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    Jason McManus: This next match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing Inferno, the team of Michael Archangel and Andy Cannon!

    Bob Daniels: We're continuing with our ppv here and up next we have the Inferno duo of Andy Cannon and Michael Archangel taking on the Rage pairing of Jman and an unlikely, and perhaps unwilling partner in the form of K-Jammin.

    Bodom: Don't get me started on that toolbag. You've seen how he's been for the past few weeks. He's not talking is he? Know why? Because he has something to hide! Jman's been asking him simple straight up questions and he's not been able to answer because he knows that we all know the answers. And here tonight, he's going to cost Rage a victory.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Well let's not forget here, Jman is a former number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. And K-Jammin is a former World Heavyweight Champion. Our team here consists of Michael Archangel; a rookie for most people, and Andy Cannon, a former Inferno Ignition Champion. Inferno is grossly outmatched to me here!

    Jason McManus: And their opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jman!

    Bodom: See?! Cannon and Archangel came out TOGETHER because they're partners. Does K-Jammin come out with Jman? No. That man is an absolute joke!

    Kingmaker: I think you have to consider the fact that K-Jammin may not even turn up, let alone that he's not coming out with his partner here tonight!

    *Jman enters the ring and stands opposite Cannon and Archangel. He looks nervous, obviously not sure if K-Jammin is going to turn up or not*

    Bodom: He's not coming is he?! That man is a let down. A let down to himself, a let down to this company, a let down to life itself. He's a massive waste of......

    Jason McManus: And his partner, from London, England; K-Jammin!!

    Bodom: Mother of God! He's here!

    Daniels: Well he is here, but we still don't know what's up with K-Jam these days. He's yet to say a word since returning!

    *K-Jammin stays on the outside of the ring as the crowd give a very mixed, mostly negative reaction. Jman is starring back at him. Eventually K-Jam gets up on the apron really not looking bothered at all and it looks as if Jman will start things off for Rage*

    Kingmaker: Well I have absolutely NO idea how this match is going to pan out! I can't wait to get things started!

    Daniels: and that's exactly what we're going to do right now! Let's take it to the ring!

    *Archangel and Cannon talk among themselves for a bit, and then Archangel leaves the ring and stands on the apron. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins! Jman and Cannon pace around the center of the ring for a bit, taking shots at each other when the opportunity reveals itself. Jman then manages to kick Cannon's shin twice, then grabs Cannon's leg and sweeps his foot under Cannon's other leg, knocking him down to the mat! Jman then grabs Cannon's leg and twists it a bit before slamming it down to the mat hard. Jman then stomps the knee and drags Cannon over to K-Jam's corner. Jman extends his hand to K-Jam, but K-Jam is too busy picking at his nails.*

    Daniels: Oh come on! Pay attention to the damn match!

    Bodom: You all saw this coming, I told you about this!! This man really doesn't give a damn about what happens here tonight!! This is turning into a damn handicap match!! Cleverly's made a huge error here!!

    Kingmaker: Well handicap match or not, Cannon and Archangel have to get the job done here and watch out for complacency!

    *Jman throws Cannon down to the mat and starts to question K-Jam, asking him why he is even out here if he is going to help. Before K-Jam has any time to respond, Cannon pulls Jman down to the mat and rolls him up with a cradle pin!




    Jman manages to kick out before three, but then Cannon kicks him on the kidney hard. Jman starts to slump down onto his side but Cannon grabs him and drags Jman away from K-Jam's corner and to the center of the ring. Cannon once again kicks Jman in the kidney, but then drops his knee down onto the kidney and presses into it hard! Cannon gets off from Jman then drags him to Archangel. Cannon tags Archangel in and then Archangel climbs into the ring and lifts Jman from the mat and shoves him into the turnbuckle hard.*

    Daniels: These two men are keeping Jman from his partner and that is one of the best tactics to use in a tag team match.

    Kingmaker: They don't need to do that though, K-Jam won't even let Jman tag him in! Hell, he may even just join in on the beat down!

    Bodom: For once, I think you're actually right! And I wouldn't be surprised one bit!

    *Archangel lays hard right hands into Jman's side, softening up the kidney area more with each blow. Archangel then climbs up onto the middle rope with Jman still against the turnbuckle, and then wraps his forearm around Jman's neck and brings him down to the mat hard with a DDT! Archangel rolls away from Jman then gets back to his feet, bouncing around the ring a bit and getting himself fired up. Jman slowly gets to his feet, and once he is standing Archangel charges at him with a full head of steam and goes for a clothes line ...

    But Jman stops him dead in his tracks with the Good Match, Let's Go Eat from out of no where!! The impact from the kick is so powerful that Archangel falls backwards and rolls out of the ring! Jman realizes that Archangel has fallen out of the ring, so he looks to K-Jam with a look of disbelief. K-Jam leans against the turnbuckle, staring down at Archangel. Jman then shakes his head and rolls to the outside and slowly starts to lift Archangel up and then rolls him into the ring. Jman slides in then covers Archangel!



