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    Jason McManus: The following match is a Scramble number one contenders match for the RAGE Ignition Championship! The rules are simple.. After every 5 minutes a new wrestler will come out from behind the curtain, and approach this very ring. The first number one contender will be judged by who scores the first pin. Over the course of the night you will only win that award by being the number 1 contender when the time clock hits zero.

    Bob Daniels: BAH GAWD! This is going to be one hell of a match!

    Bodom: I usually only like my Eggs scrambled, but this match might be enough to quench my hunger for more!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Tonight all of the participants are in for a real treat! All of them will go head-to-head for a number 1 contender spot for the coveted RAGE Ignition Championship.

    Bob Daniels: Yes, indeed! There is quite a long history behind this Championship! You could only imagine how hard these guys will all fight to have their names included on that list.

    Bodom: You two are like a walking and talking Encyclopedia! You are like the intelligent versions of Bill and Ted from "Bill and Ted's most excellent adventure". No words can truly des- *Cut off by music*


    *Matt Elder comes out on to the stage as the fans acknowledge him by giving him a loud reaction. Matt Elder struts to the ring like a boss with something to prove. Upon approaching the ring he rolls into it and immediately begins to anticipate the second entrant of the night. 5 minutes pass and the second entrants theme hits.*

    Bodom: He is waiting for his chance to kick some heads in! MATT ELDER! MATT ELDER! MATT ELDER!

    Pierce Kingmaker and Bob Daniels: *Stares*

    Bodom: WHAT?! I just love this guy. He is like the Bonnie to my Clyde.


    *Reiko comes out to the delight of the crowd. He races to the ring and immediately gets into Matt Elder's face. Before the bell can even ring Matt Elder pushes Reiko hard into his chest, but before anything could get further out of the hand the Referee for the match quickly intervenes and backs both men back into their corners, and then orders for the bell to be rung.*

    Bob Daniels: This Reiko guy is a mystery!

    Pierce Kingmaker: That has to be the shortest introduction in this match by far.

    Bodom: Maybe he is just out here to kick some ass? It is not the length of the introduction that helps you perform better in the ring. It is all about how you use it... ya know... The moves in his arsenal!

    Pierce Kingmaker: You know Bodom.. I really worry about you sometimes.

    *Reiko and Elder measure eachother up and down before meeting in the center of the ring to lock hands. The two men quickly grasp their hands tightly together as a test of strength goes under way. While the two appear to be evenly matched Elder knees Reiko in the chest several times before Reiko lets go. Elder follows this opening up with a European uppercut to the jaw of Reiko which sends him stumbling backwards.*

    Bodom: Oh damn! What a twisted uppercut that was.

    Bob Daniels: That's for sure! Reiko was sent stumbling backwards from the sheer blunt force of Elder's knuckles.

    Pierce Kingmaker: This is not looking too good for Reiko!

    Bodom: Stop being such a negative Nancy, Chris!

    *Upon causing Reiko to stumble backwards, Elder thrusts his massive brute force forward and seemingly tackles Reiko. However, Elder holds on to Reiko and seems to elevate him up into the air before bringing him back down on to the mat hard with what many would call a devastating spinebuster.*

    All of them: OHHH!

    Bodom: What a spinebuster!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Matt Elder is just ravaging Reiko.. Oh look! The clock is at 5... 4...3...2..1...

    Bob Daniels: Who is it going to be?!??!?!

    Bodom: Muthafuckin' Kyojin!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Ohohohoh! Things are really picking up here tonight with these three phenomenal talents going against eachother right here tonight.


    *Kyojin wastes no time and jolts straight to the ring. Elder, who was previously staring at the knocked down Reiko, was met by Kyojin with an almost instant fury of fists. Kyojin and Elder begin trading punches like two fat kids fighting over the last pudding cup on a hot Summers day.*


    Bodom: They are going crazy!

    *Before the other commentators could even chime in Reiko is on his feet and tackles Elder and Kyojin to the ground. Both Elder and Kyojin roll over in pain as Reiko celebrates this accomplishment with a taunt that ends up radiating a response from the crowd.*

    Bob Daniels: Reiko is taking advantage here. He knows that he needs to keep one of them down long enough to secure the number one contenders spot!

    Pierce Kingmaker: He most certainly does! Look at that man go!

    *Reiko ascends to the top rope and leaps off of it with a double moonsault. He connects with Elder. The crowd gasps and before Reiko could even hook the leg Kyojin wisely rises to his feet and kicks Reiko in the face, knocking him over. Kyojin then takes over and pins Elder for the...*





    Bodom: Kyojin is the first contender here. He now has a target on his head and he must survive without being pinned until' the time on the clock runs out.

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    Pierce Kingmaker: Kyojin must be very proud of himself for kicking Reiko in the face after it was Reiko who weakened and flattened Matt Elder.

    Bob Daniels: I have a strong feeling that Elder and Reiko will recover this moment sometime later on in the match.

    Clock starts for next entrant:






    Bodom: Darren Bull!

    Pierce Kingmaker: He is here! He is here!


    *Darren races down to the ring*

    Bodom: There are now four men inside of this ring.

    Bob Daniels: Stating the obvious as always Bodom!

