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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomsta666 View Post
    No no no! There's need for you to feel bad at all. I know all too well if I want to avoid spoilers I should stay the hell away from this site but I can't help myself Plus, RAW has already been shown, so it's all fair game. I mean It was me who clicked the link to this thread now wasn't it?!
    lol same here i always do it im only watching raw now!

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    Thank god I wasn't the only one to actually enjoy RAW this week, I was starting to think I knew nothing in terms of entertainment.

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    Just saw some clips from good ol' YouTube. Little mark-out for Heyman and his (O_O) look as he drove past Cena in the end there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Sheamus involved could have been a good thing yes. I know Sheamus is just average on cutting promos, but seriously, as long as he is average, I don't think WWE should put him vs a guy like CM Punk who is just gold at this, because Sheamus looked really awful, and not only because he did not have the chicago crowd support !
    I just felt it would have made sense. But then I saw Heyman and thought that was perfect! I think Sheamus should have been what Ryback is now. Just a badass, ass kicker. Less about the mic skills more about getting down to business kind of thing. Because youre definitely right, he won't stand a chance on the mic with Punk. I felt that he looked a bit stupid in the promo with Punk. Sheamus is a guy that can pull off that type of gimmick as a face, I think he'd do better than Ryback.


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