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    TNA World Championship Austin Aries VS The Leader of Aces & 8s VS The Winner of the Gold Rush Tournament

    TNA World Tag Championships Christopher Daniels & Kazarian VS Two Members of Aces & 8s

    TNA X Division Championship Zema Ion VS Member of Aces & 8s

    TNA T.V Championship Devon VS Member of Aces & 8s

    TNA Knockout's Championship Miss Tessmacher VS Female Member of Aces & 8s VS Madison Rayne

    Jeff Hardy VS Bully Ray

    The Monster Abyss VS Eric EY Young

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    Impact Wrestling has revealed the identity of the debuting superstar on this weeks Impact here is a video of the man behind the name THE NEW HORROR SAMI CALLIHAN

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    Hey man, first off this is my first review of your show, and it is quite good. The show began with Hulk Hogan coming out and calling out Aces and Eights, an average promo but still very effective as it was the stepping stone of what was to come, he introduced the World Champion, Austin Aries, and Aries cut a SOLID promo. This promo served a purpose and it got a lot of things done. For starters it announced tonight's main event, where the leader of Aces and Eights goes one on one with Austin Aries and if he beats him, the leader gets a championship match at Genesis, and with the Gold Rush tournament currently taking place, it's going to end up in a triple threat match. I wouldnt have the leader face Austin Aries flat out, it would ruin the PPV feel however, the match was set to take place, and Aries also noted that all MEMBERS of Aces and Eights would receive title shots at Genesis, I like this concept, very intriguing,and I'm wondering where you go with this.

    Aces and Eights leader agrees to the proposition, and our main event, and quite possibly the future of Genesis would be played out tonight.

    We go to a commercial break, and Mike and Tazz reveal that a NEW HORROR is coming next week on IMPACT, really excited that Sami Callihan was the identity of the superstar, he's a great talent, with great in-ring work, so putting him in feuds right from the get go, will be for a great read, and a great review.Tazz and Mike also point out about "Gut Check" as seen on TV, where a new superstar would try out for a TNA Contract. I'm glad you incorporated this into your show, giving some indy talent a chance to shine in your BTB good stuff!

    Our first match of the night was a Gold Rush match, where Samoa Joe took on The Pope. Solid match by both competitors, the writing looked a little bit sloppy, in other words the ring work must have been sloppy, I needed more details to envision this match in my mind. We all know Samoa would get the win, but I need details, storytelling is key, and quite frankly although The Pope tapped out, I didnt feel that Samoa Joe was a dominant force coming out of this match. Just a basic match with no story. So next time think about that. Nonetheless, Samoa got the win, and moved on.

    We head backstage and Madison Rayne is bragging that she has a victory over the Knockouts Champ, Miss.Tessmacher. Tessmacher comes out, and tells Rayne to meet her in the ring tonight. Good segway to building towards a match leading into tonight, and better yet leading into Genesis. They brawl and security breaks them up, good little tease for the viewers at home for what they're about to see tonight.

    Our next match is "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy taking on Abyss. The match ended in DQ, when Abyss and Jeff Hardy brawl until Bully Ray comes down and attacks Jeff Hardy. Abyss and Bully Ray double team Hardy, until Eric Young comes in for the save, and take them out of the ring. This is another problem with the show. NO DETAIL whatsoever on the match, I want to know move by move from the lockup until Bully Ray hits the strike. Storytelling is key, and you need to understand this. I hope next week at IMPACT you change your ways of writing matches, and talk about pinfalls and what not.

    We head backstage, and Kurt Angle tells Magnus to watch his back. Ideally, I would want a promo here, what exactly did Kurt Angle say? what was Magnus' reaction? What did he say back? A back and fourth communication between the two would have been gold, and you failed to capitalize on that. It's alright, but another average segment that leads to a possible storyline.

    Now here is where we get to the clusterfuck. Madison Rayne takes on Miss Tessmacher, and it says originally that she defeats her by countout. Alright, good little tease heading into Genesis, but during the match writing, you wrote that one of the female Aces and Eights members distracted Tessmacher, and that Madison Rayne rolled her up for the pin. But didnt Rayne win by countout? You gotta stick to the story man, another gripe I had with this show. But moving on...

