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    Exclamation No Surrender Prediction Contest Results!

    I'm terribly sorry that I'm so late, but I'm in a busy phase in my life right now. I'll try to do the WWE contest tomorrow.
    But here are the scores of No Surrender. This contest had a maximum of 183 points.

    MachoManFan: 142 points
    Shaz11: 132 points
    Lewism173: 123 points
    Jtrouble: 123 points
    Darkside Ron Garvin: 121 points
    Dubs: 119 points
    Monctonvike: 116 points
    Sahu: 113 points
    CM-Rock Austin: 112 points
    Jcameron346: 109 points
    Bearkg88: 107 points
    Qtethervnnvrmre: 106 points
    Amerinaine: 106 points
    Cabers: 106 points
    BadAndy: 104 points
    LMPunker: 102 points
    Butch magnus: 100 points
    Mr. Turtle: 100 points
    YOUcanCALLmeCRACK: 96 points
    Kersh: 96 points
    Magglis: 96 points
    Mark_Anout: 95 points
    PHRNOMINAL ENIGMA: 94 points
    AWrestlingGod: 94 points
    Dr. Death: 89 points
    TheSneakiness: 87 points
    Pauldwku: 86 points
    Steveorton: 85 points
    Damedusa823: 84 points
    VanHooliganX: 82 points
    RedDevilSativa: 80 points
    Akbar: 78 points
    Rockstar83: 77 points
    Mr. Ziggles: 77 points
    Robareid: 77 points
    HHHBK: 75 points
    Wrestlingfan66513: 62 points
    Trips: 62 points
    Rick Taylor: 62 points
    Shoes4jews: 15 points

    Ooooh yeah, the MachoManFan has won his first prediction contest. Congratulations man, well done.
    Treat yourself to a Slim Jim.

    I'll update the overall rankings later today.
    Go to, the site I take the questions from, and sign up and join the EWN League, in the league section on the left hand side of the screen.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''


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