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    WWE can do without him now

    Anyone else think that Randy Orton has outlived his usefulness? I feel like he needs to go away. He is at that upper stage in WWE now where he can be put into a feud with Brock Lesnar(like John Cena & HHH were) and lose to him, like HHH did & John Cena should have. I wish that could happen. He has already feuded with Sheamus twice, had dozens of matches with Dolph Ziggler before even ever having any actual feud with him; which was there even really a feud between the two of them that led to the NOC match? Sheamus, I believe, is doing just fine at the top; especially after i saw his deposition segment with David Otunga HAHA! Wade Barrett I think is good enough to be at top now. Dolph Ziggler has been good enough for a long time but I bet Vice President Randy Orton (John Cena is President) tells Owner Vince McMahon he still doesn't wanna give up his spot to him.


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