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    *Little by little, two groups separate. TBOZ and Seraphim start to revive the old rivalry they had for the World Heavyweight Championship back in 2012. Carlin, Cage and Flash exchange punches but none of them gets the advantage, until Flash and Cage exchange a look and join forces against the Superior Technician. TBOZ has managed to throw Seraphim against the corner and has climbed to the second rope to hit punches to the top of Sera's head. Flash and Cage dual attack on Carlin proves effective, as they mange to take the man from Ohio down. Cage helps Carlin to his feet and hits a Sliced Bread #2. Flash places Carlin near the ropes, jumps to the top rope, takes off, both thighs hitting the top rope and impulsing him to nail an Arabian press moonsault. Cover is made*



    *Cage throws Flash away and covers*



    *Flash takes cage away and they start to argue. Cage tries to Irish whip Flash, but he counters and Cage is thrown to the ropes. However, the Caged Assassin uses the momentum to duck a clothesline and positions himself to hit a Float Over DDT that connects. The pin is made*



    2,75! NO!

    *The ref's attention is attracted to the other side as TBOZ has hit a Samoan Drop on Sera and demands a cover.*




    *TBOZ is frustrated. He exchanges a look with Cage and they exchange opponents. TBOZ goes to grab Flash, Cage does so with Sera. Carlin has rolled out of the way, trying to recover on the outside of the ring. TBOZ goes first, placing his left arm around Flash's neck, then introducing his head under Flash's left armpit. TBOZ grabs his opponent's left leg and hits a fisherman suplex, followed by a cradle pin*

    Bodom: Divine Intervention! Flash is out!



    2,999999! Kickout!

    Bodom: How in the name of fucking hell did he kick out????

    Daniels: He is destined for great things, Bodom, he has the heart of a champion.

    Bodom: The fuck he is.

    *It is time for Cage to try. He grabs Sera by the neck with the left hand, and Sera's left leg with his right. He then elevates Sera over his head and smashes his back against the mat, hitting a perfect T-Bone suplex, Tazz style.*

    Kingmaker: Caged Aggression! Will it be enough?



    2,9999999! NO!

    Daniels: Sera still resists!

    Bodom: And the five minutes are about to pass, they should get ready for Elder!

    *Both men lament their bad luck before the crowd starts the backwards ten count.*


    *Cage is in front of the pod's door*


    *TBOZ has climbed to the top turnbuckle and is perched on it.*


    Bodom: Smart strategy there, will it pay?


    *Elder gets out of the pod and goes straight ahead for Cage, both trading punches. Cage takes a step back, allowing TBOZ to jump, landing on Elder's back. TBOZ grabs the man from Doncaster by the neck, then starts punching Matt's head with big rights. Cage goes closer to Elder to continue the assault, but it is a mistake. Cage eats a couple of big knees to the gut and is pushed out of the way. Then he takes two steps back and launches himself backwards, making TBOZ collide against the pod's door and breaking it.*

    Kingmaker: Holy shit!

    Bodom: You bastard! How dare you to do that to TBOZ!

    Daniels: He wants to be the number one contender, so he needs to eliminate everybody.

    *The impact is hard on the Evolution champion, but not so much on Elder, who quickly gets up to grab Cage and nail a thunderous thrust spinebuster into the steel floor. He then enters the ring, picks Flash up into a fireman's carry, then drops him with a spin-out facebuster called the F-5. Elder goes for Sera, puts him into the Gorilla Press, tossing him on top of Flash. The Legend of Legends goes out of the ring and takes Carlin, elevates him into a powerbomb position, then runs towards one of the pods and plants Carlin with a running Jackknife powerbomb through the glass!*

    Daniels: Oh, God! That's sick!

    Bodom: That's how you win a match, Bob.

    Kingmaker: First you have to go for a pin. Elder hasn't tried to score one yet, and he had plenty of chances.

    *Elder enters the ring to pin Seraphim*



    *Elder breaks the pin with a smile. He tosses Seraphim out. Flash gets the same treatment. Elder smiles, goes to the outside and tosses Cage inside the ring. He takes his time to re-enter, and when he does, he eats a dropkick from Cage. Malcolm goes on with the assault, hitting rights and lefts until Elder is sitting on the corner. Cage changes to knees to the head, then Irish whips him to the opposite corner, following him quick to hit Elder in the back of the head as soon as Matt crashes against the buckles. Cage then slams his rival's head against the top turnbuckle several times. Elder is dazed and confused but doesn't fall. Cage goes to the top, waits for Elder to come closer, jumps, grabs Elder's head putting it under his left armpit, rotates in the air and forces Matt's head to the mat, thus completing the Incarceration (Springboard Tornado DDT)*

    Daniels: This could be the first elimination of the match!

    Kingmaker: The leg is hooked.



    *Elder throws Cage away with great force. Cage is quickly up to his feet, waiting for Matt to get up, and when he does, Cage goes for a superkick, but Elder grabs the leg before it hits him. Elder smiles and impulses Cage upwards, catching him into a powerbomb position and planting him down in the mat. But Matt doesn't go for the pin. Instead he picks Cage upholding him in a bear hug position, runs towards one of the corners and smashes Cage's back against it. He repeats the operation with the rest of the corners, before putting Cage into the Gorilla Press and throw him out of the ring.*

    Bodom: Matt is ready for destruction and carnage, and he is delivering.

    Kingmaker: Looks like he could pin his five opponents with the greatest of ease.

    *Matt is bragging in the middle of the ring, taunting the fans who are booing him. He doesn't realize Flash has jumped to the top rope, and from there, he has reached the top of one of the pods. Flash is waiting for Matt to turn around, and when he does, Flash jumps. However, the English beast catches Flash in mid air, puts him into the fireman's carry position and comes close to a corner.*

    Daniels: No, way, please, don't!

    Bodom: Like Elder gives a fuck.

    Kingmaker: There it is!

    *F-5 into the turnbuckle! Flash crashes chest first into the corner and he is out cold. Matt puts a foot on Flash's head.*



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    McManus: The Blue Flash has been eliminated.

    Bodom: Ha! I told ya! He is the weak link, a piece of bullshit that even has the guts to ruin Ric Flair's legacy. Elder did humanity a job by getting rid of this so called superhero.

    Daniels: He may be hurt!

    Bodom: So are TBOZ and Carlin and you don't seem to worry.

    Kingmaker: Besides, that's a risk you have to take when entering a match like this.

    *Elder celebrates while the ref checks on Flash. He asks for assistance, so paramedics run to the ring. However, Flash seems to be good enough to walk away with assistance, and so he does, while the fans applaud his valiant effort and Elder mocks him, calling him weak link. Matt is inside the ring, looking towards the door, so he doesn't see TBOZ and Carlin sneaking into the ring until they grab his legs to roll him over. Both men apply all his weight against Matt legs to keep him down. Cage and Sera go to help pinning Matt's arms to the mat. The ref covers.*




    *Huge pop from the crowd*

    McManus: Matt Elder has been eliminated.

