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    Bodom: It is now time for the Black Angel to take the stage, with his creepy ass children, and decimate Ano Doom. Angel has all the tools of the trade to give the Man Beast his first loss in months.  

    : That may be true, but Ano Doom has been on a tear of late. In fact, the only edge any has gotten over him has been Angel’s mind games, and Mike Hawk with a pair of brass knuckles, or Eddie with a quick cheap shot.

    Kingmaker: We may not like the beast, but we know he can handle the creepy angel.
    Bodom: At Threat of the Net, the fans voted for a Gates of Hell match, and the week following on Inferno - the Black Angel returned so to speak. With an old film reel accompanying him, The Black Angel revealed he had returned, and showed the voices for what they really were.
    Daniels; “The leprechaun tells me to burn things.”
    Kingmaker: After weeks of taunting, the Angel made his in person return to EWNCW after Mike Hawk dropped Doom with a pair of brass knuckles and left him in a pool of his own blood. Angel vowed to release the Demon within Doom.
    Morgan: Our next match is a single’s match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Netherworld - Accompanied by Sasha Panzer - Ano… DOOOM!
    *The lights go out.*

    *They come back on, as Sasha Panzer holds Ano Doom’s shoulder. They both head towards the ring and slip into it. Sasha crawls out the other side.*

    Kingmaker: And there is the monster.
    Morgan: And his opponent, straight down from Heaven - the Black…. ANGEL!

    *The Black Angel’s music plays as he heads out. The old film reel of the children appear on the titantron, waving towards Black Angel as he climbs into the ting.*
    Bodom: And here come the voices.
    Doom(Kane) vs. Angel(Rey)

    (Stop at 5:07)
    *Doom lifts Angel high into the air and ejects him across the ring, almost torpedoing him into the turnbuckles. Angel hit’s the turnbuckles shoulder first and slumps to the ground. Ano Doom paces back and forth until Sasha orders him after Black Angel. Angel attempts to get to his feet. He can be seen chuckling as Ano Doom approaches him. He drags himself up and kicks Doom in the jaw as he nears, and then pushes up to the top rope, however, his left arm gives out, and he nearly stumbles off. Doom takes advantage of this and grabs him by the throat, executing a powerful choke slam to the outside of the ring. Angel lands hard on his back, writhing in pain. Doom quickly follows him out, and picks him up. One military press later and Angel lands hard on his stomach on the unforgiving apron just outside the ropes. Sasha claps happily in glee, but Doom seems focused entirely on inflicting as much pain as possible on his adversary. He pushes Angel back into the ring, and quickly gets in behind him. The obviously stronger competitor kicks Angel hard in the chest, causing him to roll over to the other side of the ring. Angel’s quick thinking lends itself to him, and he escapes out of the ring, to catch his breath. The referee stands in front of Doom, making sure he doesn’t get out of the ring. During this time, Sasha lines Black Angel up and slaps him hard across the face. The crowd boos loudly at this action. Angel makes it to his feet and looks at Sasha, smiling - daring her to smack the masked man again*
    Bodom: Uh-Oh, I may not like this masked freak, but I dislike you Inferno boys a lot more - and I think Sasha just signed your death warrant. You do not slap the psycho motherfucker that went through the Gates of hell.
    *The Black Angel looks across at Sasha, who is standing defiantly in the face of the Voices, and walks towards her. Doom intercepts him, and grabs him by his head, jerking him up on the apron. Black takes advantage and uppercuts Doom right under the chin. Doom is stunned for a moment and that is all that the diabolic Angel needs. He grabs Doom’s head and runs towards the turnbuckles, then runs up them - from the outside of the ring to the inside, hitting a modified Shiranui, bringing the big man down with the move. The crowd cheers loudly, as Angel goes in for the pinfall.*