    NO! Archangel rolls his shoulder off from the mat right before three! Jman looks to the referee and holds up thee fingers, but the referee says two. Jman slowly gets to his feet and reaches out to K-Jam for the tag, but K-Jam just keeps ignoring him. While Jman is distracted by K-Jam, Archangel slowly rolls his way over to Cannon then manages to get the tag without Jman seeing! Jman turns around as Cannon charges him, but then Jman tosses Cannon over the top rope! Jman thinks Cannon went to the floor, but he lands on the apron with both feet! Jman turns around to survey his damage, but is punched on the jaw hard by Cannon! Cannon gets back into the ring and goes for a flying crossbody to Jman, but Jman catches him!...

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    Jman goes for a tilt-a-whirl side slam, but Cannon manages to reverse the slam into a DDT! Both men are down now, and K-Jam seems to be concerned about his partner! K-Jam then reaches his hand out to Jman!!!*

    Daniels: Look! Look! K-Jam wants in now! He wants to help Jman!

    Kingmaker: What?!

    Bodom: What the hell is this?! It doesn't even make any sense!!

    *Jman looks up to see K-Jam reaching out for him, and a grin stretches along Jman's face. Jman slowly starts to crawl towards K-Jam while holding his lower back, but then Cannon starts to get to his feet. Cannon shakes the cobwebs from his head as Jman slowly inches closer to K-Jam! Cannon then realizes what is about to happen, so he dives at Jman ... But Jman manages to tag K-Jam in!! Cannon lands face first onto the mat when he dives for Jman, then rolls onto his back while holding his nose. K-Jam climbs to the top rope, then launches himself and lands on Cannon with a moonsault!

    K-Jam jumps back to his feet and picks Cannon up. K-Jam whips Cannon into the ropes, then hits Cannon with a flying forearm smash to the face! K-Jam jumps up once again, runs for the ropes and springboards off from them and connects his elbow to Cannon's chest! K-Jam rolls away from Cannon's chest and grabs his legs and attempts to lock in the sharpshooter, but Cannon pulls himself away with the bottom rope. Cannon pulls himself up with the rope, but then K-Jam kicks him in the gut hard and throws him into Archangel, causing Cannon to fall back into K-Jam! Archangel flies to the outside of the ring and bounces off of the announcers table hard!

    K-Jam takes hold of Cannon and whips him to the ropes once more, and then goes for the Head Jam but Cannon ducks the shot and lifts K-Jam into the air for a spinebuster, but K-Jam slides down his back and rolls Cannon up!




    Daniels: The pace of this match has really picked ...

    Would you shut up, they're back at it!

    Like he was saying ... The pace has picked up and these two men are trying their hardest to win the match for their brand!

    *K-Jam and Cannon get back to their feet and begin to trade blows, but then Archangel can be seen climbing onto the top turnbuckle! K-Jam seems Archangel up top, so he hits Cannon with an elbow shot to the temple and then throws him to the turnbuckle where Archangel is ... But Archangel flies off from the top with a diving spear ...

    GOOD MATCH, LET'S EAT! Jman comes out of no where and super kicks Archangel mid air!! Archangel drops to the mat out cold and rolls from the ring. Cannon backs away from the turnbuckle and turns to see Jman and K-Jam facing him. K-Jam and Jman look at each other, nod, then both men super kick Cannon at the same time! Cannon drops to the mat and then K-Jam covers him!




    Jason McManus: Here are your winners ... Jman and K-Jammin!

    Even though K-Jam spent most of his time on the outside ... He may have shown his true colors tonight by working with Jman!

    I am honestly speechless. I can't wait to hear why the hell he did this!!

    That match was superb and all four men should be proud. Its these kind of matches that prove why EWNCW is a force to be reckoned with!

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    *Cameras go backstage and we see Gillz warming up for his match later tonight. A noise is heard and Gillz looks up quickly. Not seeing anything he goes back to getting ready, but just like that, he is attacked from behind by a masked individual.

    The man slams Gillz into the lockers repeatedly, before he slams Gillz to the floor. The man begins to kick Gillz in the stomach, over and over again. He gives one final kick to Gillz, that leads to a rather loud groan from the former Champ.

    The masked man walks over and grabs a pipe. He looks down at Gillz who is trying to get to his feet, but can't manage to do so. The masked man walks over and drives the pipe into Gillz' back, causing Gillz to drop hard to the ground as he gasps for air. The masked an puts the pipe to Gillz' head and raises it up, preparing for what one would think, to be a lethal blow to Gillz. However, the pipe is grabbed and yanked out of the man's hand. The man turns around to see another man, the hooded individual, standing in front of him. The man goes to attack, but gets the pipe in the midsection.

