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    Bound for Glory

    In the weeks coming up to and on Wrestlemania it feels like a completely different feeling is in the air. And that feeling is a very "festive" one. And even going into other WWE ppv you can feel a different vibe or feeling, even if the ppv isn't going to be a big ppv. But when ever it is time for Bound for Glory I don't get that feeling that makes me want to watch it, like with Wrestlemania I make sure I set time aside to watch it on the day of the event. And before people say it is because I don't like TNA I actually do like it.
    But Bound for Glory is TNA's Wrestlemania and I know it is bad to compare TNA to WWE but they should make it feel more like it is the PREMIERE ppv. Also I think that another problem with TNA's Bound For Glory is that there venue for there biggest ppv equals that of a Smackdown show on a bad night and in my mind venue and attendance adds or takes away from the watching experience. And there smaller ppv's are held in the same venue as a normal TNA show which is small so it really just takes away from the ppv. Even with the conclusion of the 3 month Bound for Glory Series that still did not make me really want to watch the ppv more, the only thing that makes me want to see BFG is Aces & Eights(if they are going to be there) and if that is all I want to see I'm just going to wait until the following day to watch it.
    But basically what I'm asking is am I the only one that feels that Bound for Glory TNA's biggest PPV does not even feel like a big ppv at all, or is it just me?

    Lets talk about that.

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