    *Doom kicks out with force, sending the Angel away from him, but the agile grappler lands on his feet in a football stance. Doom attempts to get up, but as his head becomes level, The Black Angel rushes forward and leaps, slamming his knees into the masked big man’s face. Doom’s head and chest flies between the second and third rope, hanging just over them. Angel gets up and runs the ropes, coming back to use Doom’s own exposed stomach as a platform. He leaps off Doom’s chest, twists and lands on the top ropes - hitting a Spaceman Double Foot Stomp on Doom’s chest. He pushes down on the top rope to apply more force to Doom’s chest. The referee gets to three and The Black Angel leaps back into the ring. He grabs Doom and drags him back into the ring, but can only score a two count on the big man.*
    Kingmaker: Wow, The Black Angel is really pulling out some new moves. That modified Shiranui, and that Spaceman Double Foot Stomp. Those were magical.
    Bodom: That’s the level of athleticism that we expect over on Rage, you boys don’t have anyone who can even remotely match our very own Black Angel.
    *The Black Angel looks down at Ano Doom, and begins to chuckle. He looks out towards Sasha and tells her to say goodbye to ‘her’ Man Beast, before he begins driving his foot down into the man beast’s head with extreme force. The match goes into another gear as The Black Angel kicks it up, driving foot and forearm into the head of Ano Doom. He lays off Ano Doom, and lets him get up. “Come on my Man Beast. GET UP AND FIGHT ME. GET UP NOW SO I CAN RELEASE YOU.” Doom begins getting to his feet, unaware of Black Angel laying in wait. Sasha is incensed, yelling for Doom to get to his feet. Doom gets up and is immediately greeted with a big forearm shot to the face. He leans against the ropes, and Angel begins laying into him with kicks, and then runs back against the ropes, and comes back for another attempt at the double knee, but Doom catches him, and tosses him up on his shoulders, slamming him down with a big power bomb just off center from the middle of the ring. Doom doesn’t go for the pin, instead goes on the attack, picking Seraphim up and tosses him across the ring, following it up with a short range lariat, and then several more powerful lariats. He begins to choke The Angel, looking into his eyes as the man frantically grips the ropes and the referee tries to get in between them.*
    Bodom: Looks like your monster has lost his temper. Looks like a DQ is coming!
    *The referee begins to count to five, and Doom releases him at the count of four. He pulls his limp opponent to the middle of the ring, and hits him with a swinging sidewalk slam. He transitions into a pinfall, but The Black Angel kicks out at the count of two and two thirds. Doom doesn’t let up, and instead drops a knee down on The Black Angel’s face. He drags his knee back and forth on the masked man’s face. Sasha begins barking out orders, telling Doom to finish The Angel now, and finish him for good. Doom begins breathing heavily, and roughly - picking up the Black Angel and hitting him with a devastating Heart Punch. Angel crumples over, but Doom doesn’t let him fall - instead, he sets him up on the top rope - not by the turnbuckles, in the middle of the top rope. Doom grabs the Angel’s mask, and hits him with a Discus Uppercut to the back of the head, knocking him off the ropes and to the floor. The referee can’t get to Doom in time, and Doom is out of the ring, and has his hands on the Angel, tossing him against the ring apron. He lifts the Black Angel and tosses him into the ring - pulling him out by his head over the apron. Doom lines him up and hit’s a big boot to the side of the Angel’s head.*
    Bodom: What the hell is that angel doing?! Doom should not be the aggressor in this!
    Daniels: The Monster is back in charge! He is taking the fight to Doom!

    *Doom slides back in the ring and brings The Black Angel with him. He tosses the Angel across the ring and sets up for the Kick of the Ancient Curse, a Punt Kick to the side of the head. Sasha yells for him to do it - to finish him! Doom psyches himself up, and rushes off towards the Black Angel. He launches the kick, but the Black Angel moves his head, and rolls out of the way. Doom comes around and catches a super kick to the side of the face, and then grabs him, and launches him across the ring. Doom ricochets off the ropes, and catches a big Superkick that stops him dead in his tracks. The City of Angels drops the big man! The Angel is quick to climb the ropes, lands the Anti-Christ, a Imploding 450. He keeps hold of Doom, and pins him.*

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    *Doom kicks out!*
    Bodom: WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL?!
    Kingmaker and Daniels: YES!!!!!!!!!
    *The Black Angel looks down at Doom and chuckles. “Yes! You’re waking up! Just a little more!” The Angel slaps him, and grabs his mask, pulling him up to his feet. It takes some effort. He hits him with a mule kick, and then quickly climbs the ropes. And leaps off for a Dragonrana. He lands on Doom, but can’t bring the big man over, instead Doom reverses it and transitions it into a Cold Blooded Murder, a Horizontal Muscle Buster. He marches to the middle of the ring, but Seraphim transitions and drops down. He spreads his arms and yells towards Ano Doom, who has turned around. “YOU’VE BEEN RELEASED, MY MAN BEAST. CRAWL FROM YOUR HOLE!” Doom comes around, and snorts at the Black Angel - before hitting him with the Demon’s Trick - a Discus Elbow Strike - knocking the masked Angel to the mat. Doom goes for the pin.*
    Morgan: And your winner, as a result of pinfall - The Demon Cyborg - Ano Doom!
    *Doom moves off The Black Angel and looks at him, sitting beside him before looking at Sasha, who is quickly scrambling into the ring. She stands on top of the Black Angel, heels and all as Doom makes it to his feet and has his hand raised. Both exit the ring.*
    Bodom: I knew that Angel was worthless. William Carlin proved to be superior to him, just like he will tonight; and Ano Doom, a cheap version of Grind Bastard, just defeated him. I hope he gets drafted, we don’t need him.
    Daniels: Oh, what’s the matter, Bodom? Can’t handle the fact that Doom just proved superior to your Roster?
    Bodom: Shut up, Daniels.
    Kingmaker: That was a stellar match. Despite the mind games the Black Angel played over the last month, Doom was able to pull one out for the Inferno squad and for that we thank him.
    Daniels: But I must ask, we saw how Doom looked at the Angel, and then Sasha - were his mind games effective, in a sense? There seemed to be an air of doubt there for a moment, if only just a passing one.
    Bodom: The Black Angel strikes again.

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    Daniels: What a PPV this has been so far and it’s about to heat up once more as we head into an 8-man tag-team match between Team Rage, consisting of The Blue Flash, Mixed Emotions and their captain TBOZ versus Team Inferno, which has DJ Williams, The New Assault Program and their captain Luke Jameson.