    Kingmaker: Great strategy by this four men, they got rid of the most dangerous man in the match, the strongest of them all.

    Bodom: A bunch of cowards they are. I'm ashamed my man TBOZ has agreed to follow this pansy strategy.

    *Matt is mad and refuses to leave. He throws the referee away and starts to brawl against his opponents, but the numbers game is too much and he is overpowered. More refs enter the ring and they escort Matt to the outside. Carlin wastes no time and attacks Seraphim with punches that are returned. So do Cage and TBOZ. In the outside, Matt has forced his way to the timekeeper's area and grabbed a steel chair. The referees try to stop him, but as soon as Elder has the chair i9n his hands they back out. Elder demands the cage to be opened. The wish is granted. Inside the ring, Sera and TBOZ have gained the upper hand, but they are unaware of Elder, so they eat a couple of chairshots to the back, then are thrown out of the ring. Carlin gets up and receives the same treatment, with an extra shot to the back of the head. Elder punts Carlin out of the ring, then turns his attention to Cage, a sick smile on his face. Elder hits shot after shot after shot to Cage, wearing him down like mad. Matt throws the chair, grabs Cage, throws him out out the ring, picks him up to a powerbomb position and hits a Running Jackknife Powerbomb into one of the intact pods, destroying it.*

    Daniels: Somebody stop this guy!

    Bodom: No! This is awesome! He is getting revenge for that elimination!

    Kingmaker: But he may end up killing Cage!

    *Elder is not done. He kicks Cage into the ring, he follows, places the steel chair in the middle of the ring, grabs Cage and hits a brutal F-5. Cage's head hits the chair.*

    Daniels: Enough is enough!

    Bodom: Elder seems to agree with you.

    *Matt finally goes up the ramp, leaving carnage behind him. Sera seems to be the less affected by the chairshot or the quickest to recover, as he is up to his feet. He sees that Cage has rolled closer to one of the corners and smiles. The man from Heaven jumps to the top turnbuckle, bu instead of hitting a move, he jumps again to the top of one of the pods. From there, he gets to a vertical base, jumps, rotates in the air and nails a Shooting Star Press*

    Kingmaker: Fantastic!

    Daniels: This has to be it!



    2,9999999! NO!

    Bodom: WHAT THE HELL?

    Daniels: How did he kicked out of that after the beating he has received?

    Kingmaker: There's no possible explanation for what he have just witnessed.

    *Sera can't believe it too. However, he wastes no time in lamentations. He positions Cage in the middle of the ring, goes to the same turnbuckle, then to the same pod. But he doesn't try another SSP, he starts to climb up the cage using the steel chain.*

    Daniels: Where the hell is he going?

    Bodom: Up to the top, you fool!

    Kingmaker: Get ready, folks, if he does what I'm thinking, we are about to see something we won't ever forget!

    *Sera reaches the center of the cage, then launches himself off with another Shooting Star Press! The fans chant “Holy Shit!”, and “This is Awesome!” He lands on top of Malcolm and the ref covers.*




    McManus: Malcolm Cage has been eliminated.

    Daniels: Oh my, he did it!

    Bodom: But at what cost? He hasn't moved since he pinned Cage, and so has Malcolm.

    Kingmaker: That was spectacular! Simply amazing. What a move!

    *None of the two men have moved since the impact. The ref is checking on Cage, trying to wake him up so he can leave the ring. Meanwhile, Carlin has recovered. He takes a look around, sees Sera down and doesn't hesitate. He rolls Sera over, face first into the mat, crosses Sera's legs, putting Sera's left ankle under his left knee pit. The Superior Technician lifts Sera's right arm, forcing it backwards, then blocking it under his left armpit. Finally Carlin locks his arms around Sera's face, pulling back to stretch Seraphim's back.*

    Bodom: Pitch perfect Regal Stretch by Carlin. He should rename it the Carlin Stretch.

    *Seraphim is yelling in pain, but refuses to tap. Carlin applies all the pressure he can with his knee pit and pulls back harder. TBOZ is up, he runs towards Carlin, kneeling next to him, places his left armpit over Carlin's back of the neck, then bends his arm, using the blade to choke Carlin, then joins his hands to add more pressure.*

    Bodom: Wow! What a modified God Complex here by TBOZ! He is winning this one fo' sho'!

    Daniels: Have you ever seen a submission into another submission like this?

    Kingmaker: Submission-ception!

    *Daniels and Bodom look at Kingmaker and they simultaneously facepalm*

    *Before the shot returns to the in ring action, cameras shows Cage leaving the match. Back to the match, TBOZ tries to stand up, in order to add more pressure to Carlin's head. The man from Toledo tries to alleviate it by lifting himself up without releasing Seraphim, therefore there's extra pressure added on the man from Heaven. After a few seconds, he is unable to resist the pain and surrenders.*

    McManus: Seraphim has been eliminated.

    Daniels: We are down to two!

    Bodom: And what two. If they give us a show like two Rages ago, this is going to be epic.

    Kingmaker: Maybe not, if TBOZ manages to make Carlin tap right now.

    *Carlin has released Seraphim, managing to get up in the process to resist the pain in a more advantageous condition. He starts elbowing TBOZ in the kidney area. One shot. And a second. Strikes keep going until TBOZ releases the hold after the eighth impact. Carlin and TBOZ are face to face right now. The Superior Technician grabs his opponent and hits a huge belly to belly suplex, then goes for a pin*



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    2,5! NO!

    Bodom: He'll have to do better if he wants to keep my man TBOZ down.

    *Carlin stomps TBOZ a bit. He stops and looks around until he smiles wickedly. He goes to the outside and grabs the steel chair. The fans boo the shit out of him, but he doesn't care, as he enters the ring, getting closer to TBOZ. He raises the chair, ready to strike, but he stops, hesitating. He looks at TBOZ, then at the chair. He lifts the chair again but doesn't strike. He looks at TBOZ, at the chair again and is heard saying.*

    Carlin: I don't need this shit.

    *Carlin throws the chair away and the crowd cheers like mad. Carlin gestures to TBOZ to stand up, and lifts his right, ready for some chain wrestling*

    Bodom: What are you doing, you fool? Don't throw that chair, win the match first!

    Daniels: He is trying to prove himself and the fans that he can win this without weapons.

    Bodom: He'll have plenty of chances to prove his worth, now it is about to become number one contender, and no disqualification rules apply. Stupid move here by Carlin, giving TBOZ an opening he shouldn't have had.