    *Kyojin is standing tall as Darren enters the ring. Kyojin immediately gets the upper hand in the fist fight which leaves Darren leaning against the ropes. Before Kyojin could even do anymore damage to Darren - he is surprised by a slowly recovering Elder who gets a roll up on Kyojin.*


    *Kyojin kicks out but there is no time to rest. Darren Bull recovers and stomps down heavily on Kyojin's head and neck. Elder stands up and bashes his forearm into Darren, but before Elder could even get a move in Reiko is back on his feet as well and executes a vicious sleeper hold. Elder backs away and seems to be losing control for a little bit, but Elder eventually counters with a judo throw that sends Reiko over his head and on to the mat.*

    Bodom: WHAT A MATCH!

    Pierce Kingmaker: You have no idea!

    *Despite being briefly assaulted by Matt Elder, Darren continues his fury of stomps upon Kyojins head and neck. After awhile of doing this Kyojin finally has enough of it and grabs Darren by the leg and twists it. Darren topples over, and Kyojin then adds more force to the awkward ankle lock he has now freshly applied on to Darren.

    Darren is screaming out and biting his lip as he endures the painful submission move. After keeping the hold in tight for 5 minutes he finally lets go and turns his attention to Reiko and Elder. Kyojin goes to attack Elder, but is side blinded by a drop kick from Reiko. Elder sees that Kyojin is down and immediately goes for the pin. However, Reiko delivers a bulldog on Elder and then covers Kyojin for the pin.*




    *Oh no! Kyojin reversed. After reversing the maneuver and flops Reiko over where he begins to dominate Reiko with some punches to the face. While this is happening the crowd starts to count down the clock. Kyojin would freeze only momentarily to look at the clock when it hit the 7 mark.*









    Bob Daniels: Oh my gawd! Malcolm Cage is on his way out to the ring.

    Bodom: He is in the right position to take over here tonight. He is officially the most rested person in this match.

    *Malcolm Cage slowly approached the ring. Kyojin stands up over the flattened out Reiko. Malcolm rolls in the ring.
    Malcolm is met by Kyojin's foot, but Malcolm retaliates by shoving Kyojin backwards. Kyojin trips over Reiko. Malcolm gathers himself to his feet and holds on to the ropes. Reiko begins to slowly rise to his knees, same with Kyojin. With Reiko still on his knees and Kyojin being completely on his feet again, Cage runs and jumps off of Reiko's back and performs a cross body on Kyojin that sends both of them to the ground. Upon crashing to the ground Malcolm hooks the leg for a pin.*



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    Pierce Kingmaker: YESS!!!


    *Malcolm jumps to his feet and does a mid-match celebration. This turns sour for him just as quickly as Darren Bull comes out of nowhere and drop kicks Malcolm in the back. Malcolm stumbles a few inches forward but is not knocked down by it. He quickly twirls around and knees Darren in the gut. He then slaps his arm over his shoulder and performs a T-bone suplex. The crowd gasps upon impact.*

    Bodom: That was brutal!

    Bob Daniels: Sure was.. Cage might have this one in the bag!

    *While Malcolm is distracted, Matt Elder rises to his feet in the background and comes up behind Malcolm, slinking his arms around his waste. He delivers a nasty german suplex which he immediately follows up with a pin by lifting the leg of Malcolm*





    *Matt Elder is all smiles as he gazed over at the clock. Only 10 minutes remain before all of this is over. Darren has returned to his former composure and begins wailing on Elder with a wild fury of lefts and rights. This causes Elder to back up into a corner, throwing his hands up to defend himself against Darren's fists.*

    Bob Daniels: Oh man! Oh man!

    Bodom: Get on top of this Elder.. You can do this..

    Pierce Kingmaker: WOW! The two men are ascending the turn buckle. This might get nasty!

    *Elder and Darren ascend the turn buckle while still trading shots at eachother. Reiko makes it back up to his feet and runs over to the ring post where Elder and Darren are located at. He ascends the turn buckle as well and wraps his arm around Elders neck. Kyojin seeks the opportunity of a life time and also goes over to the turn buckle. He grabs Darren by the legs and sends all of the other participants flying over his head and smacking the mat. Elder and Reiko taking the most damaging blows from this and appear to be knocked out.*

    Bob Daniels: What a move! All of them are down! What the hell just happened?! Somebody needs to get EMT's out here to check on Elder and Reiko.

    Pierce Kingmaker: I agree with you Bob! I do not think either individual can move. Do you think that Kyojin and Darren and...WAIT A SECOND! Malcolm is on his feet!

    Bodom: That is because Malcolm played it smart and did not go over to the turn buckle with the other guys.

    *Malcolm goes for the pin again, but Kyojin wisely builds up enough energy to break the pin. Malcolm is angered by this and tries to grab Kyojin. Kyojin senses that Darren is coming up behind him to deliver a super kick, but Kyojin ducks and strikes Malcolm in the face. Malcolm falls over and seems out of it. Kyojin then delivers a chop to Darren's chest before tossing him out of the ring. He walks over to Elder and pins him.*





    *The clock begins to count down to zero*









    *Kyojin jumps to his feet and runs around the ring. The crowd is going crazy as Kyojin takes in the win he just received. The fans are all on their feet giving all over the participants in this match a standing ovation.*

    Bodom: It was a crazy match, but Kyojin pulled out the victory here.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Oh yes he did.. Kyojin will be telling his kids about this match when he gets older.