    Kingmaker: We are about to have a real battle on our hands here tonight. Two Ignition division wrestlers, two tag-team champions and two mid-card title holders all in one ring? It’s going to be explosive!

    Bodom: It’s two excellent teams but I think there’s an out-balance through one man. TBOZ is a former World Champion, he’s the one with all the veteran experience and I fully expect him to lead Rage to victory.

    Kingmaker: You would say that! First, you’re halfway up TBOZ’s ass and second you represent Rage! I’m going for our International Champion Luke Jameson to pick up the win and Inferno to take the spoils!

    Daniels: If I’m honest, I’m not going to get between you two, but I can’t split this. It’s going to be one hell of a contest.

    #The Blue Flash#

    Jason McManus: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first for Team Rage, straight from The Justice League, The Blue Flash!

    Kingmaker: Oh we best send out the weak link first, get him adjusted to the atmosphere in here so he doesn’t faint just yet.

    Daniels: I think that’s a pretty harsh thing to say, there’s a reason he’s a former Ignition Champion.

    Kingmaker: You said it all with former. It’s been a downward slope for the superhero since then.

    Bodom: He could be the difference tonight and I’m certain Inferno will target him if they can. He really needs to step up tonight and help his team win this thing.

    Jason McManus: And his partners, from Rome, Italy, the World Tag Team Champions, Mixed Emotions!

    Daniels: Well these guys came out and said it a few weeks ago that they were worried that The Blue Flash may lose them the match tonight but they still need to come out and perform.

    Bodom: These are the tag team champions on Rage and I’m sure we will see professionalism from them, they don’t want to get caught in a mindset where they feel going into this that the team is weak.

    Kingmaker: It’s not their fault, it’s their captain TBOZ selecting a weak team-mate and then sticking by that decision. It was poor and it’ll cost them tonight, showing that TBOZ is really just a has-been.

    #The Beard of Zeus#

    Jason McManus: And their captain, from Nottingham, England, it’s the Evolution Champion “The Sheriff of Nottingham” The Beard Of Zeus!

    Bodom: Well this “has-been” is on a bit of a roll since he’s come back, he’s put together what I think is a good team and he will lead them out of this arena tonight victors.

    Kingmaker: As long as his hip doesn’t give in…

    Daniels: TBOZ is the most decorated wrestler in this contest, which has to count for something. He may be able to dig his team out of the trenches when it gets tough tonight.

    Kingmaker: As long as he doesn’t cough up a lung…

    #DJ Williams#

    Jason McManus: And their first opponent, being accompanied by Rosita, representing Team Inferno, from Harlem, New York, it’s “The Ladies Man” DJ Williams!

    Kingmaker: You know, this kid is on a roll too. He won the contract to face the Ignition Champion at any time at and he also beat The Blue Flash two weeks ago in singles competition. He’s the difference tonight and why Inferno will go home victorious.

    Bodom: He’s also the least experienced. Can he hang with everyone under these bright lights tonight? We shall see.

    Daniels: And I’m sure DJ would say plenty about it, but tonight could be a big night for him.

    Jason McManus: And his partners, from Parts Unknown, the current EWNCW Tag Team Champions , The New Assault Program!

    Daniels: Well here come another great tag-team tonight, The New Assault Program are an experienced pair and their team-work could be crucial.

    Bodom: If they listen to Luke, that is. He took them on to the team after Mixed Emotions coxed them into it, he believed in their passion to get the job done and they need to repay the favour tonight.

    Kingmaker: They are damn good enough to make that happen. They’ll get rid of the weak link and beat up those phoney tag-team champs on Rage so that Inferno can stroll into a win.

    Bodom: Pretty confident, aren’t you?

    Kingmaker: How could I not be!? Have you seen this team?! And the best is yet to come!

    Jason McManus: And their captain, from Oakland, California, he is the International Champion, Luke Jameson!

    Bodom: Well this is the night Jameson shows what he’s got. He’s been nothing short of excellent since coming to EWNCW and he’ll want to keep the ball rolling tonight. He’s got a good team, can he rely on them? I’m not so sure.

    Kingmaker: He doesn’t even need to rely on them! If the other three can’t get the job done, I’m sure Jameson will do it himself I have that much confidence in the kid.

    Daniels: 8 top performers in the ring, 7 former champions and we are ready for an epic bout, ring that bell, ref!

    (Cena = TBF, Taker = TBOZ, DX = ME vs Orton = DJ, Legacy = TNAP, Punk = Jameson)

    (Stop at 9:27)

    Daniels: Well it’s been predicted by many, The Blue Flash has been taking a beating for the past five minutes and he’s got to the point where he can barely stand.

    Bodom: It’s upsetting, he just hasn’t got enough to get back in this.

    Kingmaker: It’s incredible, Cris Dimensions just hit him with an enormous clothesline, he looks out for the count.

    *Cris continues to gloat as The Blue Flash lays lifeless in the middle of the ring. He strides around him before tagging in Sean Dimensions, he then lifts The Blue Flash up in a full nelson, allowing Sean to rein blows on his head and chest before the ref makes him leave the ring. Sean hits a big Samoan Drop before attempting a pin*




    Daniels: Sorrow comes in just in time to make the save!

