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Thread: The Conventions

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    The Conventions

    Okay.... I guess this is mostly for the people here in the USA..... Have any of ya'll been watching the Republican Convention??? If so what do you think so far and will it help sway the vote one way or the other???

    Guess from what I seen, some pretty good speeches, but the GOP seem to mixed and divided....
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    I know I'm from the UK, but I've been keeping up with the convention in the news. It's been fair decent to be honest, then again I may not know as much as you guys in America do, but I still believe that Mitt Romney has nothing on Obama when it comes to charisma.

    Plus his comments about the Olympics didn't help my opinion of him...

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    The problem I find is, I like the Republican Vice Presidential nominees more than I like the Democrat Presidential nominees the last 3 election cycles. This year is no different. If Paul Ryan were running for Pres. I'd vote for him. Right now, I'm an Obama guy if I had a gun to my head.
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