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    If Bryan loses then no he wouldn't be weak. But he also isn't superman. Any human being can beat another human being no-matter how skilled they are at certian things.
    I agree with that statement. There is only room for one superman in the WWE and his name is.... John Cena.
    "Well, well, well! It is I the quintessential studmuffin Joel 'Just like the Rubix Cube, the more you play with it, the harder it gets' Gertner"

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    Miz didnt need the U.S. title anymore when he got that briefcase. He's already in that main level now. He already had a match vs. Orton and one vs. Cena since winning case. And about defending U.S. title; I thought all titles had to be defended at the most once a month. He has not defended it in 3 months! It would not hurt to give it to Daniel Bryan or Ted DiBiase, Jr. or even John Morrison cause obviously Vince still isn't sure about him being the WWE champ.

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