    *This prompts Cris back into the ring, who throws himself at Sorrow, launching them both to the outside. Pride walks over to them along the apron before cross bodying Cris to the ground. A distracted Sean begins to shout at Mixed Emotions, before being told by Jameson to concentrate on the match. He goes back over to The Blue Flash, who has had enough time to recover and manages to hit and enziguri before dropping to the floor*

    Bodom: He’s alive!

    Kingmaker: He was out of this and it was practically won!? How has anyone allowed him to recover!

    Is this a turn in the tide? Can anyone reach their corner!

    *Both TBOZ and Jameson are desperate for the tag, both Sean and TBF are slowly making their way to their respective corners, and both tag out at the same time! It’s TBOZ versus Jameson, they exchange left’s and right’s before Jameson slowly gets the upper hand, he Irish Whips him into the ropes, TBOZ ducks a clothesline and comes back with a spinebuster!*

    Bodom: TBOZ is feeling it!

    Kingmaker: Come on, Jameson! Get off your ass!

    *TBOZ lifts Jameson up, swings him into the corner before landing a few punches and hitting a bulldog on a dazed Jameson. He picks him up off the canvas, lifting him onto his shoulders looking for a Samoan Drop but Jameson slips off, hitting TBOZ with a reverse neckbreaker. Jameson wipes the sweat from his brow, waiting for TBOZ to get up. He attempts a big boot, but TBOZ ducks, lifts Jameson again but he reverses, pushes TBOZ into the ropes and the big boot connects!*

    What a big boot from Jameson! That’s taken TBOZ’s lights out!

    Cover! Have Inferno won!?



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    Bodom: And there is Pride, Mixed Emotions save Rage again!


    *After Pride makes the save, Cris and Sean come in and hit him with a double clothesline over the top, taking them all on to the floor below. Then, across the ring comes a sprinting Sorrow, who springboards off the ropes onto all three on the ground!*

    Daniels: Well that looks like it’s taken all those four out!

    Bodom: Sorrow you crazy fool! Who will save Rage now?

    Kingmaker: Finish him Jameson! Win it for Inferno!

    *Jameson waits for TBOZ as he groggily rises to his feet, waiting behind him before applying the Full Nelson Lock! It’s in deep, he moves further away from TBOZ’s corner but DJ leans in and tags himself in for Jameson*

    Bodom: What in the world is DJ doing?

    Kingmaker: He wants to make a name for himself, the kid sees his name in lights, go get TBOZ!

    *Jameson begrudgingly goes to stand on the apron as DJ walks in and begins to lift up a beaten TBOZ, he goes for the Respect Females, flipping TBOZ over him but TBOZ pushes him before the cutter, DJ turns round and is hit with Divine Intervention, TBOZ’s patented fisherman suplex with a bridge!*

    Kingmaker: WHAT!?

    It’s a cover!



    *At this point, Jameson enters to make the save but The Blue Flash comes out of nowhere with a flying cross body, stopping Jameson from making the save!*


    Jason McManus: Here are your winners, the team of TBOZ, The Blue Flash and Mixed Emotions, Team Rage!

    Bodom: Yes! Yes! Yes! I told you that Rage would win, The Blue Flash proved not to be a weak link but making the crucial save that got Rage the victory!

    Kingmaker: No! If it wasn’t for the big-headedness of DJ, Inferno would have won through Jameson. I can’t believe that and now I have to sit next to this taunting buffoon for a little longer yet!

    Bodom: Can’t handle the heat? Getting a little “ragey” there Kingy? Rage showed tonight that they wanted it that little more, what a win.

    Daniels: It was an incredible spectacle for the fans, it went back and forth but in the end it’s Rage taking home the bragging rights in this one!

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    Bodom: And here is ladies and gentlemen, the crème del a crème of the night. The main event. Where Team Rage decimates Team Inferno. Gillz has already been taken out by the returning Krysys in spectacular fashion, and now, this is a handicapped match. How in the world do you expect Shuriken and Tommy to overcome the outright skill of Team Rage? It just cannot happen and it just will not happen.
    Daniels: Well you could be right there Bodom. As we saw earlier, Gillz was taken out by Krystian Krysys, and we're now hearing that he is unable to compete here tonight. But Tommy Thunder and Shuriken is the dream team. Carlin, Shaz, and Ronaldo may be formidable, but Team Inferno will pull the victory out and do it in a way that will shut you up for a whole year.
    Kingmaker: This match is going to be a nail biter.
    Bodom: Look, your whole team has a bounty on their head. Two men took out Gillz at the last supershow, and then he was taken out by one of your very own earlier tonight. The way things are looking the deck is stacked against you and the hole you people yourselves in over the past month is one that even Stanley Yelnats couldn’t crawl his way out of.
    Daniels: Did you just reference holes?
    Bodom: Yes I did. Face it. Your team stinks. Tommy barely inched his way out of three high profile matches with the title, Shuriken is flanked by a woman in hopes she’ll keep him sane, Gillz is a Zero, I believe someone may have cursed Inferno, and quite frankly, whoever it was, I’d shake their hands.
    Kingmaker: You are impossible, you know that?
    Bodom: No, I just play for the right team and call it as I see it.
    Morgan: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our main event. Team Rage vs. Team Inferno. It is an elimination match - the last team standing will take bragging rights for ONE year!