    The man drops hard to a knee, and the hooded man tosses the pipe aside as he looks down at the other man. He reaches for the man's mask and pulls it off. Cameras pan around and we see that the man is none other than RTE Wrestler Kaige Chamberlin. Kaige gets up and tries to flee, but the hooded man stops him. Kaige and the man share a look, but only briefly as Kaige is knocked dead with a Spear. The hooded man stares down at Kaige before walking over to Gillz.

    Gillz is slowly getting to his feet, as the hooded man helps him up. Gillz seems weary of the man, but shakes his hand and thanks him for the help. He goes to walk away, but the man stops him. He turns Gillz around and then viscously clotheslines him. Tha fans can be heard booing loudly as the man walks over Gillz. He grabs Gillz leg and lifts it up applying a move widely known to the world as the Brock Lock, but the fans in attendance know it as something different.

    The fans are booing even louder now, as Gillz is screaming in agony, pleading for help. After several minutes help finally comes in the form of refs and security who pull the man off Gillz. Camaeras are behind the man as he throws of his hood revealing himself for the first time. The man is bald, with a giant X tattooed on the back of his skull. As the cameras pan around, we finally know who the man is... Krystian Krysys.

    Krysys is laughing as he looks at Gillz. He pushes security away and sits next to Gillz. He looks at Gillz who stares blankly at him and with that Krysys whispers but a few words..*

    Krysys: You're welcome...

    *Krysys continues to laugh now as he is pulled away by security so medics can check on Gillz.*

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    Daniels: Well pretty disturbing scenes backstage there, and I'm hearing now that we hope to bring you an update on how Gillz is doing later tonight after he was taken out by a returning Krystian Krysys there.

    Kingmaker: Disturbing indeed, but what does this mean for Inferno now that Krysys is back in the game?

    Daniels: I guess we'll find out next week, but for now, it's time for another matchup we have here gentlemen.

    Bodom: I can't wait for this match. I hope Rage can pull one over Inferno here tonight.

    Kingmaker: Really? That's all your worried about Bodom? I on the other hand expect a very good match here between this two wrestlers.

    *Outcomes Arthur to many cheers from the fans here tonight. He gets a little smirk on his face by the way he is getting a response. It seems like he was expecting some boos from some Rage fans, but it seems otherwise. Arthur walks down the ramp and high fives many of the people in the right side of him. He finally makes it to the front of the ring, but he stays out there for a bit longer. Lansdale then thinks about it and he decides to go over to the right side and high five those people as well. He then does that an looks really more excited than before. Arthur then slides into the ring and greets the referee for this match. He then goes over to ring ropes and raises up there and waves to the fans while getting more cheers. He then sits down on the ring rope and waits his opponent.*

    Ladies and gentlemen, this following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is a man who is representing Thursday Night Inferno. From Manchester, England.... He is Arthur Lansdale!!!

    *As soon as McManus finishes his introduction of Arthur first the theme song of Darren Bull hits. The fans soon change from all the pops to immediate booing.*

    Come on, we need to show some support for our Rage group. Where did all the Rage fans go to? They need cheer for Darren Bull.

    Daniels: I hope you are kidding for once there Bodom. Darren Bull doesn't deserve to be even get one cheer or pop from the crowd.

    Kingmaker: I got to agree here with Bob. Bull is a man who disrespects every single person. Hell he even disrespected you and Christopher when he first debuted over on Rage.

    *Darren Bull takes a few moments to come out, but eventually does come out with his jacket hood up and his head/face looking down at the floor. He then takes a few seconds up there in the stage looking down and finally he looks up and removes his hood almost like AJ Styles. He smiles a bit and looks at all of the audience he can possibly see. Bull then mocks the crowd by slowly walking down the ramp into the ring. Everyone starts chanting "Faster", so Bull can move it. However, he decides to get on his knees and crawl his way into the ring even slower. Everyone starts booing Darren even more and he just turns on his back to start laughing at the crowd reactions.*

    Kingmaker: Darren needs to move it quick and make it inside the ring.

    *While he is still in the ground laughing, Arthur decides to go onto the outside. Lansdale quickly goes on over to where Darren is and grabs him by his hair and throwing him into the ring. Darren quickly goes over to the opposite side of the ring and screams at the ref to stop Lansdale trying to get closer to him. Bull gets up and he fixes his hair a bit and tells McManus to give a proper introduction.*

    And his opponent for this contest is a representer for the Rage side of EWNCW. He is a man who comes to us from Detroit, Michigan.... This is Darren "The Destruction" Bull!!!

    (Start @ 0:16, End @ 7:26, Daniel/Bryan=Arthur Lansdale, Tyler/Seth= Darren Bull)

    Bodom: And you guys were talking about Darren disrespecting people. He is getting some disrespect himself in the ring right now by Lansdale.

