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    Wrestlemania 29 matches as of now

    Now they are deciding to have HHH vs Brock at Wrestlemania. So now it wont likely be The undertaker vs brock so who would face taker. I'm thinking it would be Cena since cena is suppose to loose to the rock at the royal rumble leaving the rock vs cm punk for the tittle.

    The rock vs cm punk- wwe championship
    Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    Leaving The undertaker vs John Cena

    Honestly i think the streak would end if this happens cause i just cant see cena loosing for the third time at wrestlemania and watching him being pinned by the tombstone unless theirs some sort of interference or if this leads to the cena heel turn by beating the streak .

    What do you guys think about wrestlemania now?
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