    *The Music for Inferno plays - and the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder, and the Legend, Shuriken Blade, make their way out to the stage. Standing side by side the crowd cheers them and gives them a standing ovation. Both men head down towards the ring and slip in. Tommy holds the title up, while Shuriken and Panda sit on the turnbuckle.*

    *Three men come out towards the stage, making up Team Rage. The EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion stands in between the Superior Technician William Carlin and the Rapid King Shaz. The crowd half boos and half cheers them as Ronaldo holds the title in the air. They climb in the ring, and Morgan takes her position.*
    Morgan: Introducing first, standing to my left. ‘The Superior Technician’ William Carlin! ‘The Rapid King’ Shaz! And the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion!
    *Team Rage stand in the middle of the ring. Ronaldo gets in Tommy’s face and holds up his title, proclaiming to be the superior champion. Shaz and Carlin get in the face of Shuriken, all three men jaw jacking. The crowd boos Team Rage.*
    Bodom: Otherwise known as Team Rage. Or, as some of you may know it, The EWNCW Dream Team. You know what that means? The winners of tonight’s main event. That’s right folks, you heard it here, you can all go home now, or you can sit and watch greatness in action!
    Daniels: You mean the team that had Gillz attacked at the last supershow? And the team that is probably happy now that Gillz was attacked by Krysys of all people?!

    Bodom: Hey! Not my fault there is some inner turmoil going on within the ranks of Inferno. Don’t blame Rage because Staples can’t keep his kids friendly with each other in the sandbox.
    Morgan: And their opponents, from Team Inferno, and standing to my right. Accompanied to the ring by Panda…. Ryusuke SHURIKEN BLADE Serra!!!! And his tag team partner, the EWNCW Champion, ‘The Storm’ Tommy Thunder!

    *Tommy slaps his title and starts a TOMMY! Chant, while Shuriken stands up on a turnbuckle. Shuriken points back to Carlin, Shaz, and Ronaldo, while Tommy stands in front of all three, holding the title.*
    Kingmaker: As we can all see right now, it’s only two members of Team Inferno, and here is why. Gillz was in the back, preparing for this match right here, when he was attacked by masked men. The first turned out to be RTE talent Kaige Chamberlain, while the second ran in and saved him, only to reveal his true colors, by attacking Gillz. He revealed himself at that point to be Krysys, a man we haven’t seen since Tommy drove his face through a table with his signature move, the Shining Wizard.
    Bodom: Inferno seems intent on destroying each other, and I love every minute of it. Every. Single. One.
    Daniels: No matter what you say, the fact remains the same. Two on Three, Inferno is still the better brand and tonight, we will prove it. Tommy and Shuriken will walk away tonight as the victors, and Team Rage will walk away with their tails tucked between their legs.
    Bodom: Fat chance, Daniels. Fat. Chance.

    *The referee rings the bell, and Carlin kicks off the match with Shuriken. The top of the action sees a elbow and collar tie up, with the superior mat technician getting the advantage of his high flying foe. Carlin keeps Shuriken grounded with a great mixture of headlocks, and wristlocks, countering the man’s every attempt to get off the ground and get momentum on his side. Carlin transitions from a side mount, to an attempt at a Kokina clutch - but Shuriken manages to block it. Shuriken spins out of an attempted headlock, and straps on in of his own. He begins lifting Carlin off the mat, and driving knees into his head. Carlin pushes him back against the ropes, and hit’s a back body drop when Shuriken comes back. But the wily Shuriken manages to land on his feet, and measures Carlin for a swift kick to the left leg, and then a big kick to the head. Carlin falls over, and Shaz tags himself in. He immediately goes after Shuriken, beating him back towards the ropes, and then pushing him towards Tommy Thunder. “Tag him in.” Shuriken looks at Shaz, and then reaches up to tag in Tommy, Tommy slips through the ropes, and locks up with Shaz, who immediately breaks the hold and tags in Ronaldo.*
    Daniels: We’re seeing some quick tags here. Could be a very smart plan by Rage. Quick, fresh tags, keep things mixed up and Inferno on the defensive.
    Bodom: And that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days all your snide ass remarks are going to come back and bite you~~~~~~
    Kingmaker: Bodom has gone off the deep end.

