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    Does Sting deserve a WWE run as Champion???

    Subject I bet you have all be talking about....

    Our beloved Sting..... Legend of the NWA and WCW....

    Would he be deserving of a run in WWE and let the guy be the champion??

    Yes is my view.

    Forget the blonde hair and the "Road-Warriors" face-paint....

    Could he for once please fall through the ring... Win the Royal Rumble and teach Sheamus or Kane a lesson.... Yes he could.

    Vince, this is my plea to you and yes I know your guys read these..... Please for the love of god, let this guy come into the company and re-ignite the flame which is almost dead in your company and get the old style fan watching again. We are all tired of this rubbish u put on every week. Show the normal wrestling fan some respect for once and bring back "The Legend" that your company never had.

    Rant over.


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    Sting has said he will never work for Vince because of what Vince did with WCW when he brought it Im sure Vince would love to have him but sting wants no part in it there is a video on youtube were Sting tells why he's never going to WWE

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    Vince could buy sting to have on last shot.... WCW did some pretty rubbish stuff towards the end. Sting could just put the fire in the belly of any old school wrestling fan..

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    Vince made an offer to Sting, Sting wants NOTHING to do with Vince or WWE

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    I doubt it. If he ever did leave TNA, i doubt he'd go to WWE. Plus, I dont think WWE would want somone that has been so heavily connected with TNA, they couldnt re-brand him like they would a less know superstar, I think sting has too much of a connection to TNA nowadays.

    "I am going to put on a Nexus shirt and armband and go drink the tears of John Cena fans."
    - Joey Styles

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    Thats another thing Sting is an extremely loyal person and I think he'll be with TNA until he is done with the wrestling business

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    Sting is loyal, but..... Come on, the lure off WWE gold, this would put his name amougst the stars... He needs to has his name in the WCW(NWA)/WWE hall of fame.

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    The only thing I think that would make Sting EVER consider a WWE run would be if Nash gave in and decided he could do one last run there and convinced Sting himself to do it. No other way.

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    Nash shouldn't be considered in it..... Lets get Luger back eh lol

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    The likelyhood of Sting ever going to work for Vince is zero percent. In the youtube video that one of the other forum members put he clearly stated he would never work for Vince or the WWE as he knows in his heart that their creative team would alter parts of his character and misuse him. Also some of the EX WWE talent who were acquired when WCW and ECW folded unless their ring names were trademarked then their Ring names are property of the WWE. Classic case is Hardcore Justice PPV when some of the ECW allumini such as Balls Mahoney (kahoneys) Tony Mamaluke (Tony Luke) Justin Credible (PJ Polaco) and of course the Dudleys and Spike (Team 3D and Brother Runt) where WWE own the original names.

    And also Sting has never needed the WWE to get over with the fans. the fans know who he is and followed him for years so never needed or wanted to be part of the WWE circus. Also when he had an interview with Mike Tenay. Vince McMahon's name was mentioned and alongside with Hogan's name being mentioned. sting gave the same answer for both of them. greatest chess player in wrestling.


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