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    I'd have one for the WWE Championship and one for World Heavyweight but have the winners cash on whoever they wanted.Instead of Raw people going after the WWE they can decide what they do with it. Then I'd have one for the Intercontiental/U.S. and have the winner decide which one to cash in. As for tag team an elimination match. And as for the divas battle royale.

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    They kind of had a "Money in the Bank" type thing for the US and IC titles. It was called NXT. Too bad they didn't follow through with their intentions.

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    there really isn't a line for the titles anymore since just about anyone can challenge for them now so a MITB match would just do nothing but water down the concept



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    Seeing how MITB is likely going back to WM and the MITB PPV being scrapped, I don't see this happening at all. With MITB, less is more.
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    No more of this damn match PLEASE. it's already been killed, and I still watch wrestle mania 21, 22, 23 so I can see how the original MITB matches worked.

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    I may cop some heat for this but I think money in the bank should only be for a midcard title from now on. The match has change so much and the last WWE Title one absolutely killed it for me. The concept was ok but having only 5 guys in it to me was just blah. I think having MITB for IC/US would make them mean more. And revert back to just having maybe the Royal Rumble winner getting their shot at Mania. Also bring back King of the Ring PPV with the winner getting their shot at Summerslam (someone's idea from a blog). MITB has changed so much, a shake up needs to happen because the match itself is always amazing but the follow up seems to be a let down now.

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    No. MITB is a way to launch mid card talent into the main event. I think they need to go back to only having 1 match and the winner chooses which title to go for, that way there is always pressure on each champion.

    I also hate the less than a day reigns, if they changed that I would be very happy.

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    There should be only 1 MITB contract which can be used to cash in on any title the contractholder wants.

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    Anything to stop these useless and boring battle royals. How is that supposed to qualify you for contender status?

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    The qualifying matches on RAW/SD should be made randomly (ok all is scripted but let's say it's random...), and the final supertars would enter MITB ppv in a match with stipulation(c). The winner get a contract, not necessarily a briefcase, perhaps just a contract for a IC/US title match. Could be cool


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