    Bob Daniels: This one will most certainly go down in the books as an instant classic. Kyojin deserves this victory!

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    Daniels: Up next is a triple threat match for the number contender to the Inferno Ignition Championship

    Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match. Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, Artemis Eclipse!

    Daniels: I will tell you now, this man does not deserve to be number one contender.

    Kingmaker: Why do you say that?

    Daniels: He has no heart, these two guys wanted to challenge him and he attacked both men from behind.

    Kingmaker: It is survival of the fittest here Bob, he is just trying to survive.

    Morgan: And his opponent, from The Land Down Under, Dingo Mac

    Daniels: Mac is a man who will fight anyone and he wanted to prove that two weeks ago when he tried to answer Artemis' Challenge.

    Kingmaker: He wanted a fight and that is the only reason he is in this match, to fight.

    Morgan: And their challenger, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams

    Daniels: Another man who deserves the Number one contender spot. DJ has been fighting day in and day out.

    Kingmaker: He doesn't need this, he's got the briefcase. He is just going to slow Artemis down

    (Seamus- Artemis, Christian-Dingo, Henry-DJ) stop at 10:22

    Kingmaker: Artemis is running away with this right now. Go baby Go!

    Daniels: It isn't over until it's over Pierce.

    *Artemis stomps down on Dingo Mac, he then picks Dingo up, dingo pokes him in the eyes and grabs Artemis and hits a Koalahug on him. Artemis is in the middle of the ring screaming in agony by the death grip by Dingo. DJ is back in the ring and hit Dingo in the back of the head to break up the submission. Artemis rolls out of the ring as DJ begins to stomp feet into the face and sternum of Dingo mac. DJ lets Dingo up as he runs off the ropes and hits a spinning leg kick. he goes to cover.*




    *DJ gets back up and catches his breath. He goes to grab Dingo who rolls DJ up for a pin*




    *DJ kicks out, but is taken down before he can fully stand back up. Dingo is now on the offense as he goes after DJ. He throws DJ off the ropes and connects with a spine buster. he looks at the downed DJ and taunts an Emu drop. Dingo starts taking of the ropes, as he goes to bounce off the one side, Artemis meets him and kicks him in the gut. He follows up, by drilling Dingo with a Rubix Cube!*




    *Dingo Mac is eliminated! Artemis turns his attention to the still downed. Artemis climbs to the top rope and waits for Dj to get up. Once up, Artemis goes for the Dragon Rana, but DJ catches him and adjust him for a respect females. He covers*




    *Artemis Barely kicks out, DJ slams the mat in anger, he gets up to climb to the top rope. He gets to the top but Artemis is right behind him and sweeps his legs out from underneath him. Artemis picks DJ up from the top rope and hits a Rubix Cube and goes for the cover*




    Morgan: Here is your winner, Artemis Eclipse


    Daniels: Shut it Pierce, a hard fought battle from each man but it was indeed Artemis at the end who got the upper hand. He now is in line for an ignition championship match.

    Kingmaker: Next stop, Ignition Champion

    Daniels: Just shut it Pierce

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    Backstage and Cowboy Bill Buxley stands by to interview one of EWNCWs top stars, Arthur Lansdale.

    Cowboy Bill Buxley: Welcome, A. Lansdale, mind if I call you A. Lansdale? 'Course you do! How are you feeling heading into your match tonight against Mike Hawk?

    Lansdale: Truth be told i've never been called "A" before, but fine.. to sum it up, i'm feeling confident. This is the calm before the storm, a time for reflection and quiet contemplation, the talking is all but over now. Two men will walk into that ring, one will walk out, the other.. well that depends on how far Mike Hawk is willing to push me. This match will not right any wrongs I may have committed, but it will serve as a launch pad from where I might begin to reclaim a little of my lost honour. It seems fitting that that this journey truly begins by erasing one of my biggest mistakes.

    CBB: Wow, you seem confident! How would you rate his progression since that one time alliance you two forged?

    Lansdale: Mike Hawk is a twisted shadow of the man I corrupted.. molded into this poor misguided and deluded wreck of existence. When I look at him I see a man deprived of the leadership he craved when I toom him under my wing, he's a lost dog without a master, still holding close to his heart the old lessons that have served him well enough thus far. But tonight those very lessons become his down fall, I know his mind and I know his capabilities, once a weak reprobate.. always a weak reprobate. I won't deny he has a few more tricks up his sleeve, but they're all derived from the same place.. the mind of Arthur Lansdale.

    CBB: He says he can, and will, beat you - do you think, under your new leaf, that you can defeat someone who you helped create?

    Lansdale: I probably know him better than most, I know his strengths and weaknesses. He may claim to know mine and that may well be true, but the fact is this.. he knew me at a time when I was at my worst, nowhere near my best. Some may see my new start as a means to shackle myself, to close doors that were once open but I disagree. True strength comes from the refusal to use any means to gain victory, honour is strength, deception is weakness. If I am destined to lose tonight then so be it, but I will do so knowing that I did not sell my soul in the pursuit of a hollow victory. I can defeat Hawk, this is not up for debate, it is fact, set in stone, Hawk knows this, I know this, and before the end the whole world will know it.

    CBB: What is next for you after this match? Win, Lose, or Draw?

