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    What if... Matt Morgan...

    Ok so i know i will probably catch some **** for this but i was a little excited for Matt Morgan to come to WWE after the lawsuit with TNA.

    Now that we know he is back with TNA what do you think he would have done with WWE? Would they have given him a huge push right off the bat? My hopes was enforcer in a stable with CM Punk? Maybe they team him up with someone for the tag team division (god knows they need something there). Or does he become a mid-carder jobbing out to the likes of Santino?

    I had high hopes, just wondering what all the other E fans were thinking?

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    I really think he would have done nothing. he would have probably signed a contract with an immediate push, but he would have ended jobber, or like Swagger is actually and since he dropped the WHC. He is better in TNA. I'm not a fan of Morgan, he is boring in the ring IMO, but TNA will probably use him better than WWE would have do. And with all he has done in TNA I only hope for him he signed a contract with a World title reign in it, he deserves it.

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    I believed he would has been used poorly in WWE. I would guest with a big push, then fizzle out like Lord Tensai and Clay. I would have loved to see him in Smackdown to rival Ryback. I think that would have been interesting. The Tag Team division does need help, but I'm not sure he would have been the answer. There is nothing left for him to do in TNA except WHC, and without an intriguing story to go with it, it will be an empty reign. TNA has done great as of late with stories involving WHC (Roode/Storm, Roode/Sting power struggle, Longest champion run in company history) and (Aries X-Division dominance/Under dog WHC, Aces and Eights). Morgan would need a big story to support his run.


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