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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    @benny- my uggggghhhhhhhhh! post a few pages back, well i clicked on your spolier tag thinking maybe it was a review of one of the iwa shows but it was nothing but twitter type shit- thats why i 'ugggggghhhhhh' ed. I hate twitter/tweets, the occasional ones in peoples post does not bother me too much as i just ignore em...anyways thats just me, not a fan of twitter or social media
    Was the spoiler title not a subtle hint that it was full of IWACreative_Parody Tweets?

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    Glad to see my promos went down well, really enjoyed writing them this week. I'll get Revolution/Chaos/RI/Other shows reviews up once I'm back.

    See you next week .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BennyTheBall View Post
    @IWACreative_Parody: The @IWADarius promo collection - a collection of the best of Darius' promos which is sure to send anyone off to sleep. #Merch

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    Promo has been sent. That should be it from my end.

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    *Backstage in Jackson's locker room....*

    Jackson: I can't believe you did that..

    Alex: Why, he had it coming

    Jackson: True, but you still surprised me a little with that slap.

    Alex: Well that's what happens when you call me a damn gold digger!

    Jackson: Okay, I will keep note of that next time. *Laughs*

    Alex: Whatever, you do that and in the mean time, your ass need to get in the gym!

    Jackson: Well damn, alright, why are you now worried about me working out.

    Alex: Because "Mr. Integrity" needs an ass kicking! That's why!

    *Before Jackson can say anything, Alex storms out the room and slamming the door behind her*

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    TJB's Running show Blog:

    I do like the preview at the top of the show. Good way to let people know what's coming!
    What the fuckty fuck fuck good promo from the IWA fucking champions and fucking whatnot here.

    PUnk gets to choose his own partner. This can only end well. Good way to set up the main event though.

    Gatling costing Black the match, a very good match at that. Black ain't gonna be too happy about that there.

    I like the references there between the Odyssey and Big Bang

    That was a good promo by KayFab

    As well as commercial breaks.

    Ben has become a acrobat

    Great tag-match there, and Iconography won. I like their name. Doom was good here as well, and I look forward to the handicap match next week.

    I feel like Drew... Dean... Darren.. D something, will not like Clandestine.

    ...And Clandy won't like Draymen.

    Good promo by them though. entertaining.

    I like this match. I was hoping I'd get to see it sometime soon and I did, and it was great. TVK Won, I should have put money on this match.

    Damn douchenuggets.

    Good promo here by Darius and KJ Punk. Secretly, I hope KJ walks out on Darius just so I can see him job.

    The Battle of the V's. And no, I don't mean vagina. Good short match, and Carlos has returned lending VHX the win, and the title of 'The Best V'

    Great promo here by NM and DG. And a match I am looking forward too. Good shit, good shit.

    Hahaha, KayFab got the jobber entrance. And then broke the curse. Another good short match for the books.

    And then my most anticipated debut, and I don't mean the Preacher Version of Black Angel. Captain Amazing. Captain Amazing. Thank God Almighty, he made Captain Amazing.

    Good promo here by Alex, Jackson, and Israel. Next week is going to be TIGGGGGGHT

    Good match... even better promo at the end. That's the way to end a show. Shouts to Osc-Blue, the man of the hour.
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    Just finished my first match for Chaos! I hope you guys like it!
    Last edited by Dennis; 07-19-2013 at 12:49 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Just finished my first match for Chaos! I hope you guys like it!
    Better stock up on some tomatoes...

    ...just in case it's my match and you want to bury me.
    Last edited by K2Jelly; 07-19-2013 at 01:02 AM.

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    I lied, it matters.

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    Really excited for Chaos this week

    IWA Revolution Creative Team


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