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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPunk View Post
    Name: Juno Mercury

    Height: 5ft 8 inches

    Weight: 135 lbs

    From: Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Alignment: Face

    Signature Moves: Standing Drop Kick, running clothesline, running shoulder block, diving clothesline, surfboard stretch, whisper in the wind

    Theme: 30 Seconds to Mars- Closer to the Edge

    Finishers: Gut Buster, Sidewalk slam, Swanton Bomb

    Bio: I am a Belfast native born and bred into the fighting spirit..I am an intellectual and a fighter. My tattoos are like my soul, deep and meaningful. i don't take kindly to people trying to take people trying to get on my bad side, as they will feel pain of a huge proportion. I can brawl and i can fly. so a warning to those who think that i am a soft touch, you are very wrong, that is to the whole locker room. I am strong and will never give in. Never take me for being an easy opponent.

    Thanks ash!

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