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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    What a plain return.
    You know Ak, i think you make an excellent point. While I am glad to see Barrett back, and his finisher looked sweet, I thought his return could have been more impactful

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    I think his return did what it was supposed to do, introduce Barrett's new gimmick - bareknuckle brawler.

    The knees did look weak though and the finisher was impactful and adds anything dimension to him. Notice, he used little to no slams.

    I think though, if I was bringing him in, based off his ending promo "Wade Barrett is open for business", Del Rio should have 'hired' him to take out Sheamus. Not in a you are my lackey way, but more of a 'I pay you this, you do this.' No loyalties, highest bidder wins.

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    Barrett fits more as a striker to be honest but as long as he is heeling it up, it is all good.

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    Guys don't bash it so hard. It was just a simple jobber vs main eventer return.

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    I too was pleased to see Wade return, his Greek mythology Power Puff Girl gimmick just didn't cut it for me.Mojo Tartarus indeed

    As for the Wade everyone else is talking about i thought it was a very underwhelming return for someone who should go on to become the top heel of the company. At least he doesn't just drop people off his shoulder for his finisher anymore, no one could carry that off as a legitimate wrestling move.Still pleased hes back, looking forward to seeing the new wade develop.


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