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  • 2005 Champions League Final

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  • 9/28/11

    1 10.00%
  • Kings' comeback vs Oilers 1982

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  • The comeback - 1993

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  • City wins the Premier League 2012

    3 30.00%
  • Rockets' comeback vs Spurs 2004

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  • 1999 Champions League Final

    5 50.00%
  • Citys' comeback vs Gillingham 1999

    1 10.00%
  • Other

    2 20.00%
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    Greatest comeback of all time

    This basically comes down to the person. Whether you feel the bigger the difficulty is the biggest factor or the more that is riding on the game is the biggest factor. But below are some of sports' best comebacks of all time. So please look at all of them and try not to be biased. Bolded are the winners btw. (I would give you videos of all the matches/drama but you guys wouldn't watch them so no point.)

    1. AC Milan vs Liverpool - 2005 Champions League final:

    What can you say about this 1 really? Liverpool were 3-0 down at half time but a massive comeback by Liverpool saw them take it to penalties and steal the biggest cup in club football. You won't be able to find a higher staked final then this 1 with a great comeback.

    Pros: Milan had the stronger team, neutral ground, looked like they had no hope whatsoever.
    Cons: Only 1 game, needed pens to get the job done, annoying accent still exists :P

    2. Red Sox and the Braves choke and fail to make the playoffs and 9/28/11:

    Both these teams were miles a head of teams for the final wildcard points going into September.

    The BRS choked a 99.6% rate of qualification at the start of September whilst the Braves had 96.9%.
    Both choked on the final games in massive style to see they both miss it completely on the same night.

    Best example I could give you is imagine being 18 points behind in the League with 10 games left and beating that team.
    Or being 2-6 and then going on to make the Superbowl.

    Pros: Effected the play-offs completely as the Cards' went onto win the World Series, both happened on the same night, stupidly high impossible odds, we all got to laugh at Boston.
    Cons: It's not like the 2 teams that stole the play-offs did good, just these 2 teams sucked so badly they failed.

    3. Kings' comeback vs Oilers 1982:

    In NHL a lot of games have had a few teams lead 5-0 and lose 6-5. But only 1 of them has been a very high stakes game and it's this 1. The division semis saw heavy favs the Oilers take a 5-0 lead but would lose 6-5 in OT.
    This would bite them in the ass as they'd lose the series 3-2.

    Pros: Highest comeback with highest stakes, Canucks would get the Kings and we'd progress to the finals ;D, against a better side
    Cons: Not the highest single game comeback or highest possible stake

    4. The comeback - Bills vs Oilers 1993:

    The Buffalo Bills were 32 points down at 1 point and actually found a way to pull off the biggest comeback in NFL.

    Pros: High rate of impossibility, helped the Bills go to the Superbowl
    Cons: Regular season match

    5. Man City comeback from 8 points behind to win the league & Manchester City vs QPR premier league decider:

    Man City pulled off an amazing comeback after being 8 points behind United to put the league in there own hands. United faced Sunderland and needed to win (They would 1-0) and City needed to beat QPR.
    With United leading for most of there game, pressure was on City. Who were the best home team vs the worst away team.

    QPR however needed the points themselves since they faced relegation if Bolton pulled off a win. City went from 1-0 at half time to 2-1 down with time against them.

    In the last dying few minutes though they would get 2 goals to win there first Premier League trophy and first English first division title in over 4 decades.

    Pros: High stakes game, impossibly high stakes, finished off the greatest Premier League season of all time
    Cons: Against a very weak away side, the heart attack they personally put me through :P

    6. Houston Rockets defeat the SA Spurs in 2004:

    With 57.9 left in the game, the Rockets are down 74-64. But with help from McGrady they went in the final few seconds 81-80 for the best single Basketball game comeback!

    Pros: Outscored a team 6-17 with less then 1 minute on the clock, against 1 of the better defences back then.
    Cons: Normal regular season game

    7. Bayern Munich 1 - 2 Manchester United - Champions League final 1999 to complete the treble

    Munich lead this game for the majority of it and as it went into injury time, the game was pretty much done and dusted right? Wrong! You forgot about Fergie time!

    In injury time United would score twice to defeat the German team with very little time whatsoever left to complete a very impressive treble.

    Pros: Very high staked game, completed the rare treble, pissed off Germany
    Cons: Not against the strongest side ever.

    8. Manchester City vs Gillingham: 1999 Old Division 2 play-off final

    So whilst the Red side of Manchester had done the impressive treble. The Blue side was at the lowest point in it's history. City needed to get promoted and fast if we were to get back into old ways.

    After 90 minutes Gillingham, who where aiming to go to the highest place they've ever been before, had the lead at 2-0. Suddenly City came to life and scored twice in a matter of seconds and went onto beat them in pens.

    Without this fixture, todays football would be majorly different.

    Pros: Citys Yellow and Black shirts ;D, high stake game, changed football
    Cons: Not exactly great quality players, needed pens to win.

    9. Others:

    Please name if you think there are others. Although I've hit most major sports' best/greatest comeback moments
    Van Hooligan X
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    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)

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    Peyton Manning, Colts, throws for 3 touchdowns in 4 minutes to come back and tie the Buccaneers and then sets the team up for a fieldgoal to win the game.

    On Monday Night Football against the defending champion Buccaneers, Manning and the Colts trailed 35–14 in the final five minutes. After one short TD drive, the Colts recovered the onside kick. Manning threw a 28 yard TD pass to Marvin Harrison on 4th & 6 to make it 35–28. With 1:41 remaining, Manning got the ball back and drove the offense 85 yards for the game-tying TD. He set up the winning 29 yard field goal in overtime for a stunning 38–35 win. It was the only time in NFL history a team won a game after trailing by 21 points in the final 4 minutes of regulation. Manning passed for 386 yards in the game

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    PSV comeback and Dutch league winner 2006/2007

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    I would've said the City match when they won the EPL. But the CL match was more special to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    PSV comeback and Dutch league winner 2006/2007

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    I think the two most shocking games I've ever watched are the two CL finals.

    Man UTD vs Bayern


    Liverpool vs Milan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    PSV comeback and Dutch league winner 2006/2007
    You're either Brit or American or you can get the hell out of here!
    Or from the internet for that matter!

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    You're either Brit or American or you can get the hell out of here!
    Or from the internet for that matter!
    Even though I support Ajax, it was great.......... for them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    Even though I support Ajax, it was great.......... for them
    And no one besides the Dutch gave a fuck

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    Personally, my favourite comebacks were in BOROs amazing 05/06 UEFA cup run. We came back from aggregate deficits to win 4-3 not once but TWICE!! In the quarters and semis respectively against quality opposition in Basel and Steaua. Yeah, we got spanked 4-0 in the final by Sevilla but who gives a shit?! It's the journey, not the destination!!

    But from a neutral perspective I'd say last seasons Premier League finale had everything that is great about sporting comebacks. So that get's my vote. Although Man United's '99 champions league final was just as epic!


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