    Kingmaker: But this is going to be epic, Bodom!

    Bodom: Fuck the epicness, win the goddamn match!

    *TBOZ answers the challenge. Carlin gains the upper hand and goes for a side headlock. It is just a transition to get behind TBOZ, put his left arm under TBOZ's left armpit, put the right around the Sheriff of Nottingham's neck and join both hands, completing the Crossface Chickenwing. It doesn't last long as TBOZ kicks him in the shin several times, until Carlin releases the hold. TBOZ drives a knee to the gut, then clubs the back of the head with a series of shots that wear Carlin down, and finally lifts Carlin to hit the Divine Intervention (Fisherman suplex with cradle pin)*



    2,999999999! Kickout!

    Bodom: TBOZ had him, that's a slow count!

    Kingmaker: That wasn't. Carlin still has some life in him.

    Daniels: And tons of determination.

    *TBOZ smiles as he helps Carlin to his feet. The Sheriff is behind his opponent, puts his arms around William's waist and runs towards a corner. But Carlin knows best and grabs the ropes. TBOZ lets go, Carlin turns around, TBOZ charges, Carlin ducks, TBOZ stops in the last second and Carlin rolls him over.*




    Bodom: That shit won't be enough!

    *Carlin lifts TBOZ up and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, and without releasing runs to the corner to hit the Chaos Theory Suplex. Carlin smashes TBOZ against the turnbuckles, they both roll backwards and Carlin uses the momentum to hit a German suplex followed with a bridging pin*



    2,999999999! Kickout!

    Bodom: YES! TBOZ is going to make it! Come on man, get rid of Carlin!

    Kingmaker: It won't be that easy!

    *Carlin punches the mat to release frustration, then cheer himself up. He tries to put TBOZ into a double underhook position, but TBOZ escapes, managing to Irish whip Carlin to the ropes, when he comes back TBOZ elevates his opponent up, places him onto his shoulders and falls backwards with a Samoan Drop*

    Bodom: This is it! FINISH HIM!

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    *TBOZ smiles and goes to the top as the fans cheer him up. He signals for the Elbow Drop and takes off, but Carlin has rolled out of the way and TBOZ eats canvas. Carlin uses the ropes to gain leverage and regroup. TBOZ is recovering from the impact, but Carlin doesn't allow him an inch of space as he hits a roundhouse kick to the temple. TBOZ seems to be down and out. Carlin seizes the opportunity, grabs TBOZ by the waist, they run towards the corner and after the collision, Carlin hits a second Chaos Theory suplex.*

    Kingmaker: This is it!

    Bodom: No way!

    Daniels: Wait, he's not pinning TBOZ!

    *Carlin has dragged his fallen opponent to the center of the ring, rolls him to his belly, puts TBOZ's arms under his armpits, forcing the Englishman's arms backwards, then he impulses himself with the feet to flip into a bridging position, applying pressure on TBOZ's arms with the Cattle Mutilation.*

    Daniels: He is right in the center of the ring, nowhere for TBOZ to go!

    Bodom: Hang on, man!

    *Carlin has the hold tight, TBOZ yells in pain. Carlin demands TBOZ to tap, but when the ref asks, TBOZ refuses. Carlin squeezes TBOZ's arms together and even elevates himself up a bit to increase the pressure. TBOZ screams even more, but does not surrender. Ten seconds pass, then twenty. The ref asks again but TBOZ resists.*

    Bodom: You can do it!

    *Thirty, forty seconds go, TBOZ is still in. Then, with a supreme effort, Carlin applies even more pressure. Some seconds pass and TBOZ finally taps out.*

    Bodom: NOOOOOO!!!

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winner of this match, and the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, the Superior Technician, William! Carlin!

    Daniels: What a hell of a match this is been.

    Kingmaker: A brutal bout, full of sick spots, and a final exhibition of courage and technique in the end.


    Daniels: He was determined to prove himself and made a valiant effort to achieve his goal.

    Kingmaker: Come on, Bodom! TBOZ resisted that Cattle Mutilation more than anyone would have ever imagined.

    *Fans cheer as Carlin celebrates jumping up and down the ring. He climbs to the turnbuckle and salutes the fans. TBOZ has managed to get up, and when Carlin goes down, he offers a handshake. Carlin ignores the hand and goes straight for a hug, catching TBOZ off guard. The fans cheer and TBOZ pats Carlin in the back. Carlin releases TBOZ and raises the Sheriff of Nottingham's arm, then applauds his opponent. Fans love this show of respect and cheer even more.*

    That's a fine act of respect, what do you have to say, Bodom?

    Fine, I like that. However I'm not sure if Carlin will beat the champ at Destiny's Calling.

    If he fights as good as tonight, he will!

    *TBOZ leaves the ring and Carlin celebrates, encouraging the fans by raising the arms into the air, demanding more volume in their approval. Then Carlin catches everybody off guard by doing a cartwheel in the middle of the ring before exiting the cage. He goes up the ramp high fiving people on both sides before he reaches the top, where he salutes once again before going to the backstage area.*

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    McManus: The following match is your Rage Main Event! This bout is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    *RR comes from the back and has his title across his shoulder. Romulus is greeted by the fans with tons boos and 'You Suck' chants. He doesn't mind them at all and he simply proceeds walking towards the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and on the edge of the ring he raises his World Title high up in the air. He enters the ring and goes over to a corner and await his opponent.*

    This man is pure genius. I can assure you that he will retain tonight.

    Daniels: Are you sure about that? Or are you rooting for Ronaldo, because he is facing....

    Daniels: SHAZ!!!

    Kingmaker: Actually, I find it a bit hard to ready to root for either one of this guys. For me personally, they haven't shown any of us respect in the past.

    Daniels: That is true, but you know as good as anybody else that I like to annoy Bodom over here.

    *Shaz comes out and he is treated with jeers by all the fans. He seems to not focus on them and instead just gives all of his attention towards on Ronaldo Romulus whom awaits him. Shaz patiently makes his walk towards the ring and he finally reaches the ring. He gets in the ring and meets face-to-face with Ronaldo Romulus.*

    Ladies and gentlemen as I've said this is your RAGE Main Event of the evening. And it is for the World Heavyweight Championship. First I would like to introduce to you the challenger for this bout. He is referred to as The Baddest Mofo. He weight in tonight at 215 lbs and come from Brixton, London. He is 6 feet tall exactly. This is none other than SHAZ!!!

    *The crowd erupts with 'F*ck You' chants towards Shaz.*

    And now the following man is obviously your World Heavyweight Champion. He has held this title, since January 17th, 2013. He comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tonight. He weighted in at 233 lbs. This is a man who needs no further introduction. He is your reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion............ RONALDO......... ROMULUS!!!

