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    A Drew McIntyre tweet

    .. that made me stand up, nod a spiritual nod his way (I chose west, good choice since I'm from Europe and I bet he's in the States) and applaud him.

    The newssite reported the following tweet: "Sometimes in life, you got to step back and realize no matter what you have accomplished or you feel the world owes you. In reality, you're damn lucky to even be involved in WWE. I know you're all calling for a's not time yet

    I agree and am glad that one of the jobbed out guys has the guts and common sense to see he's lucky to be where he is, he's part of the problem, and they only way up is to 'eat shit and learn to like it' (a quote by Stephanie, Vince told her that when she started to appear on tv). I do think McIntyre has been treated harsh and it's not fair to him, but I'm glad to see he tries to make the best of it. He's being hazed, and if he sticks, I think he'll get the push he earns (for his skills & for sticking through the hazing). (One sad sidenote: when I decided to do this post, i really had to look up which brand he's on. One positive sidenote: his matches on NXT were long and decent.)
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    Jim Cornette: 'They think they have to make up for it by doing all this devastating stuff, but the stuff isn’t devastating if you don’t beat people with it. Then you’re just going out there exposing the business.'

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    Paying your dues.

    And eating the shit his ex-wife left.

    He'll probably be fine, once they decide to push him again. He's really good, so they won't drop his push because he is not good enough.
    He's ready now.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''


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