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    Even more worse that Jershey Shore??

    Don't give us even worser nightmares...

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    No, no you cannot get a Yes chant here. I know I'm over three months late with this reply, but Jersey Shore is a great comedy about people form New Jersey. Laughing at how stupid the "people" on that show are, was a guilty pleasure of mine. When I could find nothing else to watch, I could trust that MTV would have an episode of these six dumb fuckers, getting drunk having sex and getting arrested. I call that some good quality TV.

    Is it a show to be watched over and over and over again, no. It is however a show that can get you laughing, not at anything the people say or do in attempts at being funny, but at what they actually believe to be normal human behaviour. They are embarrassments to the human race, but that is what makes Jersey shore a great show, so no, NO. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!


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