    *Both up face with one another once more until the referee separates them. The ref gets the title and puts it up in the air. He shows it to both once more, before he rings the bell.*

    Here we go after that long and unneeded introduction by McManus. Now, we can see the ripping off of Shaz's head.

    Daniels: That was a long intro, but I don't mind it at all. Let's just hope we get a great match.

    Kingmaker: I wouldn't put it past this two to give us a very physical matchup.

    *Both men lock up with one another. Ronaldo is able to get Shaz into one of the corner. The ref starts to tell Ronaldo to get off of Shaz. Romulus starts to back off Shaz, meanwhile he does that Ronaldo pats Shaz in his cheek. Shaz doesn't take that lightly and he shoves him with no regret. RR expresses a disappointment face across him. RR suddenly hits Shaz with a straight right hand throw to his head. Shaz follows it up with a good right hand towards his head now. They both start exchange blows to each heads.*


    Kingmaker: Right!


    Kingmaker: Right!

    Daniels: Left!

    Kingmaker: Right!

    Bodom: Fuck You!

    *Ronaldo kicks Shaz in the gut instead of hitting another punch to Shaz. Shaz gets down to his holding his gut and he receives a hard right hand to the back. Ronaldo kicks Shaz in his ribs while he is down in the mat. Ronaldo gets his on Shaz's spine and starts pulling back his his face. Shaz's starts to red while all of the pressure is being applied.*

    That's what I'm talking about. Ronaldo is doing what's right for business and taking Shaz's face off of him.

    Daniels: Ronaldo is starting off slow and steady. However, he better things up fast and put more damage to Shaz.

    Kingmaker: Romulus might have the advantage right now, but I wouldn't over look Shaz. He can turn this whole thing around in any moment.

    *Shaz begins to crawl his way towards the ropes in hopes for a rope-break. However, Romulus completely releases the hold and allows Shaz to get back to his feet. Romulus gets a small grin across his face. Shaz and Ronaldo lockup again. This time it's Shaz who gets to put Ronaldo onto the corner. Shaz backs off Ronald, but instead of going out cleanly or patting RR's cheek. He slaps Ronaldo straight across his face.*

    That was uncalled for, but that was returning the favor from earlier.

    Bodom: Shaz should be DQ or deducted a point. Or something.

    Daniels: This is WRESTLING not BOXING.

    *Ronaldo charges straight at Shaz for a clothesline, but Shaz is able to duck. Ronaldo turns around and is greeted with a strong kick to his chest by Shaz. Shaz runs across the ring and performs a hurricanrana on Romulus. Shaz then delivers a standing moonsault on Ronaldo. He doesn't move and stays on top of Ronaldo for the pinfall.*




    Shaz was close right there. He has defiantly picked up his game plan.

    Kingmaker: This is what I told you Shaz needed to do. He just needs to keep up his game plan and he can win.

    Bodom:​ I believe we are not supposed to refer to a Dwayne movie. You know we get sue by him right?

    *Shaz yells at the ref that it was a three count. Shaz stops yelling at the ref and picks up Ronaldo. Ronaldo rakes the eyes of Shaz while the ref couldn't see. Romulus runs towards him and performs a sunset flip powerbomb!*

    That was an amazing move made by RR.

    Kingmaker: That indeed was an awesome move, but he got it out of raking Shaz's eyes.

    Bodom: Who cares about that? Ronaldo is doing what's proper to win this very important match. And making Shaz miserable.

    *Ronaldo sees how bad Shaz and is very happy how looks. Instead of going for the pin Ronaldo picks up Shaz by the hair. However, Shaz kicks RR in his head. He then picks up Rumulus and hits him with a Brainbuster. He quickly goes for the cover.*

    This could be it. 1....

    Kingmaker: It could possibly. 2......

    Bodom: No this can't be. 3!!!!!!! Oh man I am going to hate this reign.

    *Shaz gets off of Ronaldo and starts to celabrate. The ref goes to tell him something. It turns out that Romulus's foot was under the bottom rope. Shaz can't believe it. He thought he had won the match. He starts to drag Ronaldo across to the middle of the ring. However, Ronaldo somehow gets up quickly and performs Wrath of Remus. He goes for the pin right in the middle of the ring.*

    That's awesome at what Ronaldo just pulled.


    Daniels: Ronaldo was playing possum really good.

    Kingmaker: This might be proof as to why Ronaldo is the World Heavyweight Champion.


    *This time the decision is the real one.*

    Here is your winner and still YOUR World Heavyweight Champion....... Ronaldo Romulus!!!!

    *Romulus gets his title and put his right leg on Shaz's chest. He posses on top of Shaz with his title on hand.*

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    *Above the ring, the Elimination Chamber begins to come down, the lights seem to dim and the crowd sits in hushed awe at the mammoth construct comes down from the roof as @duel of fates' plays once more*

    Bob Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for your continued support of EWNCW, and thank you for tuning in tonight! Thank you to Eugene, Oregon for hosting us, particularly the Autzen Stadium, and also thank you to Marilyn Manson for providing the theme for tonight's show; 'Sweet Dreams'! But now, it’s time for the Main Event. A King of the Cage match for the EWNCW Championship.

    Kingmaker: Let us take you back to when this all came about.

    The cameras cut and focus back on Raging Inferno. An instrumental of a humming woman plays, with a few words mixed in. Shuriken is shown next, doing a variety of moves, including his Boma Ye Knee on Ronaldo. It shows the look on his face after Tommy walks out on their match, and then him getting jumped by DJ and Hawk. Shuriken and Panda stand side by side, as Shuriken looks into the camera.

    Shuriken: Lay justice on those responsible. I.

    Williams is shown attacking several EWNCW Talent on behalf of Tommy Thunder. At one point, he is shown holding his briefcase, and at another, being unmasked after the heinous attack on Shuriken.

    DJ Williams: Ambition is the way of life. Will.

    Arthur Lansdale is shown with his family. He is then shown facing Krysys to qualify for the King of the Cage match. He is shown making Bull pass out at Raging Inferno, and then being involved in the big tag match with Eddie Juarez vs. Mr. Smyth and Mike Hawk.

    Arthur Lansdale: The road to redemption is fraught with terror, but nothing so frightening as a man with something to prove. Be.

    Krysys is shown masked, attacking Gillz first, and then several other people. His attacks continue on until he is unmasked during an attack on Gillz, and then qualifying for the King of the Cage match.

    Krysys: I am the savior to all in this match, your welcome. The.

    Mr. Smyth is shown beating Eddie Juarez. He is then shown attacking Mike Hawk during their tag team match, and then getting involved in the big brawl at the end of Inferno. He is shown wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.