    Kingmaker:If you call show some appreciation towards the crowd some disrespect to a competitor who hates all of them, disrespect. Sure you can call it that.
    *Darren grabs hold of the ropes and steadily he gets up from the mat. However, Arthur comes on over a bit aggressive like before and hits Bull with the shoulder onto the rib section. Arthur decides to get off him and grabs him by the neck. He then drops him to the mat on his back. Lansdale quickly jumps up into the air and hits Darren with the knee onto his chest. He then decides to go for the cover.*




    Daniels: Even after suffering from a hard knee to his chest Darren is able to kickout, before the full three count. I got to say that is indeed a bit impressive.

    Kingmaker: However, the question we have now is how much more pain can Bull suffer, before he is indeed out of it.

    Bodom: I wouldn't worry about that. Darren has indeed shown us something over on Rage. He rather suffer through a whole match then lose a match.

    *Arthur gets to his knees and asks the ref if the count was indeed a two count rather than a three. As soon as the ref tells Arthur that he sure about the count, Arthur gets Darren by his head. Arthur is the first one up to both his feet meanwhile Darren is barely into his knees. Darren eventually does get up to his feet and starts punching a bit in Lansdale's rib area. However, he is very quick to deliver a knee to Bull's stomach. Arthur grabs hold of Darren's head really good and tight. Arthur then turns Bull on over to his other side. Arthur then hits Darren with a reverse DDT. He then once more goes for the pin.*



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    Darren shows once again dedication in this match. He just needs a way to find some offensive moves towards Arthur.

    Kingmaker: I'll admit that even I am a bit surprised at the fact that Bull has been able to kickout. However, I won't un-see the truth here. Bull has taken some serious damage to many parts of him.

    Daniels: That is very true. Arthur has been keeping his all his moves into a very good positioning. He is trying to not give Darren anytime to have a breather and I can say that can be considered a down fall towards Bull if does lose right now.

    *Arthur looks a bit more frustrated at the belief Bull kickout this time more than last time around. He quickly gets up to his feet and sets Darren's arm to the side like in a stretching out order. Arthur moves back a bit to the back and looks closely at the right arm which he set up. He then comes back jogging back a bit and once again jumps into the air. Darren is able to flip himself onto his side and move out of Lansdale's knees which land hard on the mat. Darren then tries his quickest to get up and he does get up. He moves fast to where Darren is at and grabs hold of Arthur's left leg. Darren doesn't hesitate one bit and applies the figure four leg lock. Darren senses that Arthur is trying his hardest to move to the ropes for rope break. However, Darren decides to let loose of the figure four and drag Arthur over more to the middle of the ring by pulling with his leg. He is quick to start kicking the knee part of the left leg. Once he sees that Arthur is a bit more focused on the bad feeling on the knee, Bull goes ahead and applies once more the figure four leg lock.*

    Bodom: And what a better way to get really good then by going towards that recently injured knee or leg. Apply that fat boy submission maneuver.Daniels: Darren thought quickly there in that instance. Arthur caused himself a bad maneuver there and it gave an advantage in Darren's favor.

    Kingmaker: I'll be honest here and say that Bull did get smart there by moving out of the way. However, we all got to think for a moment is this in fact that last seconds we have before Arthur taps out to this submission.

    *Bull grabs the legs with full force and make sure that Lansdale can't get out of the figure four. It can be hurt all the pain it causing him in his legs. Arthur tries once again to make it closer to the any of the ropes close by, but Darren decides to give even more strength on the legs which causes Arthur to be less possible to move anywhere. Darren smiles a bit while he has the hold on Arthur and he does some Wooing of his own. While Darren is doing some Wooing like Ric Flair, Lansdale is able in some way to turn himself and Bull around to the other side of them. This now means that all the pressure is going towards Darren instead.*

    Daniels: Arthur found a way to out think Darren and turn all the pain towards him. That is excellent for Arthur to have much pain in him.

    Bodom: That might be true in a way. However, I want you guys to think about this. How much pain did Arthur get on his legs or knees to be more exact? Does that mean that he can't hold on forever and will soon have to let go?

    Kingmaker: That can be a way of thinking things in a fast way. However, you also got to think about how much Arthur wants to win this match.

    *Darren starts yelling out the pain just like Arthur was earlier. He then begins to crawl like earlier when he was outside of the ring, before the match had started. Arthur also begins to crawl like Bull, but he is crawling to the opposite side. However, it looks like Darren somehow made it to the ropes and now he forces the rope break to be made, so he doesn't get anymore damage to the leg or knees. Arthur lets go off the reverse figure four on the count of three. Before, Darren is able to move anywhere or any type of way, Arthur get himself up a bit quick and lands a elbow drop to Darren's back. As soon as Arthur lands the elbow drop he starts to grab hold of his left leg more signaling that it is indeed damaged. Darren doesn't notice what Arthur is holding onto and he is able to roll himself to the floor on the outside near the announcer's table.*

    Daniels: It looks like Arthur is damaged on that left leg. While we have Darren over here trying not to get anymore damage to his body.