    Lansdale: This match will not end in a tie, I guarantee you that. It doesn't end until one of us is wracked with pain in the middle of this ring, unable to continue and unable to fight. Neither of us will be satisfied with anything less. If I win, then we move onto Inferno better and stronger for the experience, a new challenge will be sought and found, it may just be about time for Arthur Lansdale to capture his first title here in EWNCW.. and I pray for his sake that King Strem isn't still in possession of one when I come looking. And if I lose? I don't plan on losing, Bill.

    CBB: Do you have anything you want to add?

    Lansdale: The time for talking is done, now is the time for Hawk and I to practice what we preach and find out once and for all who really is the better warrior. To the victor the spoils, to the loser a reality check, one way or another tonight we find out what the future holds for EWNCW.

    Lansdale pats Buxley on the back and walks off screen as Bill looks on, the camera fades back to the arena.

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    Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a....

    Lily stops mid sentence as she listens into her headset before continuing.

    Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentleman, there's been a change and due to the tie in the EWNCW Threat of the Net polls, Inferno GM Nathan Staples has declared this will now be a very first Tuxedo/Tables, Ladders and Chairs where to be eligible to climb the the ladder you must first remove your opponents Tuxedo and the only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the contract that guarantees the winning team the #1 contendership to the EWNCW Tag Team Championships!!!!

    Introducing first from Hiroshima, Japan, "The Noble Warrior"....Kyojin and from Los Angeles, California, he is "The Sexual Sensation" Malcolm Adonis! They are.......Hot Wasaaabbbbbiiiii!!!!!!

    Adonis comes out first in a stylish white pant/shirt and jacket tuxedo with a red bow tie clearly honoring his partner's japanese heritage while Kyojin steps out in a dark gray (almost black) tuxedo with a purple bow tie to which Adonis looks on and says: I approve! delivering a Naruto thumbs up leading to the abysmal head shaking of Kyojin before they head to the ring and see the many tables, chairs and ladders they can use against Jesting Madness.

    Daniels: The young and talented combination of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin, they've been on the rise since their and with this win they could be next in line to face the champs and become the next EWNCW Tag Team Champions

    Kingmaker: That they could, though Jesting Madness have been champions before and hunger to champions again and they may the chance to be one step closer to that goal with a win tonight.

    Bodom: You know they will. Jesting is gonna be amazing but I expect nothing less from Hot Wasabi.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents, from Toledo, Ohio, William Carlin and from the Arkham Asylum....Grind Bastard....they are The Jesting Madness!!!!

    Carlin appears in a classic black and white tuxedo though he is seen fidgeting a bit in it. One can assume its because th fabric is hurting his skin after The Gates of HEll Match he had earlier that night before he is joined by Grind Bastard, who is wearing a red tuxedo with a black shirt and tie before they head to the ring analyzing the different ways to use the Tables, Ladders and chairs to their advantage and win the #1 contendership for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships.

    Daniels:This is it folks. In the very first ever Tuxedo/TLC, two teams battle it out to decide who will challenge the champs or the gold come Raging Inferno.

    Kingmaker: Raging Inferno is already an intense PPV seeing either Jesting Madness or Hot Wasabi have a shot at the champs is gonna be insane.

    Bodom:Hell yeah. Now let's get this underway.

    Jesting Madness (Jerishow; Carlin (Jericho) and Grind Bastard (Big Show)) vs Hot Wasabi (D-X; Adonis (HHH) and Kyojin (HBK)) (Titles are contract)

    Very important you view the match and stop at the designated intervals as they are in order to the action in the match; Don't just read the finish otherwise this match won't make sense (TRUST ME!!!); Read below in order according to the intervals, please

    Start at 4:25; 10:09 (1st Tuxedo Removal) resume at 10:18; 13:06 (2nd Tuxedo Removal) resume at 13:19; 14:55 (3rd Tuxedo Removal) resume at 15:03; 17:58 (Final Tuxedo Removal) resume at 18:19; All participants are now eligible to climb the ladder; Stop at 21:54

    Grind takes a fallen Kyojin off the huge headbutt and with force removes not only the jacket but the dress shirt and leaves Kyojin half undressed, before reaching over to the fallen nearby and smacking it across the back of Kyo, leaving weakened enough to finish the job of undressing Kyojin down to just his shoes and custom made Hot Wasabi boxers. The crowd cannot help but laugh at the sight of Kyojin practically naked before Grind Bastard check on and signals to Carlin that he can now climb the ladder. Grind leads the way with Carlin not far behind as they head to the ring.

    Daniels: Now Grind, can climb the ladder is he chooses to.

    Bodom: With his height advantage he may the one thing Jesting Madness need to win tonight.


    Now with Grind hurting on the outside and Carlin having taken the damage off the Ladder Suplex, Hot Wasabi gave him not moments ago it's Adonis who grabs hold of Carlin and takes off the tuxedo Carlin is wearing with ease like an expert clothing (mostly female clothing) removal expert can revealing Carlin's old and fresh Gates of Hell scars along with some I ? Gates of Hell underwear, Carlin now sports making Adonis eligible to climb. After pushing Carlin out of the ring, Hot Wasabi work together to set up the ladder to climb.

    Kingmaker: Fantastic teamwork from Hot Wasabi and now Adonis can be the man to lead Hot Wasabi to victory.

