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Thread: Life Revised

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post
    "nothing bothers me" .
    I really hate that attitude. But that is how Cena character is, so we can't do nothing about it.

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    Based off the past year, that promo has made a lot of sense and was very good by Cena.

    Punk hasn't really changed anything, but himself - added others moves, colors, etc., etc. This could turn into something great for CM Punk, with him trying to find himself, even if that is a heel him.

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    It was interesting to say the least.

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    On the Rock note, him and Cena's match wasn't any worse than Hogan v Rock 1 imo and if that's a classic then so was Cena v Rock.

    No matter what shit gets said about Cena's personal life, he always shows what he's really like during circumstances like this. He went out and did his job, even though you could tell he was extremely shaken up by what was going on. He seemed off from his normally over the top, energetic self.

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    I know what you mean when you said goosebumps.. I just watched it and this was an amazing shoot like promo. (obviously not a shoot i know that). But Cena was spot on with his Punk criticisms; Punk hasn't done anything to change the WWE like he claimed. Also a nice spit in the face to those who claim that Cena can't cut promos, from the man himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by #BITW View Post
    Example: Cena says punk has been champ for almost 300 days and has done anything to keep it. WRONG, hes only been a heel since a month ago and even at summerslam he threw cena off big show... its triple threat any1 would of done it.
    I noticed that and I was a little annoyed by it at first as it is complete bullshit. Thinking about it now all I see is the WWE thinking that the fans have short term memories and can only remember Punk's heel turn a month ago and nothing prior to that. They also need to get as much heat as possible on to Punk from the fans.

    There are certain things in Cena's promo (which to be fair was pretty good, and by no means am I a Cena fan) that have confirmed what I believed would happen all along. He mentioned that a year ago Punk said he would bring about "change" to the WWE, well Punk was reported to have said at comic-con that the new belt would be appearing soon. My belief was that Punk would retain at Night of Champions probably not cleanly as he is a heel and now linked with Heyman and that the next night on Raw he will introduce the new belt. Cena's promo last night and his previous one when he told Punk, facing me will define your reign as a champion, have me believing this is what will happen.

    Also this would fit in quite nicely with the WWE '13 release and tag line "A Revolution is coming!".

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    As usual, creative is short on ideas for the revolution. They need to do something that even they know going in is risky. This safe TV crap they have been giving us is getting a little old. Gotten old. If WWE doesn't start taking a few chances then it will become the lumbering old dinosaur that prompted Vince to instigate change in the 80's.

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    I thought they both pulled off a great promo, Cena & Punk connect better than Cena/Rock ever did

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slivon View Post
    Which means, he always gives this kind of promo before a "big" match. So when ever he does it is like seeing the sun rise, you know it is going to happen at the same time. If that makes sense?
    I get what you mean but he should still get credit for that.

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    Lot of great comments in here.

    I'm not particular biased towards either guy, so hopefully this comes off like that. I thought Cena cut a great promo, for sure. That said, I can't help but feel a bit helpless for Punk. It's like Cena has free reign to hit people where it hurts during promos, but others can't return the favor. Perhaps that's because Cena's character is so steady, so consistent, and so shiny.

    For example, when Cena starts digging into Punk about earning respect and hitting him with the Macho Man lines, etc - Punk should be able to say the following: "Listen John, by your definition, I deserve all the respect in the world. I've been a 'bad guy' to these people for 30 days, I've held this belt for 300. You have to put the microscope down and look at the bigger picture. I've defended this belt against Kane, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, oh and You Cena. This discussion about respect wouldn't be happening if you could've given up the main-event spotlight ONE time in the past 10 months. It's because of your massive ego that my massive ego had to emerge. You've got Vince in the back-pocket of your jorts, if you truly appreciate this title and what it stands for, you'd have given up that spotlight months ago."

    UGHH. It felt good to vicariously say that in my imaginary promo to you all via Punk. I just feel like he hasn't cut that perfect promo yet for us to really feel his pain, but I get it.

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