    Mike and Tazz remind the viewers that Aces and Eights are currently holding all championships in hostage. Good filler, to plug in why there is so much animosity between Aces and Eights and IMPACT Wrestling. Good stuff.

    We head backstage and Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are conversing with Devon and Zema Ion. Now they're conversing on how they plan to send Aces and Eights a message, regarding their abducted titles. Again I wanted exact words and not a summary of what they were saying. Actions are always followed by a reaction, and this would have been nice to have here in this segment regarding the Tag Team Championship,TV Championship, and the X-Divison Championship. Regardless it was a good plug in for what was to come next.

    We head to another commercial break, and following this break,and its another segment between Kurt Angle and Magnus, this time Magnus is on the verbal attack and letting Kurt Angle know if he interferes with his match, it will signal the end of Kurt Angle's career. Good segement, just needed exact words and no summary. Looking forward for where you take this feud.

    Our fourth match of the night was another Gold Rush match where Bobby Roode defeated Mr.Anderson and RVD. One gripe I had with all of these matches was the lack of storytelling. It's a recurring offense, and you're a criminal of it. Aha, all jokes aside, you need to capitalize on this. Match writing is just as fun as promo writing. It's an artform, and you'll master it. But simple words like "he's at the ropes, throws him off the turnbuckle and hits the Northern Lariat" doesn't tell me much. In fact it would tell me thats exactly what happened the entire match the second the bell rung. A useful tip would be to add the time of match, to atleast give the readers an idea of how the long the match was, and that your match writing was just an excerpt

    Mike and Tazz announce that the Semi Final matches are set for the Gold Rush tourney. Samoa Joe will be taking on Magnus, and Bobby Roode will be taking on James Storm. I'm really emotionally invested in both of these matches. Wondering if Kurt Angle will play a part in the Magnus match, and another straight up classic between Roode and Storm. Looking forward to it.

    We head backstage, and Kaz,Daniels,Devon and Ion find a protegy of Aces and Eights, they begin to beat him down to send a message to Aces and Eights. Ideally I'd advise against this, in fact it would be much more better, and it would make Aces and Eights look like a much more formidable faction if Aces and Eights abducted Ion or Devon or Kaz or Daniels, and begin to beat THEM DOWN. Would make them look much more ruthless than they actually are.

    Our main event is up, and its the Leader of Aces and Eights taking on the World Champion, Austin Aries. This match gave me a good idea of what was taking place, even though it was just the end. The ref goes down as usual, Aries goes for the 450, before a female member of Aces and Eights smack him with his belt, it sends Aries crushing to the floor, and the leader demands the ref to count the pin. He does, and the Leader of Aces and Eights gets the victory.


    The show should have ended with either an attack from the Leader towards Austin Aries, or an attack from Austin Aries towards the Leader, and maybe Tessmacher coming in for added support. Other than that NO OTHER SUPERSTAR should have came to that ring. You overused Daniels,Ion,Kaz,and Devon. They were in 3 segments, and this was just too much. I do understand the added importance, but finish your show with your MAIN GUY, not your mid tier superstars. So an Austin Aries attack or beat down would have been much better to close the show.

    Hulk Hogan was featured only ONCE during the show, and that was the opening promo, that's kind of weak, I think he should have had some backstage segments strategizing with Aries, or atleast furthering the storyline between Aces and Eights and IMPACT Wrestling. The main event was poorly advertised, as it was only mentioned once during the entire show. Austin Aries was featured first and last, we could have had a backstage segment of him warming up, or a backstage segment of Aces and Eights strategizing to heighten more interest towards the MAIN EVENT.

    Nonetheless it was an average show, and you could have done MUCH MUCH better. Better match writing, better storytelling, better promos. I think everything in tonight's show could have been much better. So good luck next week on IMPACT, and currently very excited for Genesis, but get me emotionally invested into the show.

    Final Grade: B-
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