    Bodom: Please, that muscle head will be the death of Hot Wasabi.

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    Carlin now exact revenge on Adonis by having Grind hold him down and removing his tuxedo to reveal Adonis is wearing a Japanese flag inspired undergarment with slutty japanese high school girls all around it. Carlin simply shakes his head before having Grind lift Adonis and he lifts the ladder to use as a weapon. Carlin is now eligible to climb the ladder.

    Daniels: Now The Jesting Madness look to hurt Adonis before either man climbs to reach the contract.

    Kingmaker: That might be a good idea to ensure victory for them.


    Kyojin off the elbow to Grind Bastard and the crowd goes wild chanting Hot Wasabi!!! To which Kyojin yells: WE ARE NOT - Oh, who am I kidding? HOT WASABI, BITCHES!!! Kyojin now returns the favor of ripping the tux of Grind Bastard to reveal some very interesting Twittah Machine boxers! and now all men are eligible to climb the ladder. Kyojin poses for the fans but gets tossed out of the ring onto a table by Carlin before Adonis plants him with a Spinebuster.

    Daniels: Adonis avenging his partner being put through a table by almost Carlin through the irng with that Spinebuster, what power he has.

    Kingmaker: He's ertainly not to be underestimated.

    Bodom: Neither are The Jesting Madness. Remember that.

    After 21:54

    Daniels: What a powerbomb from Adonis!

    Kingmaker: Carlin's back must be pulsating from the pain of not only this match but The Gates of Hell earlier on. How is he still in this?

    Bodom: He's just that damn good. As long a Carlin stands Jesting Madness has a chance.

    Adonis now sees a chance to begin to climb the ladder and does so to the roar of the crowd, he's about halfway to the contract when Grind Bastard comes in with a steel chair and wacks Adonis clear across the back with it, forcing Adonis to drop holding his back in pain before Grind drops the chair in place and grabs Adonis by the throat and attempts a Chokeslam but Adonis escapes the grasp of Grind before going for a low dropkick to Grind's right knee that forces the big man to kneel before Adonis plants him hard into the steel chair Grind laid in the ring moments ago. Kyojin recovers from the damage received after being tossed through a table a little earlier and enters the ring looking at the scene of both members of Jesting Madness down and out.

    He looks at Adonis and how he's handled himself with him out of commission for a bit and congratulates him before stating that he's got it from here and puts his foot on the ladder to climb. Adonis however stops Kyojin and pushes him down before stating he is the one who has this and goes to climb the ladder himself.This leads to an argument between Adonis and Kyojin that leaves them unaware Carlin is recovering nearby.

    Daniels: This bickering between Hot Wasabi may lead to Carlin doing something that could turn the tide in Jesting Madness' favor

    Bodom: Let's see if he does.

    Carlin is now fully on his feet and begins to laugh at the bickering between Adonis and Kyojin, which leads to both turning to face Kyojin and yell in unison: WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?, they turn to each other seeing how in sync they are before nodding and take down Carlin with a double clothesline before the crowd chants Hot Wasabi and the two men now decide to reach for the contract together. They begin to climb and reach the top reaching for and barely touching the contract when they are sent crashing down by a recovered Grind Bastard.

    Daniels: The giant has ensured neither memeber of Hot Wasabi grab the contract and is now the only man standing in the ring, so he has to capitalize and go for the contract now!

    Kingmaker: It's now or never?

    Bodom: Isn't there some pipsqueak out there something who says that? What's his...Cancer Yellow?...hold on I'll get it! Sagittarius Blue! Whew that was was gonna drive me crazy but enough of that now let's see Jesting Madness win.

    Grind Bastard now picks up the fallen ladder and sets it up for him to climb, he does so with caution knowing the ladder may not handle his weight and makes about 3/4 of the way to the top before Kyojin, who recovered from the fall begins to climb the opposite ladder and reaches Grind Bastard on top of the ladder in doing so the two men reach for the contract and have their hand on it. The crowd buzzing as they now Kyojin and Grind Bastard trade blows on top of the ladder before surprisingly Grind is overtaken by Kyojin releasing the contract and Grind falls flat on his back, leaving Kyojin free to grab the contract but the crowd erupts as they see Kyojin perch up the very edge of the ladder and lands The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) onto Grind.

    Kingmaker: Holy....! Wow! Kyojin risking body and limb off the the ladder with The Rising Sun.

    Bodom: He's a fool, now Carlin has to get up and win this, he has to!

    Kyojin and Grind are down as their partners have now recovered and begin to climb the ladder themselves reaching the top and decide not to reach for the contract an isntead are clubbing one another with vicious shots, Adonis fading away as Carlin hits him hard and goes for one more, which Adonis sees coming and evades before grabbing the back of Carlin's head and hitting it on the ladder a few times, leaving Carlin dazed so Adonis kisses his bicep and plants an elbow on the hed of Carlin. Carlin falls and Adonis reaches for and grabs the contract.

    Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen here are your winners and now #1 contenders to the EWNCW Tah Team Championships.....HOT WASSSAAAABBBBBIIIIIII!!!!!

    Adonis now climbs down the ladder and helps his partner to his feet and shows him the contract. They celebrate and pose for the fans while Jesting Madness head to the back. Kyojin and Adonis embrace in the ring before Kyojin yells out: HOT WASABI!!!! Adonis shaking his head now, laughing in the process before they exit the ring and had to the back.

