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    Anybody here enjoyed last night's Smackdown? It was basically Kane N' Bryan. Im actually diggin' this Duo/storyline. My only concern is that WWE might force it to become repetitive. Daniel Bryan's "YES" was fun at first, but then they WANTED him to Yell it at every freaking segment (ex: with Chris Jericho backstage)

    So with this team, first we had argument about the Tag name (we still didnt get one), now it's about who is the "Tag Team Champions". I think it's gonna lead to a "WE'RE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPOINS" for the joy of everybody Gonna be Epic.

    I would like them to somehow beat all the competitions (in the ring), but still continue their argument/disagreement/oposition...outside the ring.

    BTW, any name for that Team?

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