    Mr. Smyth: Targets can be extremely challenging, but are always achievable. Mr. Smyth beating targets is what's best for business. EWNCW.

    Tommy is shown next. The video shows Tommy Thunder walking out on Shuriken in the main event. DJ and Hawk attacking Shuriken the next Inferno. The scene cuts to Tommy

    Thunder: A Revolution is Upon us. Tommy holds up the EWNCW Championship Champion.

    Bodom: Well, impressive gentlemen. That was a mighty fine video package you lot put together, but can your match outdo the greatness that is Rage?

    Kingmaker: Tonight, we are going to witness greatness. Tommy Thunder takes on five other men, including one of his closest friends these days, DJ Williams, in a structure that was made to torture and maim all those who step through it’s gates.

    Daniels: Tons of steel, miles of chain - if the Hell in a Cell is the Devil’s Playground, then this surely is the Devil’s Bedroom. Every inch of this structure was made to cause harm and end careers.

    Bodom: Tonight, we will see if this structure ends the career of someone, or make someone the king of the hill and EWNCW Champion. Your current champion is a coward, running out of the main event when he knew he couldn’t win. Smart really, but still a coward. I am hoping that someone takes the title off him, and takes him out.

    Kingmaker: Well, I agree with you about Tommy walking out, there Bodom. He should have stayed in that match, win or lose, but trust me when I say - it would have been a win, had he not given the match to Rage.

    Daniels: Let me stop this before it gets out of hand. We’re here tonight to potentially crown a new EWNCW Champion, so, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get right to the match.

    Lily Morgan: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Inferno Main Event of the Evening. It is a King of the Cage match! The winner of this match will be determined by the last man remaining in the cage. This match can only be won by pinfall or submission. Introducing first, from The City of Evil, The Messiah of Straight Edge!


    The fans boo as Krysys makes his way out towards the ring. He takes a moment at the top of the ramp to look down at the monster of a structure awaiting him. It seems like he is ignoring the fans and focusing solely on the match at and. He makes his way down the ramp and into one of the pods in the ring.

    Morgan: Next out, from Los Angeles, California, Ryusuke “Shuriken” Blade!


    Shuriken comes out to a massive wave of cheers. Pansda is at his side, skipping around him for a moment. He takes a deep breath and stops Panda, kissing her cheek. He motions for her to go to the back, before heading off down the ramp and getting in one of the cages.

    Morgan: And next, from Birmingham England, Mr. Smyth

    Mr. Smyth

    Mr. Smyth comes out to his own chorus of boos, but doesn‘t seem to mind them. Mr. Smyth heads down the ramp, rubbing his wrists. He stops just at the door and surveys the chamber before getting in. He looks at the other two men and then silently slips into his cage.

    Morgan: Next, from Colorado Springs Colorado, the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder!

    Tommy Thunder

    Tommy makes his way out, dressed in his new black attire. He sits on top of the ramp, looking down at his title before removing his hood. The crowd boos him loudly, but he just sits there. He finally stands up, and makes his way towards the ring, and climbs inside. He holds up the title and walks to each occupied pod, and hoisting the title towards each one of them. He finally hands off his title and makes his way into the pod.


    Krystian Krysys Tommy Thunder
    Mr. Smyth Shuriken Blade

    Morgan: Next, from Harlem, New York, ‘The Ladies Man’ DJ Williams!


    DJ Williams walks out onto the stage, missing Rosita and his briefcase. He looks down for an approving look from Tommy. Tommy nods, and DJ makes his way down to the ring. The crowd boos him and he flips them off before climbing into the ring and waiting for the final man.

    Morgan: And finally, his opponent, from Manchester, England, Arthur Lansdale!


    Arthur Lansdale comes out to a chorus of Lansdale chants and cheers from the crowd. He stands on the stage and amps up the crowd by making a motion of a belt around his waist. He finally heads towards the ring, and slams the cage doors behind him.

    Bodom: Look at that gathering of competitors! Not as great as the World Heavyweight Contender’s Chamber, but it does look like you folks have put together a worthwhile EWNCW Championship Chamber match.

    Daniels: Why thank you, Bodom, for that backhanded compliment. We look forward to closing out this event leaving everyone talking about what happened and utterly forgetting the fact that Rage even had one.

    Kingmaker: Right you are, Daniels - but enough about that, these men in the ring are about to put on a clinic, and show us just have damning this structure can be when in the hands of people who want to rip each other limb from limb.

    Bodom: Whatever, nothing is going to compare to our Elimination Chamber match.

    Back in the ring, Morgan is out and the cage door is securely shut. The referee in charge, Erick Manson, nods to both men in the ring and then calls for the bell. The bell ring, and DJ Williams immediately ducks a tie up and goes to Tommy’s pod. He and Tommy seem to converse for a little bit, drawing the ire of the crowd. DJ blows them off with a dismissive hand gesture and goes back to the match.

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    Bodom: Looks like one of your boys is killing time. Not wanting to tie up with Lansdale, trying to run down that clock and hope that lady luck is on his side.

    Kingmaker: He has a statistical 25% chance of Tommy Thunder being the one that is let out of his cell, and a seventy-five percent chance that it’ll be one of the other three men locked in the cells. To that point - it would be better if he tried to get rid of Lansdale quickly so he could focus on them as they come out.

    Daniels: Kingmaker has a point. If he can get rid of Lansdale out of the gate, then he will be at an advantage. He and Tommy haven’t exactly made a lot of friends going down the road here, and many of the ones they pissed off the most are standing in those pods.

    Lansdale approaches DJ, but DJ quickly slips through the ropes, prompting Lansdale to follow him. As Lansdale gets close, he is greeted with a shot to the gut, and then sent headlong into Krysys’ chamber. Inside the chamber, Krysys can be seen kneeling down, getting face level with Lansdale, and murmuring about saving him. DJ viciously stomps away on the outside, before picking him up and tossing him against the cage. Lansdale pops up, and stumbles against the ropes, before eating a clothesline that dumps him back in the ring. DJ takes his time getting back in, mocking Lansdale and then stomping him about the head. Tommy roots for him inside the pod, while the crowd watching boos and heckles him. He grabs Lansdale by the chin and pulls him up, getting in his face and talking trash, slapping him between each statement. He cocks back for a right, but Lansdale stops him in his tracks with a hard left to the gut. DJ moves back and tries for a kick, but Lansdale executes a one-legged takedown and puts DJ on his back. He is quick to the mount and begins raining down punch after punch. The men in the crowd cheer him on, while Tommy tries to get the referee to break it up.

    Daniels: Lansdale is back on the attack and he looks fired up! Best bet, as stated earlier, is to get rid of your opponents before the next one makes it into the ring, and you’ll have an easier time!

