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    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2 View Post
    whats the point of cena winning yet another title? especially against the rock? it would do absolutely nothing but piss off the fans. He doesnt need the push hes already on top. A rising star like punk could use the win against rock, cena doesnt need it and lord knows nobody wants to see rock vs cena II, the first time around was atrocious. Its time to pass the torch and stop hogging the main event & title picture.
    By piss the fans off, you mean it would piss YOU off. I fail to see where it would piss off the kids, the huge fan base that is Cenation. It exists. It's what makes WWE the most money. If you're gonna be a fan of WWE, you need to live with that. It's not going away anytime soon. Him beating Rock for the title at Mania would piss off many of the people off who come on to these forums and complain and try to analyze every word that's said in wrestling, but guess what? NOBODY in WWE reads these forums. NOBODY in WWE cares what you think, or that you're pissed off. They would rather you not be a fan, so they can replace you with 2 or 3 kiddies to cheer on Cena, and Sheamus, and Santino and Hornswaggle. It's those kiddies parents that they need to appeal to, so they can keeping pumping money into the merchandise, and get those christmas presents on WWEShop, etc.

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    Drew McIntyre

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    I think it's Bryan's psychotic gimmick and those who are involved in his storyline like Kane and AJ. Although AJ is getting a little stale in my opinion, imagine if this whole anger management storyline weren't going on. There is nothing really interesting happening with RAW other than that storyline, IMO.

    EDIT: Oh and I really enjoy him getting in a fan's face every Monday and they yell "NO!" "YES!" back and forth.
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    Daniel Bryan/Kane

    I think its clever what WWE are doing. They want him to be a top heel, so they're making him shout no while the crowd chant yes.

    I like the Punk/Cena angle.

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    in all honesty I read the title of this tread and thought to myself if this is anything but a thread for daniel bryan I will take no time to read any of the posts, he is by far the best thing going on in the wwe today... I watched raw and was chatting with two of my friends over facebook... the highlight according to all three of us was the kane/bryan segments. though it should be said we might be bias based on the fact he is from our home state.

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    In all seriousness;
    Bryan's current storyline with AJ and Kane.
    Punk's heel turn and storyline with Cena
    Brock Lesnar and Heyman
    The potential rematch between Rock and Cena/first time meeting of Punk and Rock (I know it's not right now, but The Rock will probably show up before RR anyway)
    Heath Slater (sorry but i find this guy hilarious)
    Ryback - especially now he's coming up against mid carders
    Sin Cara - Hoping he gets used to the WWE style soon and starts going through matches without botching!

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    Seriously the best things/storylines in WWE right now are:

    1) CM Punk/Cena/Lawler storyline
    2) Dolph Ziggler MITB
    3) Sheamus/ADR/Orton storyline
    4) Kane/Daniel Bryan
    5) Tag Division

    The worst thing in WWE right now is:

    1) AJ Lee
    2) Sin Cara
    3) Ryback
    4) Brodus Clay
    5) Rock

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    Get it right folks.

    Best thing in WWE right now:

    1 - NXT
    2 - CMPunk heel turn
    3 - Bryan/Kane
    4 - Sandow
    5 - reemergence of Cody Rhodes is tied with the new viciousness of ADR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snair View Post
    Kane always delivers what WWE expects of him.He's a total company guy.
    I agree man. Kane is the REAL company man (not Cena or anybody else). I'm just saying that the Bryan Abbott bit wouldn't be anything without Kane's Costello. Bryan is able to feed off of Kane and take the promos to the next level.
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    I have no doubt that Cena will beat the Rock at Wrestlemania (or both The Rock & CM Punk), and leave Mania as the WWE champ, so if he faces Bryan, this will be for the title, and Bryan will probably end with the WWE Championship so I'm fine with that.
    If Cena puts over Bryan...I would say, he'll go to new places....

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