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    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam View Post
    Money wise, you guys are definitely right. But career wise? Better in TNA.
    Back than yes, but now? Who knows how he would be booked. He is better off in WWE where he knows how he will be booked and makes enough that he won't have to continue till he is 60

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    Tough call. We saw in WWE some great matches between him and Orton so the potential is definitely there. However, since, he has had a series of nagging injuries.

    I think the majority of us enjoyed Christian in TNA because not only because he was pushed to the moon (or however high you can get in TNA at that time) but he was still in the prime of his singles career. He has been around for a while.

    It really could go either way if he is used in a meaningful matter in either place.

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    My main points are that WWE isnt appreciating him as much as they should. I understand the injurys, but when you make him champion for like a day or week (my memory is blank right now) that is a disgrace to a guy who chose your company over a company that treated him better than gold.

    You are right about the money and everything, but the topic has a lot of conflicting views.

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    Being a huge Christian Mark...I want him to be in TNA...because he'll be put in some good booking if not in the world championship feud (n now I do not want him to be in WHC is now busy with Young TNA guys..)...n the schedule of TNA will suit his body n his injury rate will come down....But, what about money??? I do not know whether TNA can match WWE's money...surely they can match n give more to all of the talent if they weed out the Hogans n Bischoffs....

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    This question is easily answered.

    As a fan, I want him in TNA because I remember how awesome he was when he was there. At Slammiversary X, we started a chant of "Main E-Vent... Not Mid Card!" that didn't get very loud, but was obviously loud enough for him to look over at us and nod. From a fans stand, Christian in TNA is greater than in WWE because he was an individual in TNA.

    As a businessman, family man, and someone who wants to retire in his lifetime, Christian should stay in WWE. While they want him and are willing to pay him, work your ass off for what you can. His legacy is already sealed in the WWE and he will always be remembered for his Tag Team, rather than his singles run. He can't change it now, even if we who watched his greatness in TNA remember it, the E Universe have sealed his fate in that regard.

    If you're asking what I want, send him back to TNA because he is greater than just being known as a second stringer to Edge. If you're asking what I think is the smarter decision, stay in the E Universe until the E doesn't want you anymore. Look what happened to Edge after all. It's not a promise that he'll be able to compete next week, let alone 10 years from now.

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    Christian is my favourite superstar of all-time. I'm not going to call him the best in the world at what he does, but I really consider him as one of the best guys in the business. Do I want him to be in TNA ? No. I can't deny he was success there, but let's face it - WWE is the no 1 company. We all know that Christian was never liked by Vince McMahon because of his size. That's probably why he was misused all this time. Right now he's more underrated than before, he's a midcarder, he loses to Damien Sandow (a guy who's there for a few months). I understand why everyone feels he should return to TNA. IMO these are the last years of his career, he should not spend them in a company like TNA (hardly anyone cares about the TNA guys). Christian should do anything he can to get one more push to the main-event in his career and once again prove Vince and HHH wrong.

    Last year was probably the best year of his career. He won 2 WHC and behind Punk, was the superstar of the year IMO. He worked a terrible gimmick, he was losing to Orton and Sheamus but still was much more entertaining than those 2 combined. That means he is able to get over with the fans and he's a mian-event material.

    Is he really a guy whose in the shadow of his tag team partner ? Yes, sadly. But when we look at Edge and Christian, what do we see ? Is Edge better in the ring than Christian ? No, both are tremendous in-ring competitors, I can't distinguish who is better. Is Edge better on the mic ? No, both deliver very good promos (not as good as Cena or Punk but still better than for example Orton). Edge received a push, Christian didn't. Edge got the gimmick, the championships, the storylines.... But when I look at those to great wrestlers I can't see any difference aside from the size. So I'm going to say, Christian was not lucky during his career, unlike Edge. Those 2 are clearly not Matt and Jeff Hardy (Jeff is probably 10 times better than Matt).

    Anyway, I still have high hopes for Christian. I wish he got a one more push (one more match ).

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    The guy has never been able to get away from the Edge comparisons i don't think he ever will. He has still accomplished more than most people that get into wrestling though that cannot be forgotten.

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    I prefer he stay in WWE, honestly. Short of the injuries, and him asking for time off, he was a champion and can now be used in the main event, and to put over people - which, at this stage of his career, is probably the best for him. He's a great wrestler, yes, but it does nothing for him, imo, to decide 'Hey, let's bus him back to TNA, the number 2 fed /in america/, for him to be 'used right', because let's face it, Edge was better, and the best Christian can do is being top champ in TNA.' That's some self-value killing type of stuff.

    That's, in my view, saying - Edge was better than you, couldn't make it to the top in the number one fed, so cut your loss demote yourself back to TNA and be a champion there. It won't help him escape Edge, who was both top champs(WWE/WHC), in WWE, and the best Christian could do was be a champ in TNA to try and 'escape' it.

    Basically, him staying in WWE would be best at this stage in his career- they, apparently, give him time off when he wants it; they've made him WHC twice(both, shitty reigns), gave him multiple shots, great matches(With Orton, and almost everyone else he's faced), he gets paid well(Most likely), and is likely financially set for the rest of his life, if he doesn't squander it away, and can probably get a job backstage with WWE once he retires from in-ring competition.

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    How can someone say that Christian should leave WWE and go to TNA?
    Christian himself stated that he went to TNA for 2 main reasons only: to rest up a bit from WWE and to prove to himself and to others that he can bring a company on his shoulders as main eventer.
    Then he said he was a fish too big for TNA and left.

    And he is right.
    For those people saying "he would do better in TNA". That's right, he would do better just beacause TNA is 10 times smaller than WWE.

    It's just like saying "I can't have that beatiful woman so I think I'll just hang out with her ugly friend."

    Christian wants to stay at the TOP (that is WWE, nothing to talk here).

    We will see what happens when he returns and to conclude, for those saying he is not entertaining as Edge, just go back and see his "captain charisma era".

    If he is not entertaining is because WWE wants him to be that way.
    The only place for a guy like Christian is at the TOP (WWE).

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    Christian should most Def. be in TNA.

    I hope he returns Soon.



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