    Lansdale transitions into a pin, but only manages to get a two count before DJ kicks out. Lansdale moves to his knees and watches Williams try and roll away. Now between the Thunder Pod and the Blade pod, Williams tries to catch his breath, but is met with a dive between the ropes that launches him back into the hard chains of the chamber. The crowd is on their feet as Williams hits with a thud, and Lansdale lands on his chest. For a moment, Lansdale sells the pain of landing on the harsh steel, and then makes it to his feet. He looks around at the crowd and grabs the chains, shaking them, causing the crowd to roar their approval. Lansdale looks over to Tommy, who is staring a hole through him, and then points to his protégé. Lansdale drags his finger across his neck and turns towards DJ…

    Right into a low-blow!


    Daniels: Yes it is! But that is no way to win a match! No way what so ever!

    Bodom: Read the rules! It is perfectly acceptable to win the match this way!

    Lansdale doubles over from the pain and DJ makes it to his feet. He leans against Tommy’s pod, and then rushes off towards Lansdale, hitting him with a big knee to the side of the head. Lansdale is out like a light. DJ drops to his knees beside him, but forces himself up and hops back into the ring. The crowd is booing him, but he just sucks it in before going about his mission. Lansdale is suddenly dragged into the ring, and lifted to his feet. Williams pulls him up for the Premeditated Murder, a Vertical Suplex into a Stunner, but mid-move the lights begin to flicker for the next entrant to be introduced. Knowing he has little time, he ejects Lansdale and forces him face first into the mat. DJ looks around anxiously for the next participant, but doesn’t have to wait long. The lights land of Krysys’ cell, and the Savior is released. Williams immediately goes after him, but Krysys manages to dodge. DJ comes back around and is met with a vicious spear that rockets him through the glass pod that Krysys was in. The crowd cheers loudly, but they turn into boos as Krysys emerges from the wreck, and DJ lays there like a broken pile of bones.

    Krysys: HE HAS BEEN SAVED!

    Bodom: Krysys is a mad man out there! Less than 10 seconds out of the pod and it has already been demolished by a killer spear from the Straight Edge Messiah!

    Kingmaker: Oh man, DJ could be out of it! This does not bode well for Tommy Thunder if he was hoping Williams would make it through to the end.

    Krysys’ attention turns to Lansdale, who is trying to make it to his feet. Krysys stalks him and drops to his knees, watching Lansdale get to his feet. He pulls Lansdale to his feet the rest of the way, and then pulls him up on his shoulder. He moves around the ring, before driving Lansdale back first into the turnbuckles, dumping him in a tree of woe position near Shuriken’s pod. Krysys stands atop the turnbuckle and looks down at Shuriken, beginning to preach to him. Shuriken smacks the glass but Krysys simply laughs at him. Lansdale tries to get up, and is spotted by Krysys, who jumps back and cmoes down with a elbow drop right on Lansdale’s chest. Lansdale soon finds himself in the middle of the ring, getting pinned.



    *Lansdale kicks out before the count of three, keeping himself alive in this match! Krysys looks down at Lansdale, a crazed look coming into his eyes. He drags Lansdale up and begins blasting him with rights and lefts, causing Lansdale to stagger. Krysys yells that he will save Lansdale. Off in the corner, DJ is beginning to stir. Krysys runs the ropes, but out of desperation, Lansdale dodges and wraps him up with a sleeper hold, locking it in tight and refusing to let go. Lansdale seems almost grazed as he cranks the hold and whips Krysys around. Krysys frantically fights for the ropes, trying to get Lansdale off him, but Lansdale is like a dog with lockjaw. Williams makes it to his feet, and leans back against the cage, trying to catch his breath and soothe his aching back. He watches as Krysys slowly begins to fade, the crowd in a hushed silence at the intensity of Lansdale at the moment. Before Krysys can completely fade, Lansdale releases him and sends him flying over the top rope - right towards DJ Williams! Williams rolls out of the way and Krysys crashes and burns.*

    Daniels: Oh man what was that?! Lansdale just went wild out there?! Krysys was almost out and Lansdale decided to inflict more pain by tossing him towards Williams.

    *Back in the ring, Williams quickly scrambles up the turnbuckles, and motions for a dropkick. Lansdale turns around and sidesteps a flying Williams, causing him to crash on the mat.*

    Kingmaker: The lights are beginning to wane again! It’s about that time for someone to make their way out of the pods! Who will it be this time?!

    *The lights dance around the three occupied chambers, before eventually settling on Shuriken Blade. Shuriken wastes no time in getting out of his cage and going straight for the only man in the ring standing, Arthur Lansdale. Both men begin exchanging blows, lefts and rights, though Shuriken gets the upper hand due to Lansdale having gone through two opponents already. Shuriken ducks under a errant right hand, and continues forward, executing a over the top rope suicide dive into Krysys, whom had made it back to his feet! The crowd cheers loudly, as Shuriken makes it back to his feet. He grabs the top rope, and jumps over Lansdale, who tries to catch him with a middle rope shoulder block, and rolls down his back. He runs the ropes, and comes back, leaping and hitting a hurricanrana on Lansdale, sending him rolling out of the ring. The crowd is behind Shuriken, as he goes towards Tommy’s pod and begins beating on it. Tommy mocks him by motioning for the belt around his waist, and saying Shuriken will never get it again.*

    Bodom: Oh man, Tommy better hope Shuriken is gone by the time the light comes back around. Shuriken just made it clear who he wants, and Tommy just egged him on!

    *As Shuriken is focused on Tommy, he doesn’t realize until too late that he forgot about DJ Williams. Williams blindsides him and forces him hard into the turnbuckles. Shuriken’s head begins to get bounced off the top turnbuckle, while Tommy can be heard yelling through the glass. Williams throws Shuriken back and begins undoing the top turnbuckle, exposing the hard metal beneath it. He turns around to Shuriken and pulls him up, tossing him hard against the exposed metal. He turns him around, and forces his face into the metal, before beginning to drill him with vicious elbows to the back of the head, with the effect of sending Shuriken face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. On the outside, Krysys makes it to his feet, and heads towards DJ, hitting him with a right hand that sends the man staggering. Krysys slips back in the ring, and irish whips DJ across the ring to the Mr. Smyth pod. He follows up with a corner spear, but the agile DJ Williams ducks out of the way - and Krysys goes shoulder first into the hard steel! Williams quickly pulls him from between the ropes, and lifts him in a vertical suplex, before blasting him with a stunner. The crowd boos loudly as the Premeditated Murder connects and Williams goes in for the pin.*



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    Morgan: Krystian Krysys has been eliminated!

