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    Wrestling Ability or Wrestling Personality

    I'm watching this wrestling documentary talking about WWE behind the scenes and a quote that Vince Russo said got to me in which he said "Wrestling is only 25 Stone cold Steve Austin wasn't the greatest wrestler, and the rock wasn't the greatest wrestler but got over with an elbow" it got me thinking is wrestling ability truly a necassity to get over, I mean The Rock wasn't the best wrestler, Stone Cold had some good matches and they are considered to be two of the greatest wrestlers of all time. While guys that are excellent wrestlers but lack personality Dean Malenko, and Lance Storm couldn't get over though they where great techincal wrestlers.

    So I was wondering what do you guys feel is more important in being a wrestler his wrestling ability or personality. Some will just so ability but when you think about it Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest of all time but would he be still considered so if he lacked personality and was crappy on the mic. I think personality is actually more important than wrestling ability in getting over, and being a professional wrester.

    What do you guys think?

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    I'd rather have someone that can sing rather than someone who can dance but sounds like a screaming banshee-if you get my drift.

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    as the only one to side for wrestling ability I feel obligated to make a case. I watch wrestling because I want to see wrestlers put on quality matches, anything else is extra. I would prefer to watch tyson kidd over the miz. brett hart over scsa.

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    Eh, it's pretty hard to say. I do love the larger than life personalities that make wrestling much more entertaining like the Hogans, the Austins, and The Rocks but I also love to see wrestlers go out there and give us one of the best matches ever like Bret Hart, Lou Thesz, and Dynamite Kid. Personally, it's a mixture of both that makes me proud to be a wrestling fan but I think larger than life characters with personality are more important than anything.
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    ok reality check here IF wrestling skill was more important we'd be watching Olympic style wrestling as a professional sport. While the physical aspect of pro-wrestling can be important and can certainly enhance what we watch, the personality is a much higher value thing. BAD wrestlers have gotten ahead far more often than the reverse, Rock, hogan, Andre, Batista, all not good wrestlers at all but all could sell to you that they were better than they were. think about it the best Heel response in wrestling today isn't even for a wrestler (Vickie). So personality wins sorry all of those of you who would claim otherwise
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    I have always liked actually wrestling so its in ring ability for me.

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    Bit of both really but mainly personality for sure, if you can't connect with the fans when cutting a promo then you need to head over to an Indy fed or something.

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    Wrestling ability wouldn't get you over, sometimes it would, but most of the time won't. Look at Tyson Kidd for e.g.

    Personality is what got The Rock and Austin over. I'd vote for personality.

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    personality. You need both to be an amazing wrestler but a great personality can get you far (as long as you aren't terrible in the ring)



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    I voted in ring ability, but in truth, it's both. If someone has a personality but no ability, they get labeled with the 5 moves of doom bs. If they have no personality but great wrestling ability, ie Kofi Kingston, they get labeled as a guy who will never rise above upper mid card. To succeed you have to have both


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