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    Unhappy why booker as a gm??

    I am really against this decision why a guy like Booker T has been removed or promoted whatever to the GM spot i dont know. Jerry lawler has already become stale..and michael cole is okay as a heel comentator but not great at all.. Atleast Booker T's commentating was better than both. Atleast he used to analyse the moves and matches etc rather than keep talking what's going on twitter or facebook OR please bring Regal at his position.. this guy is hillarious and a great commentator as well and remove Jerry Lawler or turn him heel again
    Guys like Jesse Ventura.. Bobby heenan.. *HeeL* Jerry Lawler used to make the matches more interesting but now it annoys me a lot.. for example during punk vs cena match at 1000th raw when big show was beating cena while punk was limping around..u must have seen that lawler was bashing punk for not saving cena while cole *instead of defending punk actions* he said i cant say i dont know whats going around..Really?? Man.. I miss those days..
    Thoughts?? Please...

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    I always wanted Booker T, since his return, to be a manager, and not commentator. Same for JBL if he returns. But these guys are former superstars and I don't think they could be intimidated by heel superstars, like Teddy Long was, so let's see what Booker will do as GM, it's to early to judge him.

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    I'm struggling to believe anyone could like Booker as a commentator. He sure came out with some funny stuff on a regular basis but this was purely because he was awful and not because he was trying to be funny. I don't think he will make a good GM either but Smackdown really needed freshing up so I'm all for it until they prove it's an awful idea.
    Dear Mr Laurinaitis....

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    Dude, Booker isn't a great commentator! I'll take Cole over Booker at the table any day. As for Lawler, well, he may as well not be there, but that's besides the point.

    I can't say I'm a fan of having Booker as a GM either, but I'm happy to go with the flow for a while and see how they book it with him.

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    To be honest both AJ and Booker were dissapointing as the GM choices, I'm just hoping that AJ is temporary just for the Bryan storyline and that the WWE extends a contract for JBL to do SD's commentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    To be honest both AJ and Booker were dissapointing as the GM choices, I'm just hoping that AJ is temporary just for the Bryan storyline and that the WWE extends a contract for JBL to do SD's commentary.
    I think it's a given that AJ's just a temporary GM. I can't seriously see her being a long term choice.
    As I said before I'm indifferent to Booker, but like you, I'm hoping that it leads to JBL back at the commentary table.

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    I didn't like Booker as a commentator. He was always talking about the moves and not about something interesting. It was like watching snooker and listening to the same commentator/washed-up-player talking about how many points are on a scoreboard. Goddamnit, I can see how many points are on the scoreboard, it's on a scoreboard! I can see what moves a wrestler uses, he bloody uses them! Plus when his arguments with Cole weren't scripted then in respons for Cole's insults he usually laughed a little, like he didn't know what to say.

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    I Felt Booker-t was a disaster on commentary, though I would have loved to see a William Regal be named GM I'm glad Booker-t is bit at the announce table, I even feel that Booker-t's reign at GM won't last that long as I see him eventually getting in a rivalry with one of the wrestlers, and having to put his role as GM on the line and losing.. But for now he should be a better GM than Teddy Long though. (well I hope)

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    I don't mind Booker T as GM. As long as it isn't Hornswoggle, then I'm cool with it. But I think he can do a pretty good job you know, give him a a chance DAWG!

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    I like Booker as a GM, but I think they should have him be a part time wrestler, just like Lawler does sometimes. Like have Booker put heels in matches with himself to keep them in check. I don't mean have him go over guys like Dolph Ziggler and kill their momentum, but midcarders like Heath Slater or the Prime Time Players.


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