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    Lightbulb IWA Official Roster

    Ok for those involved in ICW, you will know what I mean when I say superstar from WWE/TNA/ROH ect resemblance, purely for the show aspect. Here is the info to fill out. When naming your entrance song, please put the youtube link, and not just the name. Helps me when I'm home on dial up, from having to search for it! Thanks guys!

    -superstar name

    -entrance song/motion

    -finishing move(s)

    -signature moves

    -Any miscellaneous moves



    -Billed From



    -Short bio

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    Name: Shaz

    Age: 20

    Nicknames: "The Baddest MOFO", "The Ass Kicking Machine", "The Rapid King", "Shaz-Ma-Taz"


    Finishers: Canadian Destroyer (Souvenir from the Ghetto, SFTG for short), Rear Naked Choke (Shaz-Mission), 630 Splash and KO Punch (Shaz-Ma-Taz)

    Signatures: Brainbuster, Monkey Flip (Flipsta), Missile Dropkick (Shooting Star), Frog Splash (Shaz-Splash), Moonsault (Shaz-Sault), Camel Cluch.

    Other moves: Airaplane Spin, Fosbury Flop, Muta Lock, Springboard Arabian Press, Reversed Frankensteiner, Enzuigiri, Springboard Elbow Drop, Hurricanrana, Tornado DDT, Suicide Dive, Drop Kick, Springboard Clothesline, Armbar, Springboard Crossbody, Scissored Armbar Crossface, Neckbreaker, STF, Crucifix Driver, Death Valley Driver, Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam, Japanese Arm Drag, Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam, Leg Hook Saito suplex, Spinning Heel Kick, Standing Shiranui.

    Style: Technical/High Flyer

    Weight: 215lb

    Height: 6 ft 0

    Alignment: Heel

    Gimmick: Ex-Convict

    Bio: Shaz was born in the mean streets of Brixton in England, London. After 5 long, hard years, Shaz has just came out of prison. He got in behind bars for GBH, for viciously assaulting a man who was verbally abused him. In prison, Shaz was bullied for the first year, but after creating a gym in his jail, he worked out. As he got more hench and hench, Shaz started picking on the same people who bullied him. At the age of 15 everyone was scared of him. Even the over 25 year olds. As everyone was scared to come out to the break area, Shaz stayed in himself. And he started watching wrestling. And has been hooked ever since. But he thinks the lot of these wrestlers are fake, and he wants to prove to the world that he can become a World Champion. After coming out of prison, Shaz trained himself, and he has now been in various wrestling companies. He had trials at WWE and TNA. TNA didn't want him due to so many talents they had. But Vince McMahon verbally abused him and said that he's poor in the ring, and on the mic. Shaz got pissed off and went, training more. He went back to the WWE trials and Vince changed his mind. But a Luchadore called Sin Cara blew McMahon away and he was chosen instead of Shaz, because the fans were obsessed with his style. This caused Shaz to hate the fans, and adding more fuel to his fire to become a wrestler. He called up to IWA, and he is officially an IWA wrestler!

    Other: Shaz is absolutely insane when he enters the ring. He does anything he wants, and when he wants so he can inflict unlimited pain on his opponent and he won't stop until he does what he vows to do. He's a guy who takes massive risks such as Moonsaults from 50 feet off the ring, etc.

    Hometown: Brixton, London.

    Resembles: D'Angelo Dinero.
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    This is the LAST time I am joining a new fed. I make no promises on how much I will be involved, with that said

    -superstar name

    "Punisher of Pain" Victor Elric

    -entrance song/motion

    This Is The House That Doubt Built

    -finishing move(s)

    Seal of The Beaten

    Seal of Vengeance

    Seal of The Unjust

    -signature moves


    Snap DDT


    Standing Dropkick


    Stalling Suplex



    -Any miscellaneous moves

    Multiple DDT variations

    Multiple Neckbreaker variations







    -Gimmick/Short Bio

    Victor comes from Eygpt. Being raised to believe that punishment to the wicked is not dealt out randomly, but by those chosen too do so. Victor was sent to America as a Punisher of Pain, sent to deal of pain to the most wicked of souls. He is a loner for the most part, keeping to himself. He comes to IWA as part of his quest, to deal out his severe brand of punishment to the unjust.

    Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that resembles your character:

    Tyler Black

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    Count Smyth in. Will do bio later. If you need help on creative then give me a shout.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    You know all too well that Darius is in! I'll have the bio up when I get home

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    -Superstar name
    Sebastian Schweizner (Manager)
    Damaged Goods

    -Entrance song - Sick Puppies; You're Going Down

    -Finishing move(s)
    Gommenta: Austrian Crack (Abyss' Shock Treatment); G-Spot (The Claw)
    Gaileo: G-Drop (Double Underhook Piledriver); Gailen Theory (Diving Elbow Smash)
    Together: Good Practice (Gommenta stalling suplex into a Gaileo Missile Dropkick); Damaged Patient (Double running elbows, with Gaileo to the front, Gommenta to the back of the head)

    -Signature moves
    Gommenta: Stalling Suplex; Rolling Senton to a seated opponent
    Gaileo: Roundhouse kick; Reverse DDT
    Together: Arm Drag (Gaileo) followed by a running senton (Gommenta); Double Flapjack onto the ropes

    Gommenta: 284lbs
    Gaileo: 215lbs
    Together: 539lbs

    Gommenta: 6ft 11in
    Gaileo: 6ft 2in


    Mentally Unstable Wrestlers, managed by their "carer" Sebastian Schweizner. No speaking by either G, and they seem to be in a place of their own during promos. Gommenta wears a mask, and a full body singlet, with a red "G" on the back. Gaileo wears red/white MMA trunks and gloves

    -Short bio
    Gommenta: Born in Austria, traveled the world learning his trade - starting in amateur wrestling, before moving to professional. Inducted into a mental home, where he and Gaileo met Schweizner at a similar time.
    Gaileo: Born in a foster home, used a body bag to take out his frustrations. Trained in MMA, before meeting Sebastian in his mental home.

    -Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that resembles your character:

    Gommenta: Kane 02
    Gaileo: Ken Shamrock
    Schweizner: Paul Bearer
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    Name: Malcolm Adonis




    Billed From:
    Los Angeles, California



    Self-appointed sexiest man in sports entertainment, Malcolm believes in two things, that ladies want him and men want to be him. Being Gods gift to women is simply not enough for Malcolm, he also desires to be Gods gift to professional wrestling. Arrogant and hot headed, Malcolm sees every woman as fair game, and won't hesitate to take out all opposition in his quest to become known the worlds greatest champion, as well as love making machine.

    Raised as an only child to middle-class parents, Malcolm wanted for nothing when growing up. Spoiled by both of his parents he quickly discovered he could have anything at all that he wanted. At the age of 14 Malcolm discovered the greatest creation on all of Gods green earth, women, and quickly fell into a habit of womanizing and misogyny. Blessed with devilish good looks, Malcolm found his powers of seduction almost irresistible through his college years, becoming notorious for stealing girlfriends, and even sleeping with his professors wife.

    Obsessed with personal appearance, Malcolm spent years in pursuit of the perfect body, working out relentlessly until finally becoming satisfied. Upon reaching what he regarded as perfection, he decided to begin training as a professional wrestler, having fond memories of watching it as a child. Adonis found himself to be talented, other wrestlers found him to be arrogant, after he made claims that they had deliberately tried to sabotage his appearance through overhanded tactics.

    Not content however with being a talented wrestler, Malcolm decided to add a little extra to his performances, dancing provocatively and posing for the ladies in the crowd after knocking an opponent down. Whether you like him or not, more than likely not if you're male, Adonis is here to prove that he can be as big a hit in the ring, as he is with the ladies.

    Mixed between a grappler and a brawler. Typical moves include strikes with the forearms, elbows and knees, as well as uppercuts and chops, mixed with various suplexes and holds. Will occasionally go up top for high impact moves, but not often. Signatures include the spinebuster, reverse DDT and sleeper hold. Two finishing moves, The Adonis Elbow (Peoples Elbow), where instead of throwing an arm band into the crowd Adonis flexes his biceps before kissing them, and the Malcolm XXX (Dominator).

    Comedic Face (Tried him as a heel and always came across as a face)
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    -superstar name- Chris 'The Prodigy' Diamond

    -entrance song/motion- Killin in the name of. Enters to louds boos. Does the Randy Orton legend killer thing where he poses with golden fireworks exploding out behind him.

