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    Say Goodbye

    Well here is another one of these. Now here it is. All my creative duties I will still be apart of and I'm still here in the forums and Azrael and Michael are the characters that are staying.

    With that said. I'm feeling a bit down right now and burnt out and slightly overlooked. Now this isn't a goodbye forever but for now. HolyJose the character. After all his obligations are completed. Is retired. I'm retiring the character. It's been fun with him. It's the most me that I am but let's face it he needs to go a way for a bit. It's been a blast to everyone who gave him a chance. Kash, Dubs, R(ob), TDA. All of JABE I love you guys and I'm still with you on creative and with Azrael. SEZ thanks for being a good bro and giving him a chance with Azrael over on Brutality. Let's give Jesting Madness a hell of run and retire him as champion I only kid let's see how it goes. EWNCW the brief run I had with you guys it's been great!
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