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    Kingmaker: The return of Arthur Lansdale, has brought about some interesting changes concerning him. For a month, we saw Lansdale getting berated by his father for his actions in EWNCW before he left. When he returned, he laid down a challenge for Threat of the Net. An open challenge, anyone in the back.

    Daniels: And quickly it was answered by a man that Lansdale has a lot of history with. Mike Hawk. Once allies, over the past month, they have become bitter enemies. Mike Hawk thinks that Arthur Lansdale has become weak with his supposed change of heart. Lansdale thinks differently, and tonight we will see who is correct and who is left staring up at the lights.

    Bodom: Staring up at the lights? Have you all forgotten what Lansdale is capable of? This change of heart is a farce, and Mike Hawk is going to prove it tonight, or break Lansdale in the process. Both men have promised to hurt the other, to prove their point, I doubt either of them will be staring up at the lights. Either Lansdale shows that he is really just the same guy who would end your career, just as soon as shake your hand, or Mike Hawk shows him just how dangerous he is, and puts Lansdale on the shelf.

    Daniels: We’ll have to find out here next!

    Bodom: Mark my words! Lansdale is a liar.

    Morgan: Introducing first, from Manchester, England - Arthur Lansdale!

    *The crowd cheers and boos, unable to decide whether or not Lansdale is the man to cheer for. He slaps hands with some of the fans as he makes his way into the ring. He looks around at the crowd giving him a mixed reaction and then gets focused.*

    Morgan: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan - Mr. Mayhem - MIKE HAWK!

    *Mike Hawk comes out and looks directly at Lansdale. He marches down towards the ring, and slides in - slapping Lansdale immediately. Lansdale grabs his cheek, but the referee keeps them apart. Mike Hawk laughs as the crowd boos him.*

    Kingmaker: This is going to be brutal.

    Lansdale(Punk) vs Mike(Bryan)

    (Stop at 10:15)

    *Mike Hawk slides into a headlock, wrenching back on the head of Arthur Lansdale from the ground. Arthur starts to fight out of it, but Mike holds on. Lansdale is eventually able to make it to his feet. His hands grab Mike Hawk, and lift him - presumably for a back suplex, but Hawk leaps and flips backwards! He attempts a clothesline, but Lansdale ducks it and catches him on the rebound with a big back kick to the gut. He grabs Mike’s arm and slings it over his neck, and adjusts, moving so his back is facing one of the turnbuckles. In an instant, he lifts and hits Mike Hawk with a brutal looking Fisherman’s suplex onto the second turnbuckle. Lansdale pulls Mike Hawk away from the corner, and goes for a pin, shooting the half. Mike Hawk kicks out at two, and Lansdale immediately transitions into a headlock. He pulls Mike Hawk to his feet and out to the middle of the ring, keeping him away from the ropes. Mike Hawk lifts Lansdale, but can’t hold him up long, as eh is forced to drop him back down. He then tries to forces Lansdale off him, by pushing him towards the ropes, but Lansdale drags him down by sliding to a knee. The referee asks if Mike wants to give up, but the Aerial Predator refuses. He lifts Lansdale up, and drops him on his back.*

    Bodom: Mike Hawk was smart there. Getting out of that hold that way was especially effective!

    Daniels: Yes it was, but it may have taken more out of Mike Hawk than he would have liked. He managed to escape the move, but at what cost?

    *Mike Hawk takes the first lead, throwing a vicious martial arts kick towards Lansdale’s left leg, but Lansdale blocks it, and comes back with a strike from his right hand. Mike blocks it and shoots one of his own off, landing the strike on Lansdale’s cheek. Lansdale stumbles for a second, but fires one back and the exchange ensues under rapid fire pace. Lansdale begins getting the better of Hawk, but Hawk ducks under a would be right hand, and lands a quick kick squarely in the gut of Lansdale. Lansdale doubles over, and then catches another kick right on the bridge of the nose! Lansdale falls over and blood can be seen pouring from the head of Lansdale. Hawk goes for the pin, but Lansdale manages to kick out at two. Mike wastes little time in going towards the ropes, and spring boarding off them for a leg drop. He for another pin.*



    Kingmaker: And Lansdale kicks out again! I don’t know how he did it, that kick he took to the face was absolutely brutal.

    *Mike Hawk picks him up, and starts driving knees into the man’s chest with tremendous force, until one of them is caught. Lansdale quickly grabs the other leg and picks Mike up, dumping him over for a Rugby Tackle! Both men are down, but Lansdale is on his hands and knees, and Mike is rolling over on his stomach to try and get up. Lansdale shakes his head, and grabs Mike Hawk, dead lifting him into the air and hitting him with a German Suplex. He bridges over into the pin, but Hawk kicks out at the count of 2 and a half. The crowd boos loudly, and start getting more and more behind Lansdale as the match continues. Lansdale runs his hands down his face and breaths heavily as he sees the blood coating his hand. He drags Mike Hawk to his feet and throws him against the turnbuckle. He gets up close and begins throwing Short Arm Closed Fist Strikes in the corner. One after the other, right into the stomach of Mike Hawk. The referee pulls Lansdale off, and for a moment, Lansdale backs up, but soon attempts to get back at Mike. His opponent pushes him off, and then goes for a big desperation superkick! Lansdale ducks under it, but the referee isn’t so lucky. Having been trying to keep Lansdale off Mike Hawk, he was in the line of fire. The referee is out cold. Mike quickly turns around and blasts Lansdale with a super kick out of nowhere.*

    Daniels: The referee is down! The referee is down!