    -finishing move(s)- Diamond In The Rough (RKO), Prodigy Lock (Kimura Lock)

    -signature moves- Spinebuster then Prodigy Splash (450 splash), Rope Hung DDT, Flying Crossbody

    -Any miscellaneous moves- Running High Knee then Bulldog, Dropkick, Clothesline, Enziguiri, Roundhouse Kick

    -Weight- 6 foot 2

    -Height 231 lbs

    -Alignment-Heel/Face/- Heel

    -Gimmick- Anti Establishment

    -Short bio- Joined WWE in 2005 and was dubbed as The Next Big Star. Five months later, Diamond had quit due to being given a horrible gimmick. He went into the dark for 7 long years, when he returned via YouTube and warned the world that he was gonna be back and be better than ever.

    Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that resembles your character: Legend Killer Randy Orton

    Chris Diamond
    IWA Endurance Champion

    Antonio Rizzo
    Chaos Roster member

    Head of IWA Chaos

    Wade Barrett
    Former Member of the United Kingdom stable

    Daniel Bryan


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    -Entrance song/motion
    The Sixth Seal - The Paramedic

    Darius comes from the back and stands at the top of the stage, staring into the crowd with a blank look on his face. He then slowly walks down the ramp (Slow like Orton used to when he was with Legacy) and slides into the ring and stares into the crowd while on a turnbuckle.

    -Finishing move(s)

    The Spear

    SpearBuster (Power move, used less often than the Spear)

    -Signature moves
    Big boot, spike DDT, ground and pound (mount downed opponent and beat their face in until the count of four)

    245 lbs



    A psychotic superstar, similar to Edge's psychotic phase before facing Undertaker in a HIAC

    -Short bio
    Darius is done being Mr. Nice guy. He did everything the fans wanted while in ICW, but they turned their backs on him when Kyojin won the final ICW world title. Now he is on the hunt for gold, and is no longer the Darius everyone loves ... He has a more, psycho side.

    Superstar From WWE/TNA/WCW Any Business that resembles your character: Edge

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    Name: Kyojin

    Nickname: ‘The Superstar of the Year 2012'

    Originates from: Hiroshima, Japan

    Fights out of: Chicago, Illinois

    Theme: <strong>

    Finishing moves:

    Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault)

    Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster)

    Look: 5’9, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders, wears white tights with red circles on each of his knees.

    Signature Moves: Missile Dropkick, Enzigueri, Yakuza Kick, Windmill Kick, Suicide Dive, Brain Buster, Crossface

    Other moves: Many different Kick Variations, Legdrop, Crossbody, High Knee

    Alignment: Heel

    Bio: Born as Hyu-Kin Lee to a rich Cult Leader and his trophy wife, Lee moved to Chicago at a very young age. He speaks perfect English- and calls himself Kyojin (Japanese for Lunatic). Kyojin showed an interest in professional wrestling from when he was in high school and returned to Japan to take part in NJPW, where he was a hit with the locals, before being asked to join TNA, but after a backstage altercation with Austin Aries, he was quietly future-endeavoured after just two months with the company.

    Kyojin debuted in May 2012 at ICW's first PPV, Bad Habit. After a month of insulting the fans, they finally started to warm to him in the Road to Glory tournament. Kyo would go on to end third but in the midst of the tournament, he won a title shot to cash in on any title whenever he wanted. On the first Karnage post-Road to Glory, Kyojin announced that he would use the title shot at Glory Days, ICW's biggest PPV, in a triple threat match with Darius and Van Hooligan X.

    When he made it to Glory Days, Kyojin had the backing of the entire arena as he went on to live his dream and become the final ICW World Champion.

    When IWA was born from the phoenix of ICW, Kyojin joined and returned as his normal self, basking in the glory of being the fan's favourite. Kyojin then found himself embroiled in a feud with Mr. Smyth and the Endurance Championship, which Kyo won at IWA's first PPV, Thirst For Blood. It was during this feud that Kyojin won the ICW/IWA Superstar of the Year 2012 and eWN eFed Superstar of the Year 2012.

    Finally, after four months, Kyojin and Smyth met with the Endurance Championship on the line. Kyojin would come up short in the match but after the Maximum Anarchy IWA World Championship match, Kyojin would run down to the ring and inexplicably attack Jman, turning his back on the fans and becoming a very much self centred superstar, believing himself to be the best in the world.

    Superstar he resembles: Kazuchika Okada

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