    Bodom: Nah, he is getting a breather like you suggested earlier guys.

    Kingmaker: To be serious for one moment. Both of this men are trying to get some feeling back into them. I just wish that we have to stop this match cause of how badly Lansdale had his left leg.

    *Arthur gets up in his own pace by still checking on his leg. He sees that Bull is no in the ring, so he goes and check over the ropes to see if he is in the outside. He does him on the outside make his own way into announcer table. Arthur doesn't think about and goes on over to the outside as well. Lansdale is limping a bit while he goes over to were Darren is at. Once Arthur reaches that place, he hits Bull on his back with the forearm in use. Lansdale tries to move him back into the ring, but Bull is able to escape the headlock applied by Arthur. Darren without wasting time dropkicks and hits the left leg of Arthur. Darren picks up Arthur and drives straight into medal of the ring post. That now causes Arthur's back to be in some pain too. Darren then throws Arthur back into the inside of the ring. Instead of going into the ring as well, Darren just gets up into the ring apron and looks at the ring post and ropes. Darren decides to climb the ring post and he is able to get up there. Bull waits for Arthur to get up and he hits him with a flying double dropkick to chest of Arthur knocking to the floor.*

    Bodom: That is very smart by Darren giving more pain to Arthur causing him to be close or already knockout.

    Daniels: Well, if Darren can pin him and win then we'll see if Lansdale is truly out cold.

    Kingmaker: That's true Bob. Let's see if Bull does decide to pin him.

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    *Darren gets up from the mat after hitting that flying double dropkick. Instead of going for the pin, Darren instead decides to picks up Arthur and gives him a knife edge chop to the chest area. Bull then hits him in the face with the elbow which makes Lansdale go down to one of his knees. Darren once again smiles as the fans boo him for all that actions he is giving Arthur. Darren then gets Arthur up for a fisherman suplex. However, Arthur figures out a way out of that and hits Darren with a fisherman suplex instead of the other way around. Both men keep themselves in the ground a bit, but Arthur decides to get up. Arthur awaits for Darren to get himself up. Darren has his back facing Arthur once gets up with some help from the ropes. Lansdale quickly grabs hold of Darren and applies The Lansdale Lockdown (Tazzmission) on Bull.*

    Kingmaker: This can be the sleeper move for Darren. He is going to need to tap out in order to survive.

    Bodom: I believe he can find a way out of this hold.

    Daniels: I might have to disagree with you there Bodom. It looks like Arthur has that Lansdale Lockdown full applied without no escape or movement for Darren.
    *The ref goes over to Darren and asks him if wants to quit or tap. Darren with his face all red replies to him with a No. Arthur seems like he is applying a bit more pressure than what he had on Darren before. The ref once again goes an asks Darren the same question. However, this time there seems to be no reply to the ref. Darren's eyes can be seen closed all the way in a sleepy fashion type of way. The ref raises his hand up in the air and it drops. He does once more while Lansdale gets the submission move even more hard. The hand once again drops. The ref picks up the arm once more to check one last time. Darren's begins to........*

    Bodom: Damn it! Why?!?!?!

    Kingmaker: Let that sink in Bodom. Darren's arm dropped all three times which means he is out cold.
    Daniels: That's true Kingmaker. However, you also got to see it in another perspective. Darren at least didn't tap out and he rather sinked in all the pain in him.

    McManus: Here is your winner of this bout...... Arthur Lansdale!!!!

    *Arthur finally lets go of the submission move off of Darren. Bull drops to the ground, the ref checks on him, and everyone pops for what Lansdale did. Arthur exits the ring and slaps hands with many fans while smiling. While Arthur does that many paramedics and referees come out. They all slide into the ring and check on Darren. The paramedics do their regular and set him up in their orange thing. They leave with him on the thing while Arthur is still in the top ramp. He gets many cheers and waves bye to everyone while he exits of everyone sight.*

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    Daniels: Well ladies and gentlemen, it is time for another match in this amazing PPV.

    Kingmaker: I don't want to sound like a biased person, but this next match is going to be amazing.

    Bodom: Oh bah please, I might be going for Rage and all that. However, I really can bother with this competitors.

    McManus: This following matchup is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first he is not only a man who represents Inferno, but is also coming out as the Inferno Ignition Champion!!! He is of course none other than KJ PUNK!!!!

    *KJ comes out to many cheers and claps from the people in the arena. He gets his belt off from his waist and holds it up in the air. He then puts it in his shoulder and runs down with pure excitement in him. He slaps as many people's hands as he can, before reaching to the ring. He decides to slide in and goes over to the corner and awaits his opponent.*

    This man is really excited for this match.