    *Mike Hawk grabs Lansdale and turns him around, going for, and nailing, the Mayhem Driver - a Chaos Theory Suplex. He goes for the pin and for the longest time, he hears nothing. He remembers then that the referee is out! He rolls out of the ring and goes to the timekeeper area. He pushes one of the ringside attendants off his steel chair and then takes it, getting back in the ring. He sets it up on Lansdale’s chest, and pulls Lansdale’s arms into the air. He looks at the crowd, and then down at the bleeding Lansdale! “YOU ARE A DEFEATED MAN!” He begins stomping outrageously on the steel chair, driving it into Lansdale’s chest with each thunderous blow. He stops, and grabs the chair, throwing it out of the ring. He scales the top rope, and looks to hit the Phoenix Splash on the downed Lansdale. All of a sudden, a figure scales the ropes and pushes Mike off. Mike lands hard on his back, while the figure slips between the ropes and removes his hood.*


    Daniels: How are you just going to out and out accuse Lansdale? Don’t you remember? Hawk cost Lansdale his shot at the title a bit ago! This is just revenge!

    Bodom: All too damn convenient. Lansdale comes in and wants to turn over a new leaf, and then this happens? I don’t fucking buy it!

    Kingmaker: Let’s get back to the action!

    *Eddie picks Mike Hawk up, and shows him off to the crowd. He makes the slashing motion at his throat, and then lifts Mike Hawk, drilling him with the Most Dangerous Move in the World - the Omega Driver! Mike Hawk is out! Hawk is out! Eddie grabs Lansdale, and lays him on his back. He pulls Mike Hawk over him, and drapes Lansdale’s arm around, and over the neck of Hawk. He then goes to shake the referee too. Lansdale slowly regains consciousness as the referee wakes up. Almost out of instinct, he locks in the Lansdale Lockdown! Unaware of what went on, the referee goes to check on Mike Hawk - who, instead of tapping out, seems to be passed out. The referee, groggily, calls for the bell. Eddie is on the other side of the barricade, hiding as the bell rings.*

    Morgan: and the winner, as a result of submission - Arthur…. Lansdale!

    *The crowd cheers loudly as Arthur gets to his feet. He sees Eddie in the crowd, winking at him. He goes tot ell the referee to change the decision, pointing towards Eddie. As the referee looks over there, he doesn’t see Eddie, and thus, doesn’t change the result of the match. Lansdale has his hand raised in victory.*

    Daniels: What a excellent match up, and a great win for Arthur Lansdale on his return to PPV form. The question remains though - did Eddie simply come back for revenge, or was this all a set up from the beginning?

    Bodom: It was a god damn set up!

    Kingmaker: This is something Staples is going to have to deal with come Inferno. Right now, what we need, is to continue on with the event!

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    Bodom: We have one hell of a match set up for you guys next.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Do you know something that we are not aware of, Bodom?

    Bodom: It is just a gut feeling! Trust me.. I am never wrong about these sorta thing.

    Bob Daniels: We will just have to see about that! Jason McManus is climbing into the ring right now.



    *The Blue flash comes out to a loud reaction. He strolls down to the ring and rolls into from beneath the ropes. Upon standing up on his own two feet he stared back up at the entrance area for his opponent to come out.*

    Bob Daniels: The Blue Flash is ready for his match to start already.

    Pierce Kingmaker: He has confidence that this match will probably play out in his favor.

    Bodom: You are too optimistic Chris!


    *Van comes out with a very cool approach. Walking to the ring he glared over at blue Flash before climbing into it without even being phased by the Blue Flashes presence inside of the ring, dropping the championship off to one of the officials near by.*

    Bob Daniels: Now here is a man who will get the job done.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Are you so sure?

    Bodom: Knowing Bob is being serious! Van is a champion and he did not get that championship by sitting around on his ass and letting people pin him.

    *The Ref backs both men away to their respective corners. After awhile when they appear to be ready the referee calls for the bell and then the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Van takes over early with a suplex. Upon hitting the mat, Blue Flash arches his back and the crowd lets out a loud deafening 'OHHH!'.*

    Bodom: What a suplex that was!

    Pierce Kingmaker: That was perfectly executed.

    Bodom: For once I actually agree with you, Chris. Somebody take a picture!

    Bob Daniels: *Pulls out a camera and takes a picture*

    *After their brief tango in the center of the ring, Van bounces Flash off of the ropes. On his way back around he prepares to clothesline Flash, but just as Flash approached Van he ends up leaping into the air, wrapping his legs around the neck of Van before sending him into a twirl due to a vicious huricanrana which causes a few fans to jump out of their seats in complete enjoyment.*

    Bodom: Oh damn! What a move. Flash got 'em with that one.

    Bob Daniels: Van needs to recover because at this point it seems like Van has the advantage here.

    *Van recovers, and eventually walks over to Flash. Flash delivers a round house kick to Van's head which sends him to the mat. Van lays down and covers Flash for the pin but, before a pin could even be met, Van kicks out and rolls away to regain his composure. Flash can be seen make humorous nods of his head in response to this.*

    Bodom: Crazy!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Flash has Van where he wants him.

