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    I don't think that's fair though, the big gold belt hasn't been in WWE circulation that long... especially when you compare it to the WWE Championship. I'm not even sure what measuring stick they're using for CM Punk's reign since they did that list on for the last 25 years as opposed to its entire history. CM Punk's about to creep into 13th longest reign, and even though that's much lower than 5th for Sheamus, you're talking about a belt starting in 1963 vs 2002... or 50 years vs 10 years if you want to look at it that way.

    I guess bottom line I'm saying that 5th longest reign out of a 10 year title history isn't overly impressive. If he breaks into the top 3 or gets close to it, I think it's worth some commotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyWonder View Post
    A case can be made for Sheamus & Batista on this matter of "not taking much." Batista was a lackey bodyguard for two and a half years without having a "real singles run"; then outta the blue, while he is still Evolution's lackey bodyguard without a "real singles run", WWE decides to have him win the Royal Rumble match. It wasn't a credible push to the main event impact at all. All Sheamus did was beat up low mid carders and low low carders and non-wrestlers for 6 months, then WWE decides he can already go up to the top, shooting past all the ones higher than low mid card. Another non-credible push to the main event impact.
    not sure i agree, sheamus was booked as a beast heel in his earlier days, destroying cena, hhh and many others, he deserves everything he got! dont think he's the best ''face'' in the world, but he does a solid job and his moves seem really over with the crowd


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