    Not only is he ready for this match, but the fans here are as well. Did you hear their reaction to him?

    I will admit he did get cheered by many people here. I just can't compare that reaction to the one of the next man to come out. Not only can he call Rage his home, but he can also can Chicago his home.

    Everyone out here tonight, please help me welcoming a man who not only represents Rage here on this evening. Not only the #1 Contender for the Rage Ignition Title. But he is a homeboy for all of you.......... he is KYOJIN!!!

    *Kyojin comes out to a huge ovation made by the crowd. He is received with a home welcome respond made by everyone. Kyo smiles at the respond he is getting from his hometown. All of a sudden a chant of "Welcome Back!" breaks lose all around. He yells out a huge thank you to everyone and makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle to wave to all the people who have cheered and/or welcomed him back.*

    Daniels: I might not agree a lot with you Bodom, but I have to with this situation.

    Kingmaker: That is true. He good a very huge pop from all this crowd.

    Bodom: I told you. This crowd likes Kyojin a lot, but I don't in the other hand. I am hoping for VHX to put him out soon. And vice versa for KJ Punk.

    *Kyo finally gets off the top of the top turnbuckle and goes down to the mat. The two man head on over to the middle of the ring face to face. They start to talk to one another, but it can't be heard what they are saying.*

    I hope they are not arguing in the ring right now. Cause this will turn this match into a street fight very quickly.

    Bodom: I hope they just kiss and prove how much they love one another.

    Daniels: That ain't going to happen Bodom. What is going to happen is you attending a medical doctor, because of what you just imagined between this two men. Awkward!!!

    *Both men then give a respectful handshake and back off, so the match can start.*

    (Kyojin=Ricky Steamboat, KJ Punk= Randy Savage, Start @6:15, End @ 12:36)

    Bodom: I will give credit to KJ Punk for being very strong powered here tonight. Even though I'm hoping Kyojin to get up and find a way to win at least for Rage.

    Kingmaker: Well he is up, but might meet a dangerous move made by KJ.

    Daniels: Punk knows he has to bring an aggressive side out of himself, so he can handle some of Kyojin. Even if this fans might hate some of this beat down the homeboy is getting.

    *KJ runs over to Kyojin and hits with a strong running elbow shot to the back. Kyojin goes down to the ground, but Punk grabs him quickly in order to toss him back into the ring. Kyo tries to get up slowly, but Punk turns him around to hit a belly to belly suplex. Everyone start to chant "Let's Go Kyojin!". Punk smiles a bit to the chants made by everyone, but he then looks at Kyojin. He hits a legdrop on the ribs of Kyojin. KJ then goes for a pin on Kyojin.*




    Even after suffering some hard hits, Kyojin is able to kickout.

    He just kickout, because he knows he'll get thrash thrown by the Rage roster.

    er: However, you got to look at how good KJ is keeping dominance in the ring right now. He is making sure he doesn't let Kyojin strike anything.

    *KJ gets up to his feet and looks down once more at Kyojin. KJ runs back to the ropes and goes for another legdrop. But, Kyo moves out of harms way causing Punk to land onto the mat instead. While KJ is still in the ground Kyo gets himself as quickly as he can. He goes for a enzigueri on Punk and hits it with full force. Kyojin then drags Punk to the closest corner nearby. He kicks him in the chest area and then heads over to the opposite side. Everyone starts to pop and Kyojin measures up what he is going to do. Kyo runs back to the area where KJ is located at, but instead he jumps into the air grabs hold off the top turnbuckle and let's go of it to hit KJ with body splash.*

    That body splash looked very devastating. That had to hurt KJ for sure.

    Not only did that body splash hurt Punk, but it also hurt Kyojin a bit.

    *Kyo gets on top of KJ for the cover, but the ref quickly notices that Punk's left leg is under the bottom rope. Kyojin looks at it to make sure it's true and he drags Punk's body into the middle. Punk then get a small package on Kyojin 1... 2.... NO!!! Kyojin is able to kickout of that small package. Each get up to their feet and run to one another. They each other with clothesline and that takes them both down. Kyo rolls over to the ring apron. Both men get up to their feet while Kyo is actually facing the crowd and has his back starring into the ring. KJ is able to see that Kyo can't see, so he heads over to Kyojin. He puts his arm around Kyojin's neck and gets his arm into position and tries to backsuplex Kyojin back into the ring, but Kyo instead wiggles his way out of the hold and jumps up in the air to back kick KJ in the head. At the same time KJ goes down to the mat, Kyo goes down to the ring apron. That causes him to hit his neck on the side of the ring apron. They are both down holding onto their pain.*

  8. #218
    Kingamker: Not only should we be wondering what type of KJ might be going through right now. We should also wonder all of that on Kyojin.

