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    I don't like him but I'm surprised no one has said Rey, He has been in the complany just as long as anyone,

    I'd go for:

    Big White

    Cena would end up in a singles match that would main event.
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    Cena, Orton, Punk, Sheamus, Kane.

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    Cena, Taker, Triple H, Rock, Sheamus

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    or replace Sheamus with Orton ,, depending who is more over at the time.

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    Most likely, it will be all of the people they bring in as main attractions once a year plus the top two:

    HHH, Punk, Taker, Rock, Cena

    AJ Styles, Roode, Storm, Joe, Angle

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboy View Post
    Good thread.

    I'd have to go with John Cena, CM Punk, "Great White" Sheamus, Big Show & Rey Mysterio.
    haha thanks

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    so everyone is saying no to lesnar? whatabout Austin Aries or even RVD for those who included the TNA team?

    "Good morning honey"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally.. View Post
    In 2002 when Vince bought WCW and ECW which brought out the Alliance storyline, you could easily pick out the top 5 superstars on the then WWE roster to defend the company in the main event of Survivor Series. They were The Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Jericho and the Big Show. Its not so clear cut now with so many talents along with others appearing two or three times a year (Undertaker, Rock, Lesnar, HHH). Who would your current top 5 be if say - Vince buys TNA and another invasion angle takes place?

    1. John Cena.
    2. Randy Orton.
    3. WWE Champion CM Punk.
    4. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.
    5. Kane.

    1. AJ Styles.
    2. Bobby Roode.
    3. Jeff Hardy.
    4. Bully Ray.
    5. Kurt Angle.

    Wanna make 5 matches out of these guys?
    Here goes:
    1. CM Punk VS AJ Styles.
    2. John Cena VS Kurt Angle.
    3. Sheamus VS Bully Ray.
    4. Jeff Hardy VS Randy Orton.
    5. Kane VS Bobby Roode.

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    CM Punk
    John Cena
    Zack Ryder (Yea I said it)
    Daniel Bryan

    Impact Wrestling
    Austin Aries
    Bully Ray
    Rob Van Dam
    Samoa Joe

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    Daniel Bryan
    CM Punk
    Rey Mysterio
    Chris Jericho

    Austin Aries
    AJ Styles
    Samoa Joe
    Rob Van Dam


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