    *The referee helps Krysys out of the cage and quickly locks the door back. Tommy shoots DJ the thumbs up sign, as DJ nurses his injured back. DJ slips through the ropes and grabs the door, watching as Krysys is ushered up the ramp. He waves Krysys away and turns around. His next target seems to be Shuriken, but he is caught with a big boot by Lansdale, as he comes through the ropes. DJ drops like a sack of potatoes. Lansdale goes in for the pin, but can only secure a two count before DJ kicks out.*

    Bodom: Williams is fighting to stay in this!

    Daniels: He must really believe he has a fair shake here tonight with Tommy in the Elimination Chamber with him.

    Bodom: Birds of a feather

    Kingmaker: Often see one of their own become a meal for a hunter or some other prey. Some even take out the weak link of their flock if they are deemed too weak.

    *Lansdale shakes his head at the resilence of DJ Williams, and picks him up, tossing him in the corner. Back across the ring, Shuriken is touching his head and seeing blood from those shots Williams gave him. Lansdale starts hitting Williams with closed fists shots to the torso in the corner, peppering DJ with the shots. Shuriken suddenly grabs Lansdale and pushes him away, taking position and stomping away at DJ Williams with hard boots. Lansdale pauses for a moment, but quickly pushes Shuriken away. The two men find themselves going at it once more.*


    Kingmaker: Shuriken is getting back in it!

    *Shuriken whips Lansdale across the ring and follows up with a Enzuigiri. Lansdale falls to his knees, and lifts his head up, immediately catching a Buzzsaw kick to the side of the head. He goes for the pin, but can only get a two count. As he comes up, the lights begin to flash again.*

    Daniels: 50/50 chance that Tommy is coming out next. This could be a tide turner for his faction, if he and Williams are in this, then they can cause some real damage to those left. None of these guys in here are working as a cohesive unit, Tommy and DJ could change that.

    Bodom: But that would potentially cause Lansdale and Shuriken to pair up to take out that combined threat, but we must all remember. Alliances in this match are short lived and only one man is walking out as champion.

    *Mr. Smyth is next out of the cage, and he comes out guns blazing. He dropkicks Shuriken, and sends Lansdale into the exposed turnbuckle. No time for showboating, though the businessman never does, he quickly goes on the attack. Shuriken is sent into Lansdale, and DJ follows suit. Mr. Smyth, while the crowd is still booing him, runs towards the stacked up wrestlers, and jumps into a spear, with DJ taking the brunt of the attack and Lansdale taking a fair bit less. DJ drops down, and Mr. Smyth immediately attack Shuriken. He pulsl him into a double arm backbreaker, sending Shuriken sprawling across the mat, clutching at his back. Lansdale is left, but he preemptively meets Smyth with a vicious clothesline. Lansdale soon grabs his back as well, though he didn’t take much damage, hitting that turnbuckle did cause him some pain.*

    Daniels: Looks like he is feeling the effects of this match. Everyone is so far. Tommy is, essentially, just going to come in and make a sweep! Everyone in the match is hurt, and he’s fresh. Just look how cocky he is right now!

    *In the pod, Tommy is setting down, cross legged, watching the action in the ring. Lansdale drags Smyth out of the ring, and onto the steel grate that surrounds the sides. He knees him in the stomach, and gets in position for a German Suplex. Sensing danger, Mr. Smyth blocks it, by wrapping his leg around the leg of Lansdale. He then reverses the hold and rushes Lansdale forward into Shuriken’s old pod, pushing at the last moment to send Lansdale crashing into the pod. Without sufficient force, Lansdale doesn’t go through the pod, but ricochets off, and into a German Suplex onto the unforgiving steel. Back in the ring, Shuriken is making it to his feet, but is met with a stomp to the back of the head by DJ Williams. Williams pulls him up and sets him torso first on the top rope. DJ then climbs the ropes, and aims for a double foot stomp to the back of the head, but thinks against it, and goes up higher. He flips Shuriken off, and leaps, driving his feet into the back of Shuriken, driving the man off the ropes, and down onto the mat.*

    Bodom: Ooooo! Hard shot there by DJ Williams, Shuriken is most definitely out of it following that brazen move from the Ladies Man.

    *DJ goes for the pin, but someone grabs him and throws him off his prey, and right into the steel pole between the turnbuckles. Smyth, the culprit, turns to Shuriken and picks him up for The Rule, a Fireman’s Carry into a Sitout Facebuster. Shuriken is drilled with the move, and Smyth transitions it into a pin, securing the one, two, three, and increasing his odds of winning!*

    Morgan: And Shuriken Blade has been eliminated!

    Kingmaker: Ooooh! There goes one of the favorites in the match. That just leaves Lansdale, who now fights for the fans, as the only good guy left. Tommy is still as fresh as ever in the pod, but he knows his time is coming quickly!

    *Mr. Smyth goes right after DJ Williams and pulls him out of the ring. He walks backwards towards the destroyed pod of Krysys, and pulls DJ’s arm around him. He picks him up, and runs forward, driving Williams through his second pod of the night!*

    Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

    Kingmaker: Crowd says it all right there!

    *Mr. Smyth, after a long moment, finally begins to stir and drag himself from the wreckage and make it back into the ring. Lansdale falls through the ropes as well. Only two pods remain standing, and the last participant, Tommy Thunder is about to be released. Once the light stops, he slowly rises and makes his way out of his cell. He sees Smyth and Lansdale beat up, barely able to stand under their own power. Both men make it up, and are met with strikes from Tommy, putting them back down. Tommy yells Best In the World, prompting the crowd to boo loudly. Tommy eggs them on while stomping Lansdale, who generates the most boos for Tommy. MR. Smyth wisely rolls out of harm’s way to try and regroup. He pulls himself up using the turnbuckles, but Tommy sees him, and catches him with a running clothesline. He wraps his arm around Smyth’s neck, and attempts a running bulldog, but Smyth reverses it and tosses Tommy towards Lansdale. Lansdale, in a moment of quick and decisive thinking, gets his knees up, punishing Tommy’s back! Almost as quick as it happens, Lansdale transitions into the Lansdale Lockdown, a Tazzmission! The look comes back to his eyes as he really cinches in the move!*

    Daniels: Who is that in the ring and what have they done with Lansdale?! He is a completely different man out there!

