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    Who do you think is ready for the Strap?

    Its a Topic that's widely discussed but why not once more eh? First off let me start out by saying that when I say 'strap' I'm Refering to the WWE title. I have never been a fan of Split titles, particularly the WHC So lets speak in hypothetics that The Titles are Merged and only the WWE Championship exists.

    For my money, I would put all my stock into Wade Barret. Granted he is one of the newer additions to the younger roster, but given his size, in-ring ability and decent promos I personally believe he above all of the younger talent can handle a lengthy title run. Whats more, making him a power house heel champion would be just the thing he needs to shake of the whole 'NXT' winner stigma I feel still lingers on him. Now thats not to say there arent others who could be ready for the plunge I just cannot see it happening any time soon.

    Lets take Ziggler for example, great in-ring ability, so-so promos, and he is likely to be the next champion as he is Mr. MiTB. This is what worries me about him, sure he had an awesome run as the IC champion, he is defiantly the very top tier in Mid- Card status, however I don't feel he has been built up enough to be a legit contender. He can be aggressive, and like any good heel Zig pulls off some nice sneaky wins, here in lies the issue. Its come to a point that he scarcely pulls a legit win, which is what he needs to build up steam for his eventual run. I'll use a prior successful champ in the Miz as an example, a lot of sneak wins, however prior to his title run, he was scoring key victories (as legit as a heel can score) had legnthy runs as US and tag Champion, and had just the right amount of steam built up to make him believeable.

    Personally I wish the origional plans for barret to win at MiTB came to fruition as I feel a Title run for Zigs right now would ruin him. Look at Swagger, won MiTB got the strap he simply was not ready for making him an unbelieveable champ, as soon as he lost it, he was buried to the point that there is simply no recovering. This is not something I wish to see happen to Ziggs. Hopefully Barret will get a decent title run this year or next while ziggs and many other stars come into their own.


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