    That's true both are hurt right now and who knows how much hurt they are both feeling. I can understand Kyojin trying to win against a champion, but at what cause is going to go through.

    He just needs enough damage, so we can have bragging rights over on Rage. However, I will admit that was truly a dangerous move performed by Kyojin. I just think he needs to suck up all that pain and continue on with the match.

    Just like you have sucked up all the pain losing to Shaz in the past.

    *Both men are laying down and the ref checks on both if they are okay. They both say they are and the ref gets back in the ring to start the countout for Kyojin who is still outside facing to the floor.*






    *KJ gets up to his knees and sees that Kyojin is not in the ring. He stands up and sees him in the outside holding onto the neck. Punk decides to climb the top turnbuckle were Kyo can't see him. He jumps up into the air and hits a top rope elbow drop ala Macho Man. KJ quickly grabs Kyo and pushes him back into the ring. Once the ring Punk makes sure Kyo is nowhere near the ropes and quickly applies Southern (Dis)Comfort (Anaconda Vice).*

    Bodom:NO! This can't be at all. Kyojin is known to never tap-out. He needs to find a way out this move and quick.

    KJ looks like he has locked in very tight. Let's also not forget about that damage Kyojin suffered by himself in the ring apron.

    That's very true, but the only question, is Kyojin willing to submit here in his crowd? Hell, they are even chanting "Don't tap-out!".

    *Kyojin tries to use his feet into advantage and sweep them along the mat in order to reach the ropes. While he does that Punk applies even more pressure to the submission hold. He is even turning full on red almost like Kyojin. Kyojin starts to feel more of the hold and starts to slowly stop his movement with his feet. He actually stops that moving as he is finger tips away from touching the ropes. Kyojin has no option, but to tap-out.*

    He has tapped out. That's right Bodom. How does that feel?

    I don't know, but I should ask him after he is trashed by all the Rage guys. Including myself.

    Not to interrupt your little chit chat guys. Actually, I do want to interrupt. You wanna know why? Cause this two guys put out a very classical showing out there. So, in my eyes they both have tonight.

    McManus: Here is your winner of this contest, the Inferno Ignition Champion, KJ PUNK!!!!!

    *KJ gets up and is very satisfy with the victory. The referee hands him his title and raises his hand up in the air. At that time Kyojin gets looking a bit sad at the loss. He gets up all the way up and approaches KJ. They hug it out and congratulate each other. Kyojin exits the ring leaving KJ there to celebrate a bit more. The fans chant Kyojin's name as he walks up the ramp. They change the chant over and chant KJ Punk's name. Kyojin is at the stage ramp looking on at KJ and smiling at him, before he finally exits. The last image we see is KJ holding up his title while his leaning on the ropes.*

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    *We cut backstage to see a cameraman going down the corridor. The microphone picks up a voice coming from a nearby room*

    ???: Look, just be patient, it's all under control.

    *As the camera gets closer to the room, the door is slightly ajar and the voice heard can clearly be made out to be Tommy Thunder's voice*

    Thunder: Guys, you don't need to worry about it, everything's coming together. In fact, things have been made just that little bit easier now, so it's all in hand.
    Now I'm going to get ready, so just wait, and be patient, ok?

    *Thunder comes out of the room and he scowls at the cameraman before closing the door behind him. Thunder stares at the cameraman for a few seconds before bluntly saying...*

    Thunder: What?

    *Thunder then brushes past the cameraman and walks off down the corridor.*

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    Jason McManus: The following is a tag team match set for one fall. The rules stipulate that the person who takes the pinfall or submits will be terminated from EWNCW effective immediately. Introducing first the team of Antonyo Angelo and Mr. Smyth, they are....Hostile Takeover!!!

    Boos are immediately directed at Hostile Takeover as they head to the ring. They enter the ring and talk strategy to avoid losing at all costs tonight.

    Daniels: They must be discussing way to cheat to a win. I may not like them but they represent Inferno so I hope they do Inferno proud and win tonight.

    Kingmaker: Me too. Though too not take The SAM seriously as a threat is a mistake.

    Jason McManus: And their opponents. the team of T-Thunda and Miguel Tenorio, they are.....The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!

    The crowd goes wild as Tenorio and Thunda head to the ring, teasing the women in the crowd along the way. They enter the ring and look set to face Hostile Takeover as the ref rings the bell to declare the match is now underway.

    Bodom: They may represent Rage but their a disgrace to the the tag tam division. I honestly hope Smyth and Angelo win and when they do Cleverly is smart enough to offer them a Rage contract.

    Kingmaker: Hey! Rage needs to keep their business out of Inferno. Now let's just call the match.