    *Tommy struggles to get free, but can’t find a way to do so. He tries rolling on to his stomach and pulling himself towards the ropes, but Lansdale is not making it easy for him. Tommy seems to fade away, but in a moment of returning strength, he digs down deep and pulls himself towards the ropes, and then under them. Lansdale, is forced to let go, due to the position. As he comes up, he is met with a running knee to the back from Mr. Smyth. Over in the corner, DJ Williams is pulling himself from the bulletproof glass. He sees that Tommy is out of his pod and smiles, before finding the strength to get up himself. He waits quietly for Mr. Smyth to turn around, and springboards off the ropes, hitting Smyth with a leaping forearm to the face. Smyth rolls back, and sells the hit. Williams goes to check on Tommy, and pulls him to his feet. Both men turn their attention to Smyth, and go after him. Tommy picks him up, and directs traffic - telling Williams to whoop his ass.*

    Bodom: Yep, looks like Tommy is in there directing traffic. We knew this would happen, Tommy and DJ have a gameplan, work together until they are the last two, and then go from there. No one in there can stop them now. Even though it’s two-two, the numbers game is clear, Tommy and DJ have the advantage.

    *Tommy tosses Smyth down, but Smyth fights back up, hitting both men with lefts and rights, but the numbers game is too much for him. DJ drops him with a kick to the back of the leg, and holds his head. Tommy moves back and points to the sky, and then to Mr. Smyth, running forward and hitting him with a Shining Wizard! But he doesn’t go for the pin, instead, he looks at DJ and tells him to get to climbing. DJ gets a quick grin on his face and climbs up the ropes. Tommy moves Smyth towards the center of the ring, and DJ hit’s the J-Smooth - a Double Rotation Moonsault off the top rope, and quickly moves into the pin.*



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    Morgan: And Mr. Smyth has been eliminated!

    Kingmaker: Whatever their plan is, it is surely working here tonight! Tommy comes in and they are making this a race to the ending.

    *Lansdale climbs back in the ring and rushes past Tommy, dropkicking DJ into the exposed turnbuckle. He is quick to get to his feet, and dodges a shot from Tommy. He grabs Tommy and hits him with a German Suplex, right into DJ Williams. The crowd goes wild, as Lansdale makes it back to his feet. He positions Tommy and DJ side by side and begins drilling each of them with hard shots up close, trying to weaken the body. Tommy answers with a swift knee to the body. DJ comes back with a shot to Lansdale’s jaw. Lansdale tries to get the upper hand back, but both men relentlessly fight back, and pound Lansdale to the mat. Tommy forces Lansdale back up, and whips him towards the ropes, hitting him with a snap scoop power slam. He tells DJ to go back up top. Tommy moves back and watches DJ.*

    Daniels: Looks like they are going for the same sequence they used to put Mr. Smyth away. Tommy kneels down and waits, before giving the go ahead to Williams. Williams goes for the J-Smooth again and it connects. As he comes up… .the crowd is shocked! DJ is shocked! The last thing he sees before he is looking up at the lights, is Tommy Thunder coming in with a vicious Shining Wizard, dropping DJ like a bad habit. Tommy goes into a pin.*



    Morgan: And D-D-DJ is Eliminated.

    The crowd is shocked, as Tommy leans down and tells him - a match is a match and I have to win it. But you did good, and you deserve to be here with me. The referee goes to take DJ out, but has to stop, as Lansdale quickly rolls up Tommy.



    Tommy’s kicks out, and transitions into a Anaconda Vice. Payback from the Lockdown from earlier, Lansdale tries to kick out, trying to loosen the hold, but Tommy has it in tight. He lifts him up, but cannot make it out of the hold. Tommy forces him back down.

    Bodom: Lansdale could tap right here! He could tap to the Anaconda Vice! Wait.. No!

    Lansdale makes it out of the hold, and turns it into a hammerlock, using crafty and agile quick moves. He lays his head on the back of Tommy, to try and catch his breath. He forces his opponent to his feet, but Tommy forces him back against the exposed turnbuckle, but Lansdale doesn’t let him go. Tommy moves away and forces him back against the rope again, this time causing the hold to loosen. Tommy pulls Lansdale over his shoulder, and runs towards the ropes. Lansdale is on his ass, staring down a Wizard, but he ducks backwards to avoid the move. He attempts to pulls Tommy down into another Lockdown, but Tommy is wise on it and avoids it. Both men restart in the middle of the ring, and trade blows, but Tommy ducks under the second from Lansdale and catches him with a quick Storm Effect, a Side Effect.

    Kingmaker: Oooh, looks like Tommy is going to try and put him away here!

    Lansdale is down and Tommy moves back, and prepares his knee for another Wizard. Lansdale comes up and ducks under the next Wizard coming. Tommy has to stop before hitting the ropes and injuring himself more than that has already been done. Lansdale stands up, and both men exchange holds, trying to get the upper hand. Lansdale finally does, and hit’s a German Suplex in the middle of the ring, but can only secure a solid two and three-forths before Tommy kicks out. The crowd boos loudly, and Lansdale looks like he doesn’t know what to do next. He leans down to pick Tommy up, but Tommy rolls him up for a small package. The referee makes it to two and Lansdale kicks out. Lansdale quickly gets away from Tommy, and motions for him to get up. As Tommy gets up, Lansdale grabs him for a Tiger Suplex, but Tommy uses the momentum, to go up and over. He clips Lansdale from behind, and runs the ropes. He bounces off the next set, and drills Lansdale with a Shining Wizard. He falls into a pin.



    Morgan: and Arthur Lansdale has been eliminated! Your winner, and STILL EWNCW Champion, TOMMY THUNDER!

    The cage begins to raise as the referee comes in with Tommy’s belt. He gives the belt to the man and Tommy pushes him away. He drops the belt on Lansdale’s chest and motions towards the back. Out comes Mike Hawk, the winner of the Loser Leaves Town match, and DJ Williams, limping and holding his jaw. They climb into the ring. Tommy pulls DJ in for a hug, and whispers something to him. He then goes to Mike Hawk, who leans down and picks up the belt, and hands it back to Tommy. All three men hold up their hands, as though they have walked out victorious. Tommy’s feet are on Lansdale’s chest now.

    Daniels: My God, what a match, what a match, what a match. Hats off to all six men for putting on a match like that. DJ Williams outlasted three other men and made it to the very end, before Tommy put him down. That is what you call spirit.

    Bodom: No matter what his alignment was, he showed fire and showed he deserved to be headlining shows, but you have to wonder, how does this effect the dynamic of those three? Tommy, effectively, blindsided his friend in DJ Williams to make sure he won.

    Kingmaker: We heard what he said, it’s a match and the best man has to win. We’re going to find out more come Inferno, but for right now, we must stand and take our hats off for the main event we just saw.

    Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen, both in the crowd, and watching at home, be safe. And see on Inferno.

    Bodom: And Rage, damn it, Bob.

    Kingmaker: and Rage.

    *The crowd boos loudly as Tommy holds up his title. Mike Hawk and DJ look pleased with the outcomes of tonight and that Tommy is still champion. DJ rubs his jaw. The show fades out with Tommy Thunder’s eyes closed and the title still in the air as the show fades and we go off air.*

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