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    What about a MITB contract for the IC/US Championships ?

    What about adding a MITB match for the IC/US Championship at Money In The Bank ppv ? The winner would have a contract and could cash in on both IC or US Championship, whenever he wants to, just like the MITB actual contract. Perhaps it could be a Table's match instead of ladders, and the winner via pinfall wins the briefcase. Or simply the same, a ladder match.

    Do you think this would be a good idea and would perhaps bring something to the midcard division ?

    I think it would be cool, and could really bring something new (if we can say so) in the midcard division.

    For the Divas' division I assume it would bring nothing as there is not so much place for Divas on both shows. Same for the Tag Team Division

    Thoughts ?

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    Elimination tables match? 8 competitors as you go through a table you're eliminated. It's cool cause midcard guy can go through a table and lose without making them look week. Example- Ryback runs through a table, Santino "slips" and falls through a table ect.

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    I think the MITB PPV should be only MITB matches for all the titles. Have a 4-6 way for each title (including tag and divas)'ll give more chances to put lesser used talent on the card, perhaps make a new or rising star, and shake up the monotonous string of rehashed fueds =)

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    The MITB concept is watered down as it is. Making it more so doesn't sound kosher.
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    MAN WE MUST THINK ALIKE Cuz I thought of this same exact concept. On another note I think they should go back to having MITB matches at Wrestlemania. One for the World/WWE title and one for the Int/US title... #1 is because it would give a chance for more wrestlers to be featured on the biggest stage of all guys like Drew Mc, Kidd, Gabriel, Zeke, etc... and reason #2. who ever wins those respective matches would have a chance to cash in on one of two titles which adds unpredictability. Think about it... with the money in the bank matches now you HAVE to cash in either on the world heavyweight champion or the WWE champion. I liked it when stars had the option to do either or... It adds interest and anticipation with each show (I'm speaking in terms of the Us/Int title as well)

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    One for the World/WWE title and one for the Int/US title

    Any other way is just forcing stuff onto the card. The answer isn't to make more MITB matches, that's how you kill the novelty of it.
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    an elimination table match would be sweet actually. It would make the mid card titles mean something for once rather than the champion losing every other week.

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    Dont like the idea too much like the MITB as it is with the main titles but i like what TNA did or said they will do wtih the X division championship. The IC champ at anytime should be able to give up the title for a shot at the WHC and US championship for the WWE championship or vise verse

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    Instead of use the MITB concept for that. Why not have some tournament or something every year around Wrestlemania time and the winner facing the IC or US champ whenever they want. Possibly post Wrestlemania on the MITB ppv. They should do some sort of tag team thing to.

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    I think its already being over done at the minute it was great when it was just one briefcase it was random and you didn't know who he would go after.


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