    *Flash charges Van but walks straight into a clothesline. Being slightly out of it Van grabs flash and sets him up for a powerbomb. Flash appears to be out after his head snapped off of the mat. Van pins Flash as the fans watch on with excitement for the sport just bleeding out of their eyes.*





    *Van pops up and picks Flash up with him. Flash counters and delivers an enziguri. Van is staggered a good deal, but doesn’t fall. That sends Flash quickly to the top rope where he sets his feet, jumps with his back to Van, flips vertically and connects with a picture perfect Moonsault.*

    Bob Daniels: What a move! And there’s a bridge into a pin attempt!




    Bodom: Wow! Van powers out.

    *He does, but Flash is still in control. Van gets to a knee and Flash uses that as an opportunity to bounce off the ropes and try for a baseball slide to The Vanity’s chest. Van, though, catches Flash’s legs and bridges that into a pin.*




    *Flash reverses it into a cradle attempt of his own.*




    *No! Van pops out of it and rolls quickly to his feet. Flash is up too and the fans pop their combined efforts in this title matchup. Van, though, ruins the moment with a right cross to Flash’s face. Flash responds with a stinging left jab of his own and, from there, a momentary boxing match breaks out.*











    *In control now, Flash snaps off a lightning quick DDT that sends Van through a loop. Instead of going for the cover, though, Flash heads out to the apron and, with that crazy athletic ability of his, looks for a springboard elbow drop. At the last second, Van rolls out of the way and pops to his feet, confident as he’s been all match. The champ takes a moment to gather himself before dragging Flash to his feet and looking for the….*

    Bodom: Vanhammer!

    Bob Daniels: No! Flash slips out the back door and lands on his feet!

    Pierce Kingmaker: He spins Van around! Blue Moon Knee! Blue Moon Knee! Cover!





    *Flash gets up and celebrates as the crowd pops. The noise in the building only gets louder when the audience, along with the challenger, all realize at once that The Vanity is still out cold. Doing his due diligence, Flash makes sure Van isn’t playing possum by digging the heel of his boot into the champ’s ribs a few times. Satisfied, Flash eases into a cover and hooks the leg. As he does, though, Van turns it into a small package.*





    Bodom: Hahaha! Brilliance! Absolute brilliance from Van!

    *It was brilliant, but, as Van knows, it was also cheap, which is why he’s already halfway up the ramp, clutching his title. Flash is left stewing in the ring as we move on.*

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    Daniels: Coming up next is Inferno Ignition championship match.

    Kingmaker: I can't wait, Andy Cannon vs. KJ Punk! Let's get into it!

    Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Inferno Ignition Championship. Introducing first, from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the Inferno Ignition Champion, Andy Cannon!

    Daniels: Cannon and Punk has been weeks in the making. The two started by helping each other out against angelo and AJ Dixon.

    Kingmaker: But Cannon made it clear that come tonight, they weren't friends, they were opponents.

    Morgan: And his opponent, from the back woods of Mississippi, KJ Punk

    Daniels: I have never seen someone more hungry for a title match than KJ Punk.

    Kingmaker: I agree. He has came out each week and not only told everyone he deserved this match, but proved it by his work in the ring. As hungry as he is though, I just don't see him getting past Andy tonight.

    (Punk-Punk, Cannon-Regal) Stop at :14 of the second video

    Daniels: Holy cow what a crazy back suplex

    Kingmaker: Cannon pulling everything out against a fighting KJ Punk

    *Cannon pulls KJ up and Irish whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Cannon takes his time, catching his breath as he walks over to a downed Punk. he picks punk up and tosses him off the ropes, he sets up to throw a Samoan drop, Punk stops and kicks Cannon in the chest. Cannon stands straight up as Punk is going for a rolling elbow, Cannon ducks it and hits a spinbuster on KJ punk, he covers*




    *Punk gets a shoulder up right before 3*

    Daniels: these guys are throwing practically everything at each other without quit.

    Kingmaker: Sooner or later though, one of these guys will slip and the other one will take the advantage

    *KJ is up, he tries again for the rolling elbow. but Cannon ducks it and picks KJ up and hits a Cradle Shock*

    Kingmaker: And there it is Bob




    Daniels: Not so fast Pierce. KJ is still fighting, still giving everything he's got.

    *Cannon looks on in disbelief. He just laughs as he stands back up. Cannon picks KJ back up, he cuts his throat and screams "DONE", He picks KJ up who wiggles out of it, KJ pushes Cannon up against the ropes and pulls back for a school boy roll up, Cannon hangs on the ropes as KJ goes flying back. Cannon comes flying across going for a clothesline, Punk ducks it as Cannon bounces off the ropes, as Cannon comes back, KJ hits a rolling Elbow that looks like it dislodges a tooth out of Cannon's mouth as he hits the canvas, Punk goes for the cover*




    Morgan: Here is your winner and NEW Inferno Ignition Champion, KJ Punk!

    Daniels: He did it! My god he gave everything and it paid off for him.

    Kingmaker: Punk took a beating and didn't quit. He just kept taking the abuse and pulled out and mega rolling elbow that knocked cannon out.

    Daniels: A huge win for Punk here tonight.

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