    *Ronaldo and Tommy lock up, but Ronaldo forces him back into enemy territory, and the beat down begins. Ronaldo forces Tommy down, and Carlin hops down from the apron, grabbing Tommy’s neck and pulling it back. Shaz quickly runs down the side of the ring, forcing the referee’s attention away while the two on one attack continues. Shuriken tries to stop it, but is stopped by the referee and is forced back to his side of the ring. At the same time, Shaz makes a beeline back and kicks Tommy square in the head. Ronaldo reaches down and picks him up, dragging him to the middle of the ring. Ronaldo goes for the pinfall, but Tommy manages to kick out by the count of three. He brings himself to his knees, and reaches over to tag Shaz back into the match, who immediately goes on the assault. He rushes towards Tommy, kicking him square in the chest as he makes his pass, and then drops a elbow on him, as Tommy goes to his back. The Rage supporters in the crowd goes nuts as the EWNCW Champion is on his back and looking defeat in the face. Shaz parades around the ring, soaking in the cheers, and then mocking the crowd a bit. He points down towards Tommy Thunder and the Inferno supporters start to cheer. Shuriken is on the apron hyping up their half of the crowd, jumping up and down reaching out towards Tommy for a tag. Shaz looks over at him, and drops to his knees. He grabs Tommy by the leg, and begins dragging him across the ring, towards Shuriken. He looks towards Shuriken and hands him Tommy’s foot, just out of reach. “Tag him! Go ahead! Tag him in! COME ON SHURIKEN! COME IN THE RING, SO I CAN WHOOP YOUR ASS TOO!” Shaz gets a smile on his face, “OH YOU CAN’T DO IT!” Shaz gets up, and pulls Tommy towards the middle of the ring, and locks in the Muta Lock, making sure to face towards Shuriken, to continue the taunting. Tommy struggles to break free, but the much fresher Shaz has the advantage!*
    Bodom: Look at that. A thing of beauty, A thing of Beauty! I must tell you, that is beautiful, absolutely wonderful and all of the above.
    Daniels: Come on, Tommy - get out of there! Don’t you dare tap! We are already one man down, and Shuriken doesn’t need to face this alone!

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    Bodom: What, the legend can’t handle those three?! BUHAHAHAH. We got this in the bag.
    Kingmaker: Look at that! Tommy is fighting out of it! Tommy has escaped, Tommy has escaped!
    *Back in the ring, Tommy has rolled towards Shuriken and tagged him in. Shuriken springboards off the top rope and over Shaz who charges at him. Shuriken continues across the ring, and slams a Shoryuken into the chest of Ronaldo. He nimbly slips through the ropes, and hit’s a hurricarana on Ronaldo. Carlin attempts to jump on Shuriken, but Shuriken rolls out of the way and slips back into the ring. He ducks under a clothesline from Shaz and hits him with a kick to the back of the head. Inferno supporters begin to cheer loudly, as Shuriken goes on the attack. He whips Shaz into the worst corner for him and begins driving foot after foot into his gut. He and Tommy exchange quick tags, putting boots and forearms to Shaz’s head and body, before Shuriken decides to stay in the ring. Tommy waves it off, and gives him the ‘go ahead’ gesture. He pretends to whip Shaz across the ring, towards his corner, but suddenly shoots him back towards Tommy. Shaz manages to stop himself and slams a fist into Tommy’s face. Tommy attempts to get into the ring, and the referee has to stop him. Shaz takes advantage and hits Shuriken low. Shuriken falls over and the crowd boos. Shaz quickly moves across the ring, and tags in Carlin. At the same time, due to his proximity, Shuriken tags in Tommy Thunder and rolls out of the ring. Tommy comes in like a bat out of hell, and they go at it. Carlin uses his superior technical prowess to overpower Tommy and throw him around. He grabs Tommy and goes for a big German Suplex, but Tommy is quick to reverse the move, and locks on a waistlock. Carlin reverses the waistlock, and runs Tommy towards the ropes, inadvertently, the ropes where Shuriken is! Tommy grabs the ropes, and Carlin is sent back alone. When he comes back up, Tommy blasts him with a Shining Wizard, and falls into the pin.

    Bodom: No! NO! NO! NO!


    Morgan: And William Carlin has been eliminated!

    Daniels: And now it’s two on two! Shuriken and Tommy vs. Ronaldo and Shaz. Can Rage handle it?! Or will Inferno keep up this momentum!

    *Ronaldo is quick to get in the ring, but Tommy has already tagged in Shuriken and got out of the ring! Tommy slowly makes to the apron, but his steps are slow to try and limit the pain in his back. Ronaldo and Shuriken lock up, but Ronaldo is smart and overpowers him, quickly positioning him for the Wrath of Remus, but Shuriken is able to avoid it. Ronaldo gets a sick look on his face, and goes back after Shuriken, but Shuriken uses his unique mix of speed and agility to slink around Ronaldo and pepper him with kicks. Ronaldo drops to one knee and attempts to come back up, but Shuriken aids the process! How?! By lifting him onto his shoulders, for the Seppuku! A Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster. As Ronaldo is tossed down, he lands on his feet and grabs Shuriken by his legs, and transitions into a kneebar. Shuriken screams in pain and claws towards the ropes, but cannot find any nearby. Tommy makes it to the apron and attempts to rally Shuriken. Shuriken looks towards Tommy and extends his hand, and Tommy reaches back - neither of them able to reach the other. Ronaldo looks at Tommy and says, “I AM THE SUPERIOR CHAMPION!” Tommy shakes his head, and continues egging Shuriken on. Shuriken attempts to crawl towards the ropes, so Ronaldo breaks the hold. Shuriken kicks up, and kicks Ronaldo back, but his leg is definitely in pain. Shuriken grips his knee, and tries to make it towards Tommy. They are inches apart!*
    Kingmaker: Tommy is raring to go! Tommy is raring to go! Shuriken is so close, and he is ready to go! Come on Shuriken, get that tag! Get that tag!
    Bodom: GO ahead, it doesn’t matter which of you is in that ring! It ju---
    *Shuriken reaches out for the tag, but… wait…*
    *Tommy has dropped down from the apron, and grabs his belt. Shuriken leans over the ropes, and yells what’s he doing, but Tommy just walks away with the EWNCW Championship. Ronaldo and Shaz look on as Tommy walks away - the crowd booing loudly. Tommy doesn’t look at either of them, and just walks away.*
    *Shuriken is all alone, Shaz and Ronaldo go after him with lefts and rights. Ronaldo jumps to the top rope, and Shaz grabs Shuriken from behind to hold him steady. Ronaldo draws boos from the crowd, as he stands on top of the turnbuckle, before leaping off for a missile dropkick. Shuriken ducks down and rolls forward, causing Ronaldo to drills Shaz with a big dropkick to the chest. Shaz is knocked out of the ring, and Ronaldo doesn’t know how it happened. Ronaldo turns around, and Shuriken blasts him with a knee to the face. He follows through with a pin, and gets the three count!*

