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    -entrance song/motion
    "I'm telling you"

    I walk to the arena, I scream at the camera and jump in the ring and go in the corner and lay on the top turnbuckle, and look unamused.

    -finishing move(s)
    Domino Theory - Flip DDT
    Domino Effect- 2 cornered Frog Splash

    -signature moves
    Springboard Headbutt
    Spinning Toe Hold

    -Any miscellaneous moves
    Hulk Hogan Elbow Drop, I strike a hulk hogan pose and turn it into an elbow drop.


    Come from the streets, became a star, and uses that to get into the wrestling business. Always gets his way, and is a great talker and usually influences other wrestlers to get way. Also even though he is rich he is very smart and will sometimes talk in a poem, or quote famous people.

    -Short bio
    Came from the streets with a dream of being a pro wrestler. But was told he didn't have the look, so he become a tv star knowing WWE love stars, and used that to get into the wrestling business. Most people don't know how he got so much from so little, but his ability to influence others through words, and also the ability captivate without saying a word explains alot.

    Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that resembles your character:
    Combination of Sean O Haire from WWE, The Brian Kendrick superstar gimmick, and Raven from ECW (I'll make it work)

    Sample Pic
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