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    Pyros hit and the fireworks go off! Vince McMahon's music immediately hits as he swaggers his way into the ring! He smiles as the crowd chant his name. He says that it was revealed on WWE.Com that Vince McMahon was going to open the show tonight! He says that he is here tonight for one thing, and that is a major announcement. He says that next week, on Hell in a Cell. He says that WWE will see a new Raw General Manager! As he's about to say another word, CM Punk's music hits as he comes out with Revolution. The crowd boo as Punk just smirks. He repeats Vincent three times and says that he hasn't changed a single bit. He says that he's always trying to brainwash these pathetic people, by trying to act all nice with his ugly teeth, and hideous smile. He says that everyone need to open there eyes. Punk says that Vince McMahon is nothing but a bully. He says that this whole Be A Star campaign is supposed to be about standing up to the bullies, but what is the whole point in this when McMahon is just another bully? He asks Vince how dare he? How dare he open the show without Punk, and the rest of the Revolution's permission? He says that Vince should be ashamed of himself, and he still stands by what he said last year. Vince. Is. Better. Off. Dead. Punk hands the mic over to Chris Hero as Claudio Castagnoli grabs a mic off a fan. Hero says that last year, R-Truth and The Miz were talking about this conspiracy. He says that it was a conspiracy which always gave John Cena a shot at the world title, a conspiracy that made John Cena more superior than ever. Claudio says that WWE is supposed to be about the wrestling, and it's supposed to be a fair game. He says that Vince McMahon just has to turn it into the opposite, and make it a one man game. He says that it's a one man game that always has John Cena having numerous title shots, despite the fact that he fails each and every single time. He says that at Hell in a Cell, they vow to do one thing. He says that Kings of Wrestling, vow to win the tag team titles. Claudio hands the mic over to Black as Black smirks. Black says congratulations to Vince, he says that the WWE also known as the WWF, was a company that every single person would die to watch. He says that everyone would skive school, stay up late, just to watch the damn shows. He says that now, this company is officially a disaster. Black says that the ratings for Raw and Smackdown just prove it, he says that nowadays, people just record it and skip all the Ryback squashes, the John Cena 5 moves of doom matches, the ugly commercial break. Black says that there is one most vital thing in the WWE that is disgusting, and that thing is standing in the middle of the ring right now! McMahon tells all 4 to shut up but Punk interrupts him again. Punk says that as far as he is concerned, McMahon is the man who should shut up. He says that last week on Raw, it was the form, the beginning of Revolution. He says that everyone should forget about the Four Horsemen, Evolution, D-X, because Punk is the best in the world. And the Revolution stable will be the best stable in the world. Punk says that the Revolution has emerged into the WWE, and the first mission is, to bring attitude back in this company! All four of them walk up to McMahon and start crowding the ring but out comes John Cena to come in the aid of McMahon! Cena taunts all four of the Revolution! McMahon says that later on tonight..Tyler Black will take on...Mason Ryan! He says that CM Punk will be in the main event teaming up with..John Cena! To take on Kings of Wrestling! He says that if CM Punk and Cena don't work as a team, both of them will be fired! And he says that Claudio Castagnoli will be doing double duty tonight as we head to a commercial break.

    Back from commercial break and we see Claudio Castagnoli in the ring! Jey Uso and Heath Slater make there way to the ring as the first match goes underway.

    Match 1. Jey Uso vs Heath Slater vs Claudio Castagnoli

    Finish: A back and forth match. Castagnoli sets Slater up for a big boot, but Jey Uso rolls him up for the win.

    Winner: Jey Uso

    After the match, The Uso Brothers celebrate but Rockin' Out attack them from behind with guitars. Kings of Wrestling join in the beatdown and they all smirk. They shake hands with Rockin' Out before double teaming Heath Slater. Curt Hawkins slides out of the ring looking terrified as we head backstage.

    We see Vince McMahon and AJ backstage. AJ asks Vince if he's found a replacement for her yet. He says that he has. Vince whispers to AJ, as AJ says that no one will like that, not in a million years. She says that she's got a better suggestion, something that will rock the WWE Universe! Zack Ryder walks past and asks AJ and Vince if they have booked him on Raw tonight! AJ and Vince ignore him as we head back to the ring.

    Natalya and Eve; Kaitlyn, Tamina and Layla make there way to the ring as the match gets underway!

    Match 2. Eve and Natalya vs Tamina, Kaitlyn and Layla

    Finish: Back and forth match with SICK wrestling. Tamina goes for a Clothesline but Natalya ducks, Tamina tags in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn runs into the ring but Natalya nails her with a dropkick, and locks her in the Dungeon Lock. Kaitlyn taps out as Natalya smirks.

    Winner: Natalya

    After the match, Eve celebrates like mad as Natalya gets pissed. Natalya slaps Eve and they get into a huge brawl, Tamina and Kaitlyn go to stop it but instead they get in a brawl with Natalya and Eve. Layla just slides out of the ring and sighs but Beth Phoenix's music hits! She beats the living crap out of Layla and smirks as all the other women look onto her. The camera heads backstage as Zack Ryder is fistpumping and warming up. Ryder sees John Cena and greets him, but Cena also ignores him while Ryder gets really frustrated as we head to a commercial break.

    Back from commercial break and R-Truth's music hits! He makes his way to the ring as the crowd boo the hell out of him. He picks up a mic and shouts sorry! He says that he shouldn't be acting like this, cause Little Jimmy doesn't like it! He apologizes to every single person he hurt, and most of all, he apologizes to Kofi Kingston. Kofi's music hits as he makes his way to the ring! Kofi accepts the apology and tells the crowd to forgive Truth. He asks the crowd if they forgive Truth, the crowd cheer as Kofi slides into the ring. He hugs Truth as Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara's music hit!


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