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    Name(s): Kayfabulous

    Entrance Music:


    Tag team finisher: IWCutter (3D)
    Drek: Edrektion (Superkick)
    Macoonie: Blog Splash (Frog splash)

    Signature Move(s):

    *Tag team signatures:

    -Double suplex
    -Crucifix powerbomb(Macoonie) followed by a lionsault(Drek)
    -Double flapjack

    *Drek's signatures:

    -Corkscrew neckbreaker
    -Koji Clutch

    *Macoonie's signatures




    -Sunset flip powerbomb
    -Monkey flip
    -Arm drag
    -Diving crossbody
    -Seated senton
    -Spinning heel kick
    -Suicide dive
    -Running knee strike to an opponent's head


    -Bear hug
    -Big boot
    -Corner splash
    -European uppercut
    -Abdominal stretch
    -Shoulder block


    Drek: 178 lbs
    Macoonie: 315 lbs
    Combined: 493 lbs


    Drek: 5''8
    Macoonie: 6''3

    Alignment(s): Faces

    Gimmick: Wrestling Nerds//Internet Bloggers


    Skyler Drek and Ron Macoonie grew up in the suburbs of Pipestone, Minnesota as the best of friends. Their weekends would consist of backyard trampoline wrestling and watching WWF Superstars. As the years went by, their love for wrestling continued to grow but deviated in the perspective of internet smarks by the time they attended college. By that time, Macoonie hosted his own wrestling blog on The Bleacher Report while Drek took up collegiate wrestling. All the while, Macoonie's blog, "Kayfabulous" was one of BR's most featured blogs and soon, it became an obsession that cost him his college career, due to skipping classes on a regular basis. After Drek was offered a job at a small time indy promotion but declined to stay close to home and to help out Macoonie, who was suffering from obesity after his mother passed away due to excessively eating comfort food as his solace along with obsessively attending to his blog. Drek decided to get Macoonie's life together by paying for him to go to wrestling school so the both could wrestle together and meet the most famous wrestling superstars along the way and so that Macoonie could have more to write on his blog. After nearly two years, the duo decided to take on the world and have since been accepted to the IWA.


    Skyler Drek (Colin Delaney)
    Ron Macoonie (Brodus Clay)

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