on in his writer career, and I really should apologise for getting too big for my boots, you made the right call! It was really a pleasure interacting with people as Erebus, and the praise I got for playing him really meant a lot to me, when a guy like Jman tells you you're onto a winner you better believe it.

    HWA collapsed and ICW opened its doors to me, and in the short time I had there I played a really fun guy who seemed quite well liked, was fun IC'ing with Shaz, Darius, VHX and all the rest. And then that was cruelly taken away from us.. twice. It wasn't Bears fault, I think we all needed to cut him a little slack at the time, writing isn't always lollipops and rainbows, there's a lot of crap you have to deal with.

    Finally, I decided I was going to make a fed, we all saw how that turned out after I threw my toys out of the buggy after having my fed turned down in favour of a collaboration. Where a bigger man should and would have taken the chance to work as a team, I decided i simply couldn't be arsed, if my idea wasn't being used then i didn't want to know. Seriously, that's what it came down to, selfish ain't I?

    So, enough from the biography of a whiner, and onto what i should be doing. Thank you, to everyone who took the time to talk to me, discuss ideas with me and read my promos. Thank you to TT and EWNCW for giving me my first chance, and then taking a risk on a newbie by hiring me as creative. Thanks to Broc and Sully (boooo) for letting me join HWA, and Eddie for giving me the time of day to push me as far as you did. Thanks to Bear, to everyone in ICW for IC'ing with me as Malcolm and letting me win on my first and only PPV there :P. And a big apology to R(ob) for not being big enough to accept that we both had a really good idea, and could have made a great team.

    Stay classy EWN.
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    well sad to see you go as Erebus is a cool character. Glad i got to work with you even if it was just a short time(with Hanz Gruber and before that the Panzers)

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Oh man sad to see you leave

    I hope this won't be permanent and one day will see you again

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    Oh man! Wish we could have had Erebus and Adonis in SRW, both my favorite characters. Thanks for the mention. I'll miss ya dude. Stay classy for your future mate.

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    Well this fucking sucks. If you stay gone or pop up on 'another forum' then you can rest assured when I say that you will always be welcomed back by everyone here. I know how it is to lose yourself as a legitimate fan of the product, and I could understand a break. Have fun, Torphy!
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Real shame man, EWN has just lost another great guy with a very creative e-ffeding mind, all the best man!

    Hope too see you back here one day.

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    Torphs my man! Gonna be a shame to not see you around these parts for hopefully a short while.

    Thanks for the mention and even after our little fallout early on in mine (and Erebus') career, I still have an enormous amount of respect for you and Erebus is one of, if not (along with Jarvis Cole) my favourite character.

    Hope to see you soon bro.

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    Torphs - it's gonna be a shame you're no longer here. Noah Phillips (remember him?) was one awesome (albeit temporary) character in EWA, and Adonis and Erebus/Cole are all, well, even better!

    I hope to see you back dude. One day hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Well this fucking sucks. If you stay gone or pop up on 'another forum' then you can rest assured when I say that you will always be welcomed back by everyone here. I know how it is to lose yourself as a legitimate fan of the product, and I could understand a break. Have fun, Torphy!
    This^, Torphy buddy its a shame we couldn't get round to your character changes in EWNCW. The door is always open as far as I'm concerned. Hope to see you around.

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    Sad day for EWN.

    No more Arthur Lansdale (Ms Ravensdell was a suggestion I made, LOL) and no Erebus vs Grind.

    You da boss, man.

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