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    Evan Bourne Returning

    A lightbulb just went off in my head and I want your thoughts. Evan Bourne said that he was training to get back into the ring after his injury and I remember him stating on twitter that he wants to go after the united states championship. Is there any possibility that Bourne will return in the battle royale, win and face Cesaro? Thoughts begin!

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    It's possible but for some reason I just don't see him returning just yet

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    Could happen doubt he will be pushed that quick though!

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    I know, I wonder if WWE will be nice or make him pay.....alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99 View Post
    I know, I wonder if WWE will be nice or make him pay.....alot
    I hope they're reasonable.. the suspension was the punishment and the injury has already cost him. That said: I'm not sure what he did to deserve a push, and I'd rather see Antonio feud with someone else. Until they revive a cruiserweight division Evan Bourne is and always will be irrelevant.. the small underdog beating the big mean heel has been done enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DXCena#1fan View Post
    Hasn't he had 2 strikes now? I mean if he was as over as Orton I could see this happening, but you'd figure with 2 strikes they'd want to bring him back and see how he acts for a few months before they give him a push
    I don't think they will give Bourne a push, he'll be stuck in the lower card. I hope he does start a feud with Kofi Kingston though.

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    I hope he walks out on live TV, smoking a joint, and says

    "I'm going to TNA where I can actually get over as more than just a stale babyface that will never get past owning the Tag Championships with whoever is the next flavor of the month to use me as a stepping stone. This is me being a heel and I am a hell of a lot better at doing this than being the stupid, smiling kid that the E Universe has made me. I am not Ken from Street Fighter and me holding up the peace sign looks ridiculous. WWE creative are morons and I am not waiting another 4 years for the WWE network to get off the damn ground before I can hold a title that people say I deserve and have no one see it because they don't want to pay $50 a month to get the channel that will host the division I will wreck shop in. Fuck you WWE, I am off to beat the shit out of Zema Ion, Kenny King, and who the fuck ever TNA decides to sign to try and keep up with my awesomeness."

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    Depends if Stephanie McMahon has final word then it's Evan. But if it's Triple H then Santino.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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