    Hostile Takeover (Money Inc.; Smyth/DiBiase and Angelo/IRS) vs SAM (Steiners; Tenorio/Scott and T-Thunda/Rick) Ignore titles

    Start at 2:52- Stop at 6:03

    Daniels: Tenorio has got Smyth's arm locked in and applying pressure.

    Bodom: The ref better be fair and call this match right. I'd hate to see the wrong person be fired from EWNCW because of the ref's stupidity.

    Smyth begins to mount a comeback, sitting up and clubbing Tenorio elbows with his free arm forcing Tenorio's hold to loosen and allow Smyth to rise to his feet inally although still in Tenorio's grasp. Smyth now delivers a headbutt right to the bridge of the nose of Tenorio forcing blood to flow with force and forces Tenorio to finally let him go.

    Daniels: Now Smyth has to capitalize and either go on the attack or make the tag to Angelo.

    Smyth takes down Tenorio with a lou thesz press and rains down punches on Tenorio while the crowd boos at the sight. Soon Smyth stops, his fists soaked in Tenorio's blood. He stands up before picking Tenorio up from the floor. He places him up on his shoulders fireman's carry style looking to end things with The Rule but Tenorio still has some fight left in him and fights his way out of the hold before planting Smyth down to the mat with a big DDT.

    Kingmaker: What a DDT from Tenorio to Smyth, he may have just saved the match and his career from ending.

    ‚ÄčBodom: Like anyone would miss him or either of the remaining Beta Bitches, like they'd miss Angelo or Smyth. They are the future. It'd be a disgrace if Hostile Takeover lost tonight.

    Both men stir in the ring and soon set out to make tag to their repective partners. Smyth reaching Angelo first. Angelo enter looking to prevent Tenorio from making the tag bt fails to do so as the crowd comes alive seeing T-Thunda storm into the ring and begin to clothesline Angelo, who falls on his back but quickly recovers only to receive another clothesline which he recovers from before eating a dropkick courtesy of T-Thunda, who poses for the ladies after hitting the move on a now fallen Angelo.

    Daniels: Always one to please the crowd. T-Thunda needs to continue the assault because Angelo is lethal when given the slightest bit of a chance.

    T-Thunda now stalks Angelo as he looks to get to his feet. Smyth however taunts Thunda into looking at him by screaming out that Tenorio and the rest of the SAM are all pathetic and that his (Thunda's) blood will soon be on his fists as well. Thunda does take the statement too kindly and looks to strike Smyth with a hard but Smyth sees it coming and steps down from the apron. Meanwhile Angelo is on his feet now and waits for Thunda to turn around. Thunda now turns directly into a huge european uppercut leaving Thunda dazed enough for Angelo to connect the....

    Bodom: Caesars Slam!!! Pin him quick!!!

    The ref begins the count........1...................2................ .....

    Daniels: Tenorio breaks the pin! He just saved his partner from early retirement.

    Kingmaker: Something Smyth is not happy about as he enters the ring.

    Smyth and Tenorio duke it out in the center of the ring.


    Tenorio goes for a right punch but Smyth ducks and a swift takes out Tenorio with The Rule (fireman's carry into the X-factor).

    He doesn't even have the time to celebrate as Thunda hits a backstabber, forcing Smyth to roll out of the ring, leaving only Thunda and a risen Angelo in the ring.

    Bodom: Come on, Angelo! You're Hostile Takeover's last hope.

    Angelo gets the advantage over Thunda by catching him off guard with a roundhouse kick out nowhere. Thunda is reeling before Angelo looks to finish thinds with The Caesar Slam but Thunda sidesteps the move and makes the crowd goes nut as he connects The Pimp Driver (Jumping reverse STO) and covers.....1.................2.................... .3!!!!!

    Jason McManus: Here are your winners The Sexiest Alpha Males. Antonyo Angelo was pinned and so EWNCW wishes him the best in all of his future endeavours.

    Angelo is in shock and pulling his hair out as The Sexiest Alpha Males celebrate outside and Smyth shakes his head disapprovingly before he looks at Angelo directly in the eye and say: "It's just business" and walks away to the back while SAM are celebrating with a lot of women now at their side while the fans cheer and chant "Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na hy, hey, goodbye!!!" at Angelo who looks distraught that his EWNCW career has come to an end.

    Bodom: Yeah, that's what you get you loser! Hostile Takeover was meant to be best tag team in the world but you fucked up. Now Smyth has his own future to worry about and we still get to see SAM grace our television with their presence...-Bodom continues the sarcasm with a fake clap-....oh joy.

    Daniels: You may not like it, Bods but it's what happened. SAM won and now Antonyo Angelo is no longer a part of EWNCW. These were the stakes thy agreed to and now must deal with the consequences. Hostile Takeover is no more. What does this win for SAM and their future on Rag as well as the future of Smyth on Inferno? We shall find out soon enough, for now the show must go on.

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