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    The kid is 18. Established fact. In his match I felt that he showed too much green behind the ears. Personally I' like to see the kid use the foreign contacts that TNA has like Ra Ka King or their Japanese contacts and experience those feds. Broaden his skills. Learn different styles of wrestling. I think that will help him a whole lot better than spending time in OVW.

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    TNA should sign him..he's just 18yrs kid n I feel got talent...they should sign him n train the person above me said, he should be used in TNA's foreign obligations so that he can earn some great exp...He should tour Japan, Europe, Mexico n where ever they have contacts....

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    50/50 on EWN and a no From TNA cya kid!

    Until the next Gutcheck later haters!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    50/50 on EWN and a no From TNA cya kid!

    Until the next Gutcheck later haters!!
    Honestly, I think it was the right decision. This was the first GutCheck I was actually invested in (outside Sam Shaw getting jumped by A&8) since Joey Ryan. I thought the kid showed promise and Williams made the match look brutal with the kid doing a good job selling some shots that "appeared" to be be stiff (according to Williams). By them saying No to this kid that the Impact Zone seemed to be behind, it actually made the segment appear to have some credibility which it hasn't had since giving Silva the first contract.

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