    : It’s a one on one match, and Shuriken is coming in hot off some momentum. Can he continue riding this wave, or will The Rapid King derail the Blade where it sits?!

    *Shaz is slow to get up, but he makes it into the ring. Shuriken is in the far corner nursing his knee, leaving Shaz an opening to attack - which the King makes full use of. He targets the knee with huge stomps. With Shuriken sufficiently weakened, Shaz lifts him into the air for an Airplane Spin. Round and Round, Shuriken goes, the crowd booing Shaz loudly. Shaz doesn’t seem to care, and he deposits Shuriken down in a fashion that involves Shuriken’s bad left knee. Shuriken immediately grabs it, and tries to get out of the ring, but Shaz is right after him. He drapes Shuriken’s knee over the bottom rope, and runs towards the ropes that are parallel to Shuriken’s body, and hit’s a springboard moonsault right on Shuriken’s body. Bodom is on commentary going crazy. Shaz is on fire, and pulls Shuriken into the middle of the ring and goes for the pin.*

    *Shuriken kicks out, but Shaz isn’t perturbed by it, instead he motions for Shuriken to get up. “BEST IN THE WORLD!” He pulls Shuriken in for the move, and shows him off to the crowd. He begins to go for the move, but Shuriken tries to reverse it and power him up, but his left knee buckles, and Shuriken goes down. Shaz gets a crazed look on his face, and pulls Shuriken to his feet, and brutally kicks him in the knee. Shuriken goes down, but Shaz catches him, and pulls him in for the BITW, a Canadian Destroyer. He hops, and executes the move flawlessly, spiking Shuriken down on his head. Shaz quickly moves into the pin and demands the referee begin his count.*
    Bodom: And here it comes! Here it comes!
    Daniels: Come on Shuriken! Kick out! Kick out shuriken! Get out of there now!

    Morgan: And your winners, by pinfall, and walk out - Team. RAGE!

    *Bodom throws down his headset and explodes into a dance on top of the announce desk. He mocks Daniels and Kingmaker from his high perch and looks on in the ring, as Shaz has his hand raised in victory. The crowd boos Shaz, who looks into the sky and soaks it all in.*
    Daniels: Well, shit - now we have to deal with Bodom for the rest of the night, in fact - the rest of the year. Tommy is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Why did he walk out on Team Inferno when we needed him the most?
    Kingmaker: And that is the show folks. Tune in to Rage and Inferno to see the much anticipated follow up to Raging Inferno, and to see how we kick off, the road to Day of Reckoning. Did Abel get the match he was angling for with Grind Bastard and Ano Doom? How will AJ Dixon react to getting his title shot? Will he cash in on it soon, or will he bide his time? How will Inferno handle the return of Krysys? What will Sasha have to say following Ano Doom’s monumental victory over The Black Angel?!

    *The show goes off air with Team Rage standing victorious in the ring*
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    Thumbs up The man behind the character: Matt Elder

    A sit down interview with Matthew Joespeh Elder, The man behind the legend of Legends Matt Elder (questions by John C. Nutzz).

    Here's the first question, from a rather "chunky" fan.
    Hi Matt, I wanted to know which EwncW talents are in your Top 5 ?

    Matt: Good question, I know my top 3 straight but the other 2 takes some thinking about. Some of the talents are no longer around but never the less I think there awesome characters and users seem to really be writing through the eyes of their character.
    Firstly Ill start with Solla The albino Rhino played by TheBoogeyman. Man when he first pitched the idea to me when i was head of EWNCW i was really unsure about how much creepy stuff he could come with, but man he had issues cos week in week out he was topping his previous work. The thing with being a writer is you see alot of stuff that doesnt always make the shows, and this guy week in week was having more stuff not posted than was being posted. The character really got me and i enjoyed finding out what he was doing week in week out.

    Secondly theres Nightwolf, Whilst I never really had that much to do with the character of the guy he had a really good feel to his work... I really got behind the edgy darker character.

    Next up is old faithful TBOZ, behind the scenes and on shows what a guy he is to work with. Bearing in mind Force of Greatness and Godmoney had some of the best feuds efeds have seen you just cant deny how good a righter this guy is, When doing multi man promos and your struggeling to come up with a reply that shows me how good a promo is. With out a doubt TBOZ is 1 of the best efeds will ever see.

    Down to my final 2 and next up is Mark Dimension. Another guy that debuted under my time as a writer and I worked alot with Chunky to make sure the debut was what it should be, He really knew how to portray is character which at first I didnt think he could do but ultimatly I was wrong. Everything worked and IMO 1 of the greatest efed charcaters were bored.

    Last and certainly not least will be a man thats in 90% of peoples top 5, The man, The legend Tommy Thunder! From the begining Tommy has always stood head and shoulders above others and he really as paved the way for other chaacters in EFED's. The fact that he's still on top just proves how good the guy is. He's the Punk of efeds, no matter how he's going with he can make any fued look outstanding.

    Question 2
    how did you feel about breaking away from tag team format wrestling with Tai Nights and being placed in the ignition division angle soon after?

    I never really wanted to be in a tag-team to be honest. But when the feds first started there was a severe lack of people willing to be teams, So I bit the bullet and did what was "best for business". I put a post out asking if anybody else was interested and up stepped Tai "greatness" Nights and Force of Greatness was born. I know Ive taken time away etc but Tai wasnt around that long so he soon become a bot and a character I was writing for, Whilst doing this I could never really get a feel for my own character so was happy when I got the chance to go at it alone especially having a heel turn at the same time, Im also really glad that I got brought into the ignition division, Its not easy for me to put my character into words but i feel like im just starting to get Him over on paper as a picture him in my head and working with some of the guys in the ignition scene as really helped me with that.

    Question 3
    How do you feel about other EFEDS?

    I think anybody who has the commitment and determination to make a Efed work is a credit to themselves, Until you've been in the position of writing you really dont understand how much work it is, This is the reason why when I first took over EWNCW the first order of business for me was to get a creative team, which I believe we was the first fed to do that. I believe its so important to have people helping you for many reasons but the main reason being to ensure the show goes on, A good example was I had to stop due to family reasons and the show still went up cos there were other guys to take over. This is where I think some efeds go wrong.
    Also I believe there has been to many fed's. Personally Id like to see 1-2 feds and spread writers/characters across the 2, This way it keeps thread activity at a maximum and ensures that theres alway enough writer to give out the best possible product. But this is just my opinion and Kudos to anybody that takes on the responcability of a efed.

    Question 4
    Who is your favourite wrestler?

    Mmmmmm good question, I'd say I have 3. From differant era's.
    As a kid I was a huge Ultimate Warrior Fan, I dunno the guy just give me goose pimples when he rang down to the ring, I was only a little kid about 4 years old when I started watching wrestling and that guy got me hooked. I remember I won a fancy dress competition as butlins dressed as him and I also cried when Papa Shango cast the voodoo and had oil coming out of his hair lol.

    Next up was The Rock I dont think I need to explain why, when that guy got on the mic I just listened. he is so whitty its unblieveable.

    Next up is MRRRRRR KENNNEDDYYY................ANDER-SOOOOOON
    I just think the guy is great all round talent, he can work the ring, the mic everything. I honestly believe is the closest comparison to The Rock will see for a long time. I also like the whole What if surrounding him. What if he'd have stay with WWE? I remember when he returned to Raw for the 5 on 5 match on team Lakers...I thought this is it, its his time and then next thing you know he's gone and being wasted in TNA, I'd love to see the guy return.

    Question 5
    So what else do you do other than E'feding?

    I have 2 loves in my life, Family and Football....which comes first...I couldnt say haha, seriosuly though. Im married with 4 youg children Luke 8, Amelia 5, Elissa 4 and Jordan 3. Been with my wife for 9 years and married 1. There my world and love spoiling them rotten. Taking them to coast and all out just spoiling them.
    After that comes football, (Soccer for you none domesticated people ).
    Huge Leeds United Fan and also play/manage a Sunday League team which takes up alot of time but on the upside also comes hand in hand with drinking, So after football in the morning we open Sunday Club and forget the week, so if im not usually active on a Monday thats why, The fact that im 10 years older than most of players usually explains me trying to keep up and being worse than them the morning after.

    im very lucky in my life Ive expieranced alot, and been alot of places. Im blessed with health and good fortune so I tend to spend my time appreciating that and Making the most of what life can offer.

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    A fantastic read there from Matt and chunkky!
    I have to say that I agree with several points Matt made in question 3, pretty much how I feel about the e-fed section. Also, nice to see him give a shout-out to old-school characters like Nightwolf and Solla Mafoa'i!
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    For anyone who missed it in the fillers of the latest edition of Rage, EWNCW will be once again holding the EWNCW Awards show, the night before Destiny's Calling.
    Categories and nominees to be announced in the coming days!

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    There will also be another, unrelated, announcement in